Email marketing is effective only if you can build an amicable relationship with the subscriber. Isn’t it the same way in dating? To win over someone, you ought to befriend him or her. After all, friendship is at the cynosure of all successful love relationships. Similarly, if you become friends with your subscribers and understand them well, you can create better emails that deliver more value.

With that said, email marketing is a lot similar to dating. Here’re some key similarities between the two.

1. Try to build trust with your subscriber

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. It enables effective communication and holds the relationship together. You would not go on a date with a stranger or with someone you do not trust. Same applies to your subscribers. If they cannot trust you, they would neither buy from you nor engage with your email.  To put it in other words, when you have a date, you know the details of that person. From whom you are meeting to how do they look like, you have all the information about them. You don’t just randomly knock on a stranger’s door and expect them to go on a date with you. The same is the case with email marketing too. When a prospective buyer connects with you, they are surely going to expect some value from you. So, get going and offer them something worth valuing. From an informative newsletter and a creative welcome email to an exciting discount, there are lots of ways to make your best first impression in front of your subscribers. Remember, the first goal of any email marketing campaign is to know your subscribers well while winning their trust. Therefore, rather than jumping towards conversations and profits, you should better go with the flow and extract details about your subscribers. Take this analogy into account – when you go on your first date, you don’t think about getting married right away. You look towards knowing your date and hanging out a bit before taking the big leap. In short, whether it is email marketing or dating, it is all about hitting the right chord at the right time, thereby building life long, trustworthy relationship.

2. Knowing about interests is the key

If you have dated anyone, you would understand how important it is to know about the interests and preferences of your respective partner. From their food preferences to movie interests, you need to know it all to have a worthwhile dating experience. Consequently, email marketing is no different. You need to get hold of your customer’s likes and dislikes to have a long-lasting relationship with them. Therefore, you must let the customers decide the type of information they are looking forward to getting delivered in their inbox. Once you know about their interests, make sure to send content that’s relevant to their interests and see how it makes them convert with ease while elevating your ROI and profits like never before.

3. Communication is critical

Communication is important. Regardless of it being a relationship or an email marketing campaign, striking a chord with your partner and customer is imperative. However, doing all the talking alone can have a negative impact. Imagine going on a date and doing all the conversation all by yourself without giving another person the chance to put their thoughts forward. Your date will get bored for sure. The key to a successful date is not only interesting but, being interested too. This would ensure that your date goes smoothly filled with conversations that flow effortlessly. This same process goes with email marketing too.  You can build a genuine connection with your subscriber if you let them speak their mind. Asking for reviews, feedbacks, creating polls can help you do the needful. The replies can be both positive or negative. However, if you listen to it carefully, you would understand what your customer actually wants. It is a great way of interacting and bonding with your customer on a personal level.

4. Be consistent in your approach

Irrespective of it being a dating or email marketing, if you want to build a strong relationship, you need to do it regularly and be consistent in your approach. However, make sure your approach doesn’t get redundant. Well, just the way you keep date life fresh with a little bit change. Sometimes it is a dinner date and sometimes it’s a casual hang out at your house, these little transformations make life fun. Similarly, you can keep your email marketing campaign top-notch by sending regular emails. Remember not to be over-enthusiastic though. It’s better to experiment with different elements of your campaign such as fonts, layouts, discounts and offers to understand what resonates with customers and makes them responsive.

5. Keep it simple and subtle

Nobody likes a clingy partner. The ones that constantly keep nagging you, asking your whereabouts every time you are not with them. The same goes with email marketing too. After all, irritating your customers with a lot of emails is the last thing that you would want to do, right? Spamming your customers will only put you in the blacklist, resulting in damaged brand reputation. So, you better put out your best strategic foot forward and plan an email campaign that grows your relationship with customers smoothly. Sending reminders, newsletters and sales pitches are some of the many ways to devise your email campaign properly. In addition, a surprise mail with a discount once in a while is also a great idea to boost that relationship further.

Wrap up

Dating, if done right can be the first step towards a fulfilling relationship. From being truthful and interesting to be able to carry out a conversation and make a personal connection, these are few of the many ways that a good partner does. Similarly, email marketing is done in an apt way can easily convert emails into sales. All you need to do is take elements like relevancy, personalization, consistency and simplicity into account and you are good to go.

There’s no marketing channel better than email marketing. We’ve heard it a hundred times and accepted it once and for all. With several technological advancements we’re sending all sorts of emails – action triggered, automated, order related etc. to connect with our subscribers. They love it too. But you know what still entices us the most? Good wishes that come our way on our special days! Birthday emails are thus important and will always be.

Birthday Emails, but WHY?

Let’s leave the emotional angle behind. Let’s look at what statistics say. According to Experian as compared to promotional emails, birthday emails have:

  • A 481% higher transaction rate
  • 342% higher revenue per email
  • 179% higher unique click rates

Undoubtedly, birthday emails stand out as the most effective emails a marketer can send.

