The holiday season always means lots of new customers for your products (we hope). And new customers mean new opportunities for messaging and engagement.

For email marketers, the New Year is a great time to leverage the channel to get these new customers engaged, keep the fire burning, maintain the holiday season momentum throughout the year.

The big question is ‘HOW’. Here are some ideas on how you can keep the fire going:

Brand Introduction Onboarding Welcome Series

New customers are especially eager to learn more about the functions, features, and details of the company, brand, and product/service they purchased over the holidays. An onboarding welcome series of emails can inform your purchasers about their products while helping to build a lasting bond.

The series can include:

  • Getting Started/User Guides
  • “Complete Your Profile” emails
  • Activation of service emails
  • Content preference emails

Once you gather up these additional details and preferences, you can begin to deliver targeted messaging that continues to nurture and educate your customers all while keeping them up-to-date on new features and use cases.


First-hand, feature-specific, satisfied customer reviews are a great way to drive engagement. You can utilize email to gather new testimonials as well as feature your top reviews in email campaigns as well as on your website. Testimonials help generate trust and positive attitudes towards your brand, and can help towards grabbing new customers as well.


Personalization can help boost engagement (a fact 74% of marketers attest to in a recent eConsultancy report). This simple method is a great way to make new customers feel important and wanted.

Extended Campaign Offers and Discounts

The holiday season is a natural time to see engagement reach an apex as most people are on the lookout for a gift of some kind. Therefore, it’s also natural to see a dip in engagement come January. This doesn’t necessarily have to be true for you. Post-holiday offers are a great way to keep the buzz alive. Extend your holiday offers and discounts and target upcoming holidays for “early” offers (after all, it’s “almost Valentine’s Day” already!).

Final Thoughts

New customers in the New Year require special attention. Build targeted messaging geared specifically toward their place in the product/service lifecycle, leverage the holiday spirit, and maintain the good will and momentum you’ve gained from great holiday marketing to forge strong relationships for the future.

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Holidays are all about getting in the mood to have some serious FUN!

The excitement of the commencing holidays is reflected even in an email marketer’s emails. As they pack their bags to zip off for a well-deserved vacation, it’s time we gather up some of the best holiday email templates that reflect the essence of ‘the holidays’ in full swing.

Check out these inspirational holiday email marketing email examples:


The “Free Shipping Day” grabs the attention on the first sight. It is also showcased in a graphically well-presented way. The clean and simple CTA category of a few top selling products and suggestions is displayed. It shows the right time to order, taking care of the holiday delivery deadline date, and the timeline creates transparency and a trust factor.

Holiday email templates_Vans


A good pre-header text on the top along with a highlighted ‘free shipping’ tab in the top navigation bar gives an impactful look. The “12 days of giving” campaign is simple and clear along with an Offer description with a bold green CTA that is standing out. A unique use of the tag hanging on the date strip with another bold green CTA provides other information as well. The product image is in a 2D effect that’s separately standing out and is equally noticeable.

Holiday email inspirations_Toms


A nice gift card mailer for last minute shoppers. The adorable looking French bulldog pup with a glowing Rudolph red nose gives it a merry start to the email. They haven’t highlighted ‘free shipping’ as this email is only promoting gift cards.

Holiday email inspirations_Tillys


Just a shipping FYI mailer that is simple yet striking. The classic Tiffany&Co blue box gift wreath as the design is very attractive. The text is simple and concise giving the required information.

Holiday email templates_Tiffany


A simple and sober design with a snowy white background. The Offer text is highlighted in the strip informing about the timeline. They haven’t used any CTA as it doesn’t even require one. However, what’s missing is social sharing icons.

Holiday email templates_Starbucks


A simple gift card mailer with a strong question at the opening that connects perfectly with last minute and confused shoppers. The email is minimal and is in dual colors giving a heightened impact. The bold CTA followed with a THANK YOU message underneath is a great way to connect with the customers.

Holiday email marketing_Moment


A great pre-header text with a rather unusual ‘share this’ widget in the top right corner. The usual category mailer with a zig-zag styling product display. The “Big Sale” text at the bottom of the email with Offer details and more navigation bars, which is something different.

Holiday email marketing_Lord&Taylor


The bold discount text at the beginning of the email is a great way to attract the customer at ‘first glance’. The email is in a zig-zag pattern with category options and relevant images. At the footer, highlighting “12 days of deals” with a different font and color is making it look very attractive compared to the other discount information and the CTAs.

