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We are in an era where successful email marketing (and marketing of any nature) strongly depends on big data. While back in the 90s, where the internet was more like the wild west, you could get away with anything.

Today, data management and privacy laws are reigning everyone in.

While these may look like they’re restricting marketers, they’re actually helping reduce renegade outlaws from taking advantage of unwitting customers. They also help preserve the integrity of the industry.

But the question remains - how can you succeed as a marketer while operating in the parameters of data and privacy laws?

Data and privacy expert Dennis Dayman shows exactly how you can do that in this riveting interview. You’ll learn tons of useful stuff like:

  • How to cut through the current noise in most inboxes
  • Why and how businesses need to restrategize and pivot in times of crises
  • Data privacy - consumers have more power, here's how businesses can still thrive
  • Email marketing privacy laws you need to know
  • Data flow between countries - it’s not as straightforward as you may think
  • Why it’s not just about compliance, it’s more about your recipients
  • Why every email marketer/ business needs to be a privacy specialist
  • Mixed marketing messages - the pitfalls and how to avoid them

As an email marketer, staying on the right side of the law and managing customer databases is a tight rope you need to learn to walk. And this video teaches you exactly how to do that.

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