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How Does Acquisition Email Marketing Work

How to Make Acquisition Email Marketing Work?

Acquisition email marketing is the stepping stone to wooing new customers. According to Email Marketing Industry Census, 2018, email is the most highly-rated marketing channel as far as ROI is concerned. Also, it is interesting to know that the average proportion of marketing budget accounted for by email has remained at 15%, the same percentage as 2017 and 2016. However, you need to think of a competent strategy to make sure that you are using it to the maximum potential.

Every business puts attracting new customers as the top priority which makes it all the more important to create acquisition email campaigns. Let’s delve deeper into how to make it work.

1. Build Your Audience Strategically

The first step to create a winning email marketing campaign is to discern who your target audience is. Writing the copy, designing the email, and working on the subject lines come next. As important as it is to create an interesting email, it is equally crucial to determine the recipients of the email.

Acquisition email campaigns are mostly about building a strong rapport with the prospective clients who resemble your buyer’s persona. A clean email list comes into picture here. You ought to maintain your list hygiene by pruning your email list regularly so that your emails land in the subscriber’s inbox and your deliverability is not hampered. Building a strong list will not happen overnight but it is surely worth the time and effort. Stronger the email list foundation, better will be the establishment of your email strategy.

Pro-tip: Use double opt-in method to acquire quality subscribers. Here is an example by Medium.

medium email

2. Utilize the power of social media marketing

Although email is king, and it tops the list when it comes to ROI generation, integrating social media marketing makes it even more effective. If a subscriber has clicked on your email, you can arouse more interest with a targeted display ad on the social media channel. Alternatively, you can send an email to anyone who clicks on the display ad to encourage the user to make the purchase. This helps to create a robust marketing strategy that helps to enhance conversions by increasing the brand recall. Ecommerce websites like Amazon make extensive use of this trick in their marketing strategy.

Pro-tip: Acquisition data and customer relationship management system can be integrated to get a better idea on the campaign’s progress and metrics.

3. Always keep in mind the purpose and objective of the email campaign

Without a purpose, your email marketing strategy is like a punctured tyre. It will not get you anywhere. Think beyond open rates and click-through rates. Your ultimate purpose should be conversions and revenue. Acquisition email campaigns help you get new customers and increase the likelihood of retaining them, thereby increasing the average LTV of your customers.

Final thoughts

The key to an effective acquisition email campaign is to build credibility and long-lasting relationship with the subscribers. That will go a long way in driving more conversions for your business and also increasing the reach to your prospective clients.

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