Holiday email marketing_J-Crew-Factory


Boden email has a good use of the pre-header text for better opens as it’s carrying a nice strip showcasing the ‘discount’ and ‘free shipping’. It’s a creatively nice email with bold CTAs at the end and a catchy introductory text.

Holiday email templates_Boden


A perfect example of a non-promotional email. The email is loaded with wishes for the subscribers. A good fascinating and interesting use of GIF and fonts. It looks like a perfect casual holiday wishing note.

Holiday email examples_BHLDN

Another email just wishing the subscribers for the holidays with a ‘no selling’ agenda. The pretty creative is flowing with words from top to bottom as they blend in within the creative and socials at the bottom.

Holiday email templates_Bhildn

Final Thoughts

Holiday emails are all about having fun with the design and words. They usually don’t have to have a promotional or sales agenda. Sometimes just the wishes work their wonders.

Here’s wishing you a happy holiday!

With just a couple of weeks left in 2016, planning your email marketing budget for 2017 (if you haven’t done so already) is an absolute must. This foundation for email marketing program success helps ensure that great ROI is in your forecast for the coming year.

If you’re still at a loss for how to spend your email marketing budget, here are some ideas for how you can utilize and maximize your spend:

Template Design Refresh

The first of the year is a great time to give your email templates a fresh design—especially if you’ve been using the same template for a couple of years or more. After all, not only does your template deserve a nice update in terms of look and feel, but a full update to the code will get your templates up to date in terms of responsiveness for rendering across all devices.

(InboxArmy can help you with a template design refresh. Look at one of our email template design and code packages.)

Email Marketing Audit

Need fresh eyes for a fresh start? Consider doing an email marketing program audit. With an audit, you can take a deeper look at what parts of your email marketing strategy and programs are working well, what parts are simply not working, and derive crucial insights into how you can improve and further develop your program for maximum ROI.

List Building and Optimization

Increasing the size and value of your email marketing list is critical for program success. And doing it the right way takes time, patience, and cross-channel cooperation.

Building your list organically requires cooperation between your email program, your website, SEO, and paid search engine marketing. These channels need to work seamlessly together to gather new leads, nurture them, and convert them into paying customers.

We never recommend buying an email list (there are myriad reasons why), but there are list rental options that could work for increasing your list provided you have the budget to do so. Focus on publishers and outlets that pertain directly to your industry category and get as concise of a list or target segment as possible, combine it with a persuasive opt-in email campaign, and you may just find yourself a winner.

A New Email Service Provider

We never advocate moving ESPs just for the sake of moving. But if your program is at a point where a new provider is advantageous, the beginning of the year (or the end of your current contract, if applicable) is the perfect time to go through the transition. There are many factors that go into such a decision, including budget.

Hire an Agency or an In-House Email Marketing Manager

Perhaps the new year is the time you can budget for expert handling of your email marketing program. Whether you go with an in-house hire or bring in an email marketing agency depends on budget factors and simple preference. The cost factors for both may surprise you, as we discuss here. In any event, expert help is always a great way to go, and budgeting for that kind of help can be incredibly beneficial to your bottom line.

Final Thoughts

As the holiday season begins to wind down, the New Year brings optimism and new opportunities. If you haven’t started planning next year’s budget already, the time to start is now. The sooner you plan, the better the position you’ll be in to achieve your 2017 goals.

And of course, if you need some help and insight, InboxArmy is here to help.

The age-old question: Do I hire in-house for an email marketing manager or outsource to an email marketing agency?

There are pros and cons to both routes, and varying costs associated with both as well. But what are the real costs?

When thinking about hiring an in-house email marketing manager, you have to factor in the “True Employment Cost” or “TEC.” The TEC, according to most studies, averages to about 1.4 times the cost of annual salary due to:

  • Federal and state income taxes
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Retirement plans
  • Paid vacation and sick time policies
  • Equipment, office space, etc.

Agency costs can vary greatly, depending on rates and services desired.

We’ve put together this small infographic on the real costs of hiring in-house versus hiring an agency.


Multi-ESP Support

We support 50+ ESP vendors. Be it enterprise platforms such as SalesForce and Oracle Marketing Cloud or small and medium sized business platforms such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Aweber, and ActiveCampaign, we’ve got you covered.

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