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The first shot you have at getting people to open your email is your subject line. Nail your subject line and the chances of your email campaign succeeding become higher.

That’s why you need to invest in creating winning subject lines.

This is where tools like Phrasee come in. Using powerful algorithms, they are able to predict subject lines that will result in higher open rates.

That’s why we decided to invite Phrasee CEO, Parry Malm, to share his valuable insights into how subject lines impact your email campaigns. In this interview, Parry shares a lot of first-hand knowledge on topics such as:

  • What is Phrasee and how can it help you create click-worthy subject lines
  • Do spam words in subject lines still exist?
  • How to speed up your subject line creation
  • Properly A/B testing your subject lines
  • Plummet or pivot - how businesses can come out as winners and losers out of an economic crisis
  • The importance of email in marketing during times of crisis
  • The importance of updating your email automation messaging
  • Why now's not the time to stop marketing
  • Why humor is an important subject line ingredient
  • Business trends to watch out for post Covid-19

Don’t suspend your digital marketing just because of the global recession. This is actually the best time to connect with your audience and build meaningful connections. This is one interview every business person needs to watch as it is choke full of practical advice on how to thrive in these trying times.

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