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Daily Deals Audit Template

Increase ROI With A Daily Deals Email Audit

Daily deals sites are a perfect fit for email marketing. With fresh deals daily to attract customers and subscribers, these emails are a great way to generate sales and continued interest. Are you maximizing your emails for your daily deals site? If you’re not sure, perhaps it’s time for an email audit. A Great Email …

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Welcome Email Template Best Practices

The Indispensable Welcome Email [Infographic]

Welcome email is the first step towards the foundation of building your brand image. It is a must for brands in the email marketing world, yet only 57.7% brands greet new subscribers with welcome emails. The first email to your subscribers sets the tone of your email relationship. Subscribers who receive welcome emails show 33% …

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Holiday Email Marketing Template

Maximize Your Holiday Email Marketing Plan

Are you excited and ready for the holiday season? If you don’t have your email marketing plan put together for the holidays, you’re already behind. Having an organized calendar and a target-oriented customer plan is essential for holiday email marketing success. Plan your holiday email templates as the holidays start in October, so let’s get you …

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InboxArmy is an Email Marketing Go!

After months of preparation and work, we’re excited to announce that InboxArmy, your new Email Marketing Agency, is officially live today! We’re happy to make our upfront, transparent email marketing service packages available to you. Our trademark services are now available for you to deploy, including: Full-Service Campaign Management Email Template Design and Coding Services …

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Email Marketing: What’s Your Endgame?

Email Marketing: What’s Your Endgame? When you get ready to build your email marketing campaign strategy or plan out your email marketing tactics, there is a question you should ask yourself: “What’s my endgame?” Point being: You need to know what you are hoping to accomplish with each of your email campaigns. There are three …

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Email Marketing: Don’t Forget Your Landing Page!

You’ve designed the perfect email. The code is pristine. The calls-to-action are easy to find. The subject line is compelling. You press SEND. The opens start rolling in. The clicks start going through. Your Revenue? A pittance. Was there a problem with the email? No. The problem lays with your website—more specifically the page where …

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