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Delineating spamming from valuable email marketing

Imagine drafting the perfect content, working through an interactive layout and testing the email several times, only to realize that the subscriber will never get to open it. Isn’t that the worst fate for the email campaign?

Most often, owing to several reasons, your email enters the spam folder instead of the inbox of the subscriber. This means you did not think about all aspects of the email design. You certainly did not consider spamming, before sending out the emails.

You need to create a spam-proof email, if you want to maximize the outcome of your email campaign, and achieve your goals.

We are here with some tips that would help you define what spamming is for your email campaign and how best to avoid it when planning the individual emails.

Spamming in Emails

When your subscriber starts receiving inappropriate emails owing to the bulk blasts you have made very recently, it is defined as email spamming. It may be sent by scammers or by reputed companies. The bottom line is that spam emails are sent without the permission of the receiver, which is why they do not get acknowledged. Your emails are wasted, and your campaign suffers a loss.

There are many ways in which the filters as well as the anti-spam software, check for spam emails and do not allow them into the inbox. The popular email companies such as Yahoo! and Gmail tend to have several filters in place that send the spam emails into the spam folder directly.

One of the many things that it checks for is the sender address. If not proper, it is directly considered as a spam email.

There are many spamming signs, and you need to avoid that when drafting the email for your business.

Spamming Signs and Solutions

Here we will discuss all the signs that give away your email is spam, and how to overcome these issues.

 “No Reply” Addresses

You may have experienced that when you receive an email, in many cases, the sender’s address is mentioned as “no reply”. This is one of the primary filters that the spamming software look for. When you are sending emails to your subscribers, make sure you send them from an authentic and genuine email id. Subscribers generally overlook emails that contain sender IDs as no reply and admin. The idea is to encourage the people to reply to the emails they have received. In case of queries, they should have an email id that they can send messages to.

To avoid being reported as SPAM, make sure you use genuine email addresses. Send emails from your company domain to command better trust.

The Subject Line

Bad subject line is another aspect of email that gets you into the spam folder. If you consistently send emails with click-bait subject lines, your subscribers might enlist you as spam. They will stop trusting your emails, and even when you decide to send some good content, you will not be considered genuine. The best way to avoid this situation is to work on the subject line and use something that connects with the subscriber. Make sure they are clickable and trustworthy.

Avoid Spammy Words

Certain words are considered spam by the filters and the spam software. You need to make sure you don’t use these words when designing the email.

Few words such as discount, cheap, free order, trial etc. can lead you to a spam folder. Try avoiding these words when deciding the subject line or the email copy.

When sending the email to the subscriber list, make sure you don’t include any suspicious links or attachments. When you post links or attachments, the anti-spam software tends to consider it as a fraud, and immediately places it into the spam folder.

Don’t forget to include an unsubscribe link, when you are sending bulk emails to the subscriber.

Create a Subscriber List

It is crucial that you have a subscriber list of the people who have opted-in to receive your emails. Make sure you send the emails to that list only.

If your email goes to people who are not leads or, people who have opted-in, those people might ban you from sending them emails and report you as spam. This might affect your sender reputation. If you continue sending emails without consent, then your ESP will block you from sending emails in the future.

To build a good subscriber list, make sure you have a double opt-in for all the email contacts. This way you can be sure of who all want to be a part of your mailing list. Send an email asking them to confirm if they’re going to join your mailing list, before sending in the emails you have designed for the different purposes.

Personalize the Emails

Personalization is the norm of the hour. You cannot send emails that are not relevant to the subscriber list. Make sure you not only send relevant messages for the subscriber, but also add the name of the subscriber on the email. This makes it more personal to them, and they will click-through the email. You can even personalize the subject line to get a better open rate. There are various techniques to personalize an email. Make sure you follow one or more of these techniques to improve the email quality and its open rate.

Summing up

It is important you follow all the anti-spam laws in place before sending the email for better conversions and to give away yourself as authentic. Welcome your subscribers, as soon as they opt-in for your emails to help them build their expectations with your business.

It is important that you avoid spam words and create emails that pass through the anti-spam filters and land into the inbox of the subscriber. Let us know how many of these techniques you have used to define spamming for your email marketing campaign and help get to the subscriber’s inbox.

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How to design aesthetically attractive emails?

Emails happen to be the most effective medium of communication with your customers. Whether you want them to know about your new venture or, want to update them with your new services, sending an email always works.

Imagine receiving an email from your favourite e-commerce store, declaring a Winter sale. Wouldn’t that make you want to click and check out the products? The emails give away a whole load of details on the sale, the type of products you will get to buy and even the discounts you can enjoy during that period. It is short yet complete in its own way.

