The holidays are the busiest, yet one of the best times to boost sales and increase ROI. These crucial times can either make or break your bottom line if your email marketing campaigns are not done right. So, we’ve compiled this checklist to help you achieve remarkable holiday email marketing campaign results.



Impressive Email Template Designs

The holiday email templates should be in tune with the holiday spirit. The colors you use, the design of the email and the email copy – everything should be relevant to the season.

Paul's Premium_Cyber Monday

Free People_christmas

Be Landing Page Ready

Landing pages can boost conversion rates and enhance open and click-through rates. With your landing pages, make your customers feel that they are entering an exclusive space designed just for them. Many brands use videos on their landing pages, this can increase conversions by 86% according to a study.

Jo Malone – Email


Jo Malone – Landing page

JoMalone_Landing Page

Mobile Optimization is a Must-Have for On-The-Go Customers

Over 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices now. That number is likely to jump higher during the holidays. After all, the holiday season is a time when customers are always on the move, traveling, shopping, etc.

Your emails need to be optimized for mobile use to keep your customers happy and shopping your offers.

Offer Free Shipping & Other Discounts

Most customers wait for and expect discounts and special offers this time of year. You can create urgency with special offers and anticipation for future offers with great content. However, be sure to offer discounts that entice your customers but don’t burn through your entire profit margin!


Free shipping appears to be the most popular and sought-after incentive for retailers to increase sales. See the numbers below from this Deloitte 2016 holiday survey:


It’s Holiday Time – Create Urgency

Emails during the holiday peak should create some sense of urgency. Examples include:

  • Countdown Timers
  • “Final Hours to Save”
  • “Offer Ends in…”

This will make the customer want to engage with your brand and grab the offer while it lasts.


Testing Matters

Always test your emails and offers before finally sending it to the customer.

Wrapping Up

Holidays are the time marketers need to be at the top of their game. Make sure you’re marking your list and checking it twice so you can sail through to great ROI.

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With the three most important retail holidays starting in the month of November, marketers consider the week of Thanksgiving into Cyber Monday the busiest time of the entire holiday season.

With only a few weeks left in hand for a great marketing campaign, here are some great last-minute tips to help you prepare and sail through with breeze.

1) Plan Your Holidays:

Mark up your holiday email calendar for this period. With the maximum conversions expected online, Black Friday sales hit £1.1 billion in 2015, up 3.6% from 2014, according to Experian.

Make sure to start planning now so that you can target for a great ROI. Start sending emails a few days or weeks in advance to create a buzz about potential deals among your subscribers.

black friday email campaign-Craftsy

black friday email campaign

2) Get Mobile-Ready:

Movable Ink reported a 76-percent open rate for mobile emails on Black Friday and 63 percent on Cyber Monday. Maximum opens and clicks take place via mobile devices thus, make sure to have your campaign mobile ready!

3) Use Enticing Offers & Discounts:

Utilize attractive and conversion-ready offers and discounts. This can boost open and clicks and generate serious revenue. Giving festive-themed offers with redeem before dates can generate additional excitement and buzz.

Black Friday Email-City-Grounds

Cyber Monday Email-Canon

Cyber Monday email campaign-SpaFinder

4) Themed Email Template:

Make sure to revolve your emails theme, fonts, and offers around the holiday events. The email should “dress to kill.”

Cyber Monday Email

black friday email

black friday email campaigns

5) Cart Abandonment and Re-Engagement Emails:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are commerce-heavy events. You need to have your cart abandonment program in place. You can even add extra festive offers to bring abandoners back and convert them.

You can also use the holidays to specifically target inactive customers and subscribers with special-to-them offers and emails.

Wrapping It Up:

Making a plan that works for your brand is what ultimately counts. Planning will make the hectic holidays go much easier and hopefully give you amazing returns.

Here’s to a successful holiday season!

Cart abandonment is a nightmare for e–commerce marketers. According to a 2016 statistical report by SaleCycle, cart abandonment rates have reached a whopping 74.52%. And the numbers could keep rising with the holiday season drawing near—a time that is supposed to be “kingmaker” for marketers.

There are numerous reasons why customers abandon their carts. A top trending reason is high shipping costs or no ‘free shipping’.

This is where cart abandonment email come to the rescue.

Cart abandonment emails that have the following can really boost your business and win back customers:

  • Personalization
  • Reminder of the products
  • Tempting offers & free shipping
  • Attractive CTAs
  • Timing and frequency of the email
  • Series of emails

To understand the nitty-gritty of each revenue-boosting component, take a look at our amazing and creative cart abandonment emails Infographic.

View Infographic

10% more sales with less ongoing work and enhanced customer engagement. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. B2B marketers who implement email marketing automation into the email marketing strategy increase their sales by an average of 10% (study).

Email automation can enable you to send the right content at the right time to the right person. With that type of relevance, your email campaigns can enjoy:

  • Better response rates.
  • Develop deeper relationships with your customers.
  • Increase revenue.

So, how can you best utilize automation to enhance your email marketing programs? Here are trending and frequently used automation programs:

Welcome Emails

We’ve talked at great length about the importance of welcome emails (we even have an infographic and a lookbook on the subject). These automated programs are incredibly effective for reaching new subscribers, making them feel welcomed to your brand, and driving great engagement and revenue.

Triggered Emails

Just like the name implies, these emails are triggered based on actions (or lack thereof). For example, a cart abandonment program can be triggered to bring back lost customers. (See our infographic on the topic). Other triggered email campaigns include post-purchase emails, browse abandonment programs, winback programs (lack of purchases over time), and many others.

Feedback Requests

Reviews can be a crucial component to building up your brand’s credibility. Facilitating the process of review collection can be automated as part of your overall email marketing program. Asking for feedback can heighten customer engagement to a great level while giving you a platform to know more about your customers’ preferences.

Special Occasion Emails

Birthday and anniversary wishes combined with special offers can make your brand a top favorite. People love to be remembered on special occasions, and utilizing your data to send these nice reminders can make your customers’ days.

Nurture Drip (Lifecycle) Campaign Emails

Every sales cycle is different. Utilizing a nurture drip or lifecycle campaign can slowly nurture your leads and prospects and ultimately help convert them into (hopefully) happy customers. These programs can help keep your brand top of mind.

What Matters in Making Automation Work:

Have you wondered how these amazing automations work? Here’s what matters to every great automation program:

  • Data Matters (for Segmentation)

    Any data point you collect can be used in some way for segmentation of your list. Each of the programs above will rely in some way on data points you collect, whether it’s signup date, purchase date, birthday, anniversary date, etc. Make sure your data collection is clean and optimized for solid segmentation to create great automated email programs.

  • Whitelisting Matters (for Deliverability)

    Make sure to ask the subscriber to whitelist your email. Positive whitelisting is a major factor in building your sender reputation and getting your emails into the inbox. After all, if it doesn’t get to your subscriber’s mailbox, it doesn’t matter how good your content is.

  • Timing Matters

    Sending the email at the best time can really help you increase the open and click rates. Find what works for your subscribers and customers and work hard to send emails at the right time.

  • Testing Matters

    Always test your emails before sending them. This can save your time and keep you safe from embarrassment. Make sure to test the entire automation process so you know your emails are going out as intended.


  • B2B marketers who implement marketing automation in their email campaigns increase their sales by an average of 10%.
  • Automation can help send the right content at the right time to the right person.
  • It has better responsiveness.
  • It’s an easy nurturing method that can better response rates.

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