Leverage Your New Customers This New Year: Email Marketing

Written by: Chris Donald

The holiday season always means lots of new customers for your products (we hope). And new customers mean new opportunities for messaging and engagement.

For email marketers, the New Year is a great time to leverage the channel to get these new customers engaged, keep the fire burning, maintain the holiday season momentum throughout the year.

The big question is ‘HOW’. Here are some ideas on how you can keep the fire going:

Brand Introduction Onboarding Welcome Series

New customers are especially eager to learn more about the functions, features, and details of the company, brand, and product/service they purchased over the holidays. An onboarding welcome series of emails can inform your purchasers about their products while helping to build a lasting bond.

The series can include:

  • Getting Started/User Guides
  • “Complete Your Profile” emails
  • Activation of service emails
  • Content preference emails

Once you gather up these additional details and preferences, you can begin to deliver targeted messaging that continues to nurture and educate your customers all while keeping them up-to-date on new features and use cases.


First-hand, feature-specific, satisfied customer reviews are a great way to drive engagement. You can utilize email to gather new testimonials as well as feature your top reviews in email campaigns as well as on your website. Testimonials help generate trust and positive attitudes towards your brand, and can help towards grabbing new customers as well.


Personalization can help boost engagement (a fact 74% of marketers attest to in a recent eConsultancy report). This simple method is a great way to make new customers feel important and wanted.

Extended Campaign Offers and Discounts

The holiday season is a natural time to see engagement reach an apex as most people are on the lookout for a gift of some kind. Therefore, it’s also natural to see a dip in engagement come January. This doesn’t necessarily have to be true for you. Post-holiday offers are a great way to keep the buzz alive. Extend your holiday offers and discounts and target upcoming holidays for “early” offers (after all, it’s “almost Valentine’s Day” already!).

Final Thoughts

New customers in the New Year require special attention. Build targeted messaging geared specifically toward their place in the product/service lifecycle, leverage the holiday spirit, and maintain the good will and momentum you’ve gained from great holiday marketing to forge strong relationships for the future.

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Chris sent his first email campaign in 1995. He’s worked directly with Fortune 500 companies, retail giants, nonprofits, SMBs and government agencies in all facets of their email marketing and marketing automation programs. He’s also a BIG baseball fan, loves a good steak, and is mildly obsessed with zombie movies.

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