However, the tough task is to design emails that grab the attention and win conversions. Here we will take you through the various things that you need to keep in mind when planning visually appealing emails.

Go responsive with your designs

Your audience could open the email anywhere at any point in time. For instance, they could be using their mobile phones and responding to the email. Better still, they could be on their tablets, working on an important presentation, when your email pops-up.

You need to factor in the various devices the audience uses for the email, and design your emails accordingly. The email should look similar across the devices, and the audience should get a one-brand feeling after seeing these emails.

Make sure you use different font sizes when designing for the different screen sizes. You should also consider sending HTML and text-only versions to the audience, so that they can open the text-only, in case their device prevents them from opening the HTML emails.

Determine the email layout

The layout plays a vital role in making the emails look visually appealing. Before you begin the design itself, start placing the things on a piece of paper or using the prototype designing tool. You need to define the placements of the content, the images and other materials that will go into the design of your email. Realize the distractions in the emails, and how to get rid of them when planning the layout.

You ought to be clear about the goals to come up with a promising layout. The size of the fonts, the image sizes and even the colour choices are dependent on the design. Make sure you go through several marketing campaigns before coming up with the ideal layout for your email campaign.

Draft legible content

The content plays a vital role in making your emails aesthetic and readable. The material should meet the layout defined earlier. You don’t need to venture into elaborate content to make a point.

You need to remember that not everyone will open the HTML emails. That means you need to work on the content for the text-only emails as well. Make sure you drop in a line break after every 60 words so that the content is readable. Make sure you don’t use long paragraphs or sentences. Short sentences or a two-lined paragraph should be enough to communicate.

Include the essential white space

White space is the best friend for every email that you design. It makes the email design look appealing to the eyes. The whitespace allows the readers to skim through the email, grasp the material in it and even interpret it correctly. Basically, the white space gives enough space to the brain to break down the material and digest the facts.

It also gives your design some room to breathe and conquer the world of email marketing. The use of white space is essential if you want to get some click rates and don’t want your email campaign to be a waste.

Too much or too little of the white space can ruin the design of the emails. You need to use white space wherever you want to emphasize the content.

Determine the visual strategy

The flow of the elements in the email is important from skimming perspective. At a glance, you should be able to communicate the vital message that your email wants to send out. This is why visual strategy is essential.

The shape, size, colours and contrast of the various elements along with their placement is determined in this strategy. You will also specify the colours and the fonts you will use when defining the visual plan.

Use of headers, pre-headers and footers

An email remains incomplete without the proper placement of headers and footers. You should ideally have the space defined for headers and footers. The headers help you grab attention, as they give out as much detail as they can about the email without using too many words.

Apart from the header, the pre-header also plays an important role. It helps give an insight into what the email is about, especially when you open in Gmail, Outlook or the iOS app. It is a 100 character version of the email, which allows you to decide whether you want to open the email or not. This sneak preview plus an identifiable header gets you better chances at achieving your email campaign goals.

Footers help the users know more about you, as that is where you will place all your social channel icons.

Use of proper colors and fonts

The colors are important when you are designing an email for your audience. It should be a direct translation of the theme of your campaign and should let out the mood you have set for the campaign. The messages should relate to the color choices you have made. For instance, black is all about luxury while, blue is tranquillity and integrity.

Apart from colors, you need to pay particular attention to the fonts that you will be using in the email design. The fonts also communicate whether the email is formal, informal, funny, serious etc. The emotion and the gravity of the message are best known for the use of the fonts. You should ideally use 22 pixels for the headline and 14 pixels when working on the body content.

Add impressive images

The design of your emails is incomplete if you have not added some impressive and incredible images, which relate to the message you are communicating. If you want to talk about a product that you have just launched, make sure the picture of the product takes centre stage. You should ideally use approximately 30% of the space available on the email for your images. When adding images to the emails, you should ideally add alt text to help explain the text version of the image, in case the email service provider fails to display images.

Incorporate an actionable CTA

To make the design more compelling, you should add a call-to-action, which helps with your goals and makes the user take action. The content, the font, as well as the size of the button, should be such that it makes the user want to click on it. Align your CTA to the email content to make it more relevant.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is not just useful, but also one of the best mediums of communication for your business. The plus side of email marketing is that you are in complete control of all aspects of marketing. Proper research, comprehensive understanding of your audience, and designing the email keeping in mind all these points will help you get a good conversion rate for the emails. Make sure you don’t let your users down and send them relevant and informative content only! Any click baits and you are sure to lose your brand image forever.


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