“To err is human”

We come across blunders in emails so often. Most of these emails are set as an email automation program. It can get quite frustrating for the marketer when an email subscriber receives such an email and puts it out on social media for everyone to see.

To prevent this awkwardness, here are some points you should remember for an error-free email automation.

  1. Improper planning

Planning an email automation is not a cakewalk. You need to give it enough time and effort with a clear objective in the mind. For every action that the subscriber takes, you need to carefully consider the condition that will trigger the email, and the responder emails on subscriber interaction. You should set the timeframe for the automation and at the same time, keep a close eye on the email marketing metrics. If a subscriber is not opening your emails and not engaging with it, it is time you modify the workflow to send them re-engagement emails rather than the salesy emails.

  1. Wrong name tag

Personalization is the trick that can make or break your email strategy. When done right, it can give a significant boost to the subscriber engagement. On the other hand, if you end up writing the wrong name tag and send an email with “Hi first name”, it is going to disappoint the subscribers pretty bad, and they might end up deleting your email or marking you as spam.

  1. Too many emails

The number of emails you send is an important point to consider whenever you set an automation workflow. If you are sending too many emails with the baseless assumption that it might increase your conversions, you are doing it wrong. Include only necessary emails in your automated campaigns so that the subscriber does not get annoyed with frequent emails.

  1. Irrelevant content

In the quest of automating your marketing strategy and reducing your time and efforts, you should not forget to send relevant content that matches the buyer’s persona and stage of the buyer’s journey. If a subscriber has subscribed to your monthly newsletters and not to your weekly updates, send them emails according to their preferences. Also, remove the unsubscribes from your list so that you do not end up sending emails to someone who is no longer subscribed to your email list. Doing so would hamper your email deliverability and the sender reputation as well. Keep iterating your email automation workflows based on the results you get and do not forget the workflows you have already set.

  1. Incorrect segmentation

Whenever you are setting up email automation workflow, carry out right segmentation so that the emails can be valuable for the reader. Many marketers set email automation workflows without segmenting the lists. Keep in mind that every country observes different Holidays and therefore, you should send only pertinent offers to the subscribers. For example: Mother’s Day is observed on different days at US and UK. Consider all such similar scenarios before setting the automation workflows.

Final Thoughts

Ease of implementation and time-effectiveness are at the cynosure of email automation. Use it to the maximum potential by avoiding these inane mistakes and yield great results from your email campaigns.

Startups are all about confidently launching a company and witnessing your dreams getting transformed into a commercialized product, service, or business. Thinking big and acting bigger are the keys to advance past competitors and empower themselves to tie their visions to reality.

With Internet taking over everything, direct mail marketing has become digital marketing. Emails, which were once used for personal communications, are now used to send marketing messages and discount offers. As a startup, it is imperative to have an infallible marketing strategy that includes sending great emails.

That said, we shall delve deeper into how startups can propel sales through email marketing.

1. Carry out micro-segmentation

Once you have organically built your list, you should segment it based on basic parameters like age, sex, and geographical location. If your startup has acquired a few customers, you should start segmenting them according to their past purchases, total purchase value, and types of products browsed for. Service-based startups should consider the resources downloaded and pages visited for better segmentation.

2. Personalize the emails

Email personalization is the key to enhanced subscriber engagement. Create buyer personas so that you can send relevant emails that would deliver more value to the reader. Hyper-personalize your emails by applying the principles of artificial intelligence just like brands like Netflix do.

Your buyer’s journey can be divided into three different stages, namely awareness, consideration, and decision. You should draft valuable emails that would be relevant for the subscribers in the respective stages.

For example: If you are a service-based startup and a subscriber has downloaded your pricing information in addition to several resources from your website, you can send out emails that offer a limited-time discount or incentive on purchase. Such emails will encourage the email recipient to take a decision and complete the purchase.

3. Write engaging copy

Rather than bombarding the recipient with mass emails and sales pitches, write an interesting email copy that would help the reader overcome the challenges that he or she could be facing. Brevity works the best if you want to enhance your subscriber engagement.

4. Include interesting visuals

Visual email marketing has got extremely popular in the recent times. Add rich media like images, GIFs, cinemagraphs, and videos in emails. Try your hand at interactive elements like menus, accordions, sliders, etc. to make your emails visually attractive and more informative as well.

5. Entice the reader with exciting offers

Being a startup, you should endeavor to bring in more and more customers through exciting offers. Promote discount coupon codes to tempt the customers to purchase from you. You can incentivize the customers for referrals and leverage on referral email marketing. However, you should keep in mind that you do not attract discount shoppers when you implement such strategies.

6. Optimize your CTA design

Your CTA design greatly influences the click-through rates for your email campaigns. The color of your CTA button should be in contrast with the email design. First person narrative in CTA copy brings better results for marketers. Accordingly, “Download my copy now” would work better than “Download your copy”. Carry out A/B testing to figure out what works better for your email subscribers.

7. Add social media buttons

Email marketing yields higher conversions when combined with social media marketing. Add social media buttons in the footer of your emails so that your subscribers can interact with you on other platforms too. This will encourage the subscribers to make a conversation with you and build a stronger rapport.

8. Test your emails without fail

Before hitting the ‘Send’ button, test your emails and check for grammatical errors or rendering issues. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Final Thoughts

If you are a startup owner who is confused about how to drive sales through email marketing, these tips would surely help you in building an effective strategy that helps you in conversions.

Have we missed out on any email marketing tips that could propel sales for a startup?

Do let us know in the comments below.

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