Every business MUST send Birthday emails because:

  • They are a delight for the customers. Anyone would feel special on receiving a personalized wish and offer, isn’t it?
  • They accelerate conversion rates as the exclusive offer/ discount are tempting for the subscribers who are quite likely to shop around their birthdays.
  • They are likely to activate the inactive customers. The personalization and discount coupon combo might just click with some subscribers.

Well, now that you know how important it is to send birthday emails to your subscribers, let’s dive into what are the basic requirements for these emails.

You need data. You need to know when your subscriber’s birthday is.

Three ways to collect subscribers’ birth date

  1. Ask for their birthday when they are subscribing to your newsletter/ emails. Simply add a birthday field to your sign-up form.
  2. Ask on your double opt-in screen
  3. If you have missed out on both these occasion, you can always encourage them to update their profile which includes their birthday, like this email from Steakhouse.

Suggestion: Keep your form as short and simple as possible so people actually complete the information.

Great! Now you have their birthday. What next? It’s important to understand that there’s much more to a birthday email than just a wish and businesses are leaving no stone unturned in order to please their potential subscribers.

Types of welcome emails with examples:

  1. A warm birthday wish

Basic as it may seem, a warm wish can bring a smile on the recipient’s face and this builds your brand’s recall value. Take a look at this email from Facebook. It’s simple yet eye-catching and it’s personalized!

Source: Really Good Emails

  1. Irresistible Discount Coupon/ Free Gift/ Free shipping on the occasion

Birthdays are about gifts and surprises, aren’t they? Most businesses use the tactic of sending special discounts for the subscriber or offering gifts or free shipping on the special occasion. This email from Pizza Express is all about inviting the subscriber to celebrate their birthday at Pizza Express but they do it subtly by offering a free drink because it’s the subscriber’s birthday. Great one!

Some go the extra mile, offering a discount or coupon code that can be redeemed anytime during the entire birthday month. Check out these emails from National Geographic and Nike:

                                                                                                                                           Source: Really Good Emails

Sending a birthday email series

Just like it works for welcome emails, it works for birthday emails too. It’s always better to send a series of birthday emails or a drip campaign rather than sending just one email and hoping for the best to happen. Here’s how you can do it:


When to send

What to send

Email 17 days before subscriber’s birthdayPresent the offer well before the birthday, so they can get their order delivered before their birthday
Email 2

On subscriber’s birthdayWarm birthday wish + Offer
Email 37 days after subscriber’s birthdayReminding them about the exclusive offer

Take a look at this email from Figleaves, which they sent before the subscriber’s actual birthday.

The second email, the one from Subway, is sent after the subscriber’s birthday. It has been sent to remind them about the offer they are missing out on.

                                                                                                                                              Source: Really Good Emails

Birthday Email Best Practices

Automate for convenience

It is not possible for any business to manually send a birthday email to all their subscribers. Automation turns this tedious and time-consuming task into an easy one. You set up automation, and an email is automatically delivered to the subscriber’s inbox on their birthday. Well, around 51% of companies are currently using marketing automation.

Personalize for better engagement

Nearly 90% of retail marketers are using personalization and they are doing so because it works. First name personalization, while it may seem like an old tactic, works well in birthday emails.

Runtastic, in this birthday email start off on the right note by personalizing the subject line. The subject line says, ‘A Gift For You: Happy Birthday, Smiles Davis’

Source: Really Good Emails

Write a clear & creative CTA

You have taken all the efforts to create this birthday email campaign because you want your subscriber to shop and your revenue to increase. So, a CTA plays a big role here. You want the subscriber to take action, click on the CTA and visit your website; the CTA must be bright, bold, to the point and creative.

Draft a crisp copy

While words can convey a thousand emotions, in today’s busy life, pictures work better. So, keep your copy crisp. At the same time, make sure you have put up everything you want to convey.

Create graphics that delight

Like stated earlier, you need to be really good with the graphics. Use colors, fonts, and design styles that are striking. Make the email look like a celebration of sorts. Wish to create a GIF? Go ahead. Make the email ‘fun’.

Develop a responsive email

How many of you open your emails on a desktop and how many on your mobile devices? The latter number is definitely growing. According to Litmus, 42% of email is now opened on a mobile device. To make sure that your efforts don’t go down the drain, develop a responsive email that looks perfectly fine no matter what device your subscriber uses – desktop or mobile.

Wrapping Up

Birthday email is a form of personalized email and there’s no second thought about the fact that personalized emails perform better that blast emails. While it is essential that you send a birthday email to your subscribers to build brand reputation and a personal connect, it is also important to do it the right way and follow the best practices to ensure a better ROI.

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