Data should be the backbone of any smart email marketing program. Becoming “customer-centric” in your email marketing requires that you not only collect data, but collect and leverage the right kinds of data to send more personalized, targeted email campaigns.

Data can be a complicated topic. That’s why we’ve teamed up with our friends at FreshMail to offer you our new eBook entitled,Leveraging Data to Build Out Smart Email Marketing Programs.

In this eBook, you’ll find:

  • The kinds of data you can collect, including:
    1. Demographic data
    2. Geographic/Location Data
    3. Customer Preferences
    4. Transactional Data
    5. Behavioral Data
  • The methods you can use to obtain the types of data you desire
  • The tools you can utilize to bring customer data into your email platform
  • The ways you can clean, maintain, and segment your data

It’s crucial that you keep data at the center of your email marketing plan. Download our new eBook now to learn how you can better leverage data and build smarter email marketing programs.


Easter festivities are enhanced by the aura of spring in full bloom, chocolates, colorful eggs, and cute bunnies. You can make the most of your email marketing strategy by including these pleasant elements in your Easter emails.

Lately, we’ve seen many festive emails from brands using a lot of interactive design elements like GIFs, countdown timers, flip and scratch elements, and more to charm their subscribers. Not only does that help enhance customer engagement, but also lead to greater click through rate and conversions.

Check out these awesome Easter emails shortlisted by InboxArmy for its brilliant use of GIFs.

Go Outdoors

Go Outdoors

Well done:

  • Nice and flat navigation on the top, followed by prominent text “Free UK Delivery”.
  • Nice, simple GIF with changing text in the hero image.
  • Good use of simple fonts.
  • Discount offer clearly visible with contrasted CTAs below.
  • Physical address has been mentioned to comply with CAN SPAM laws.

Could have been better:

  • Nicely showcases all categories but it’s getting repetitive.
  • Free delivery mentioned repeatedly in footer and in the blue section above it that makes the mailer lengthy.
  • Delivery information button after it doesn’t seem to be right as they are already mentioning it above with a highlighted section.
  • There is no “view in browser” link at the top.


julep easter email inspiration

Well done:

  • Nice concept of hatching an egg and revealing the product out of it using GIF animation.
  • Good use of bold and simple CTA.
  • Footer is clean and short with only social icons and link to refer a friend (CTA).
  • Thumbs up for the “view in browser” link at the top.

Could have been better:

  • Needs to mention physical address to comply with CAN SPAM laws.
  • The “about” link in the navigation seems unnecessary.


Loft Easter Email Inspiration

Well done:

  • Interesting mystery CTA of “horoscopes” within the navigation bar.
  • GIF blends well with overall email creative in hero image itself.
  • BOLD and CLEAR % off highlighted nicely within the mailer.
  • Footer including social icons first is a good move to increase followers.
  • Physical address is mentioned to comply with CAN SPAM laws.

Could have been better:

  • Missing snippet text with “view in browser” link. Can boost opens.
  • Free shipping can be highlighted more.


GODIVA Easter Email

Well done:

  • Nice use of snippet text can get you good open rate.
  • An easily noticeable banner with offer text and CTA.
  • Free Shipping for last-minute Easter shoppers works well.
  • Too many Easter themed images can make the loading time an issue.
  • Nice navigation footer option with social icons can engage subscribers better.

Could Have Been Better:

Too many images may increase the load time of the email.

Fortnum and mason 

Fortnum-Hampers Easter Inspiration

Well done:

  • Nice GIF covering most of their catalog products.
  • Good balance of text and image ratio within the mailer.
  • Nice and simple CTAs
  • Instagram section is nicely promoted before the footer.

Could have been better:

  • Pricing under the 3 products can be highlighted better with a CTA.
  • Too many links in footer is a NO. Links to social media pages can do the needful.
  • The email could have been made a lot shorter.
  • They can restrict the full width footer color background which might have given an aligned look to rest of the template theme.
  • Snippet with an offer instead of #hashtag can go better.

Closing Thoughts

What about your Easter email campaigns? InboxArmy can help you build your email marketing campaign and drive greater ROI.

Check out our portfolio and we will be more than happy to assist you in building an effective email marketing strategy.


Forgive my tongue-in-cheek headline here, but this is a common question I receive. The truth is there is no universal “best” time or day to send an email.

The best time to send an email is the time that your readers and your customers want to receive them. And that time could be completely different for your brand versus another brand in your same industry or category.

(We talked about this in a previous post where I said, “Every email list is different.”)

Do you want to find out that “best” time and “best” day to email your list? Here’s what you can try:

  1. Benchmark your current engagement rates
    You can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. Take stock of your metrics and determine your average benchmarks.
  2. Test sending across a few different days
    Do you normally mail on Monday mornings? Take your normal schedule and stretch it out. Split up your list and mail the same creative at your normal time, then 24 hours later, and 48 hours later. See how the metrics size up.
  • If the metrics are the roughly the same:
    Try again with your normal Monday mailing, but try a Wednesday split and a Friday split as well (provided that your content isn’t time-sensitive).
  • If another day is a clear winner:
    Run the same test again to ensure it’s not a fluke. If it’s not a fluke, then mail on that winning day with a large chunk of your list, and if you’d like, go through a similar testing process with new days.
  • If the original day is the clear winner:
    Run the test once more to ensure it’s not a fluke. If it’s not a fluke, congratulations!

There is no “silver bullet” in email marketing. Success takes work, time, and dedication. Let’s get to work!

Every email client renders your email template design and code differently. This presents a major challenge for email marketers who obviously desire to deliver flawlessly designed and rendered email marketing campaigns.

Subscribers simply don’t have patience for poor design and rendering. Let’s take a quick look at how to overcome common rendering challenges so that you can deliver perfect email marketing campaigns to your subscribers.

Here are our top 9 quick tips:

  1. Don’t place calls to action in background images.
  2. Avoid using “float” and “clear” coding – use hard line breaks instead.
  3. Standard bullets are better than custom bullets.
  4. Use alt tags on all images and rely on HTML text for CTAs.
  5. Use HTML tables rather than div tags for message layouts.
  6. Use Inline CSS instead of CSS stylesheets.
  7. Use web-safe fonts like Arial, Tahoma, and Courier.
  8. Specify widths and heights in pixels, not percentages.
  9. Don’t use JavaScript.

Want a deeper dive into this topic? Download our “Foundations of Effective Email Creative” eBook (part of our Foundations of Email Marketing series) and get those details as well as testing ideas and a review of how subscribers encounter your email.

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