They say love makes you a better person

How true! A relationship should inspire you to accomplish the most amazing feats. (And if it doesn’t, you’re probably in the wrong relationship.)

One such “perfect relationship” is that between an Email Marketing Agency and your Email Marketing Campaigns.

Unfortunately, very few start-ups and businesses actually think about getting their email campaigns into a relationship with an email marketing agency. Some hold back worrying about heartbreak. Others just get cold feet thinking about trusting someone they don’t know.

Worry not! Together, your email marketing campaigns and an email marketing agency can script a beautiful love story of success and triumph.

Why your email marketing campaigns need that ‘perfect partner’

  • reason-1

    Reason 1

    Customers’ attention span is as low as 3-4 seconds! Your customers should fall in love with your emails at first sight; mistakes are a strict NO! Therefore, it’s mandatory that you create well-designed and accurately coded emails.

  • reason-2

    Reason 2

    Time is everything in love and email marketing. Do you have time for planning a strategy, designing and coding creative & mobile-friendly emails, email address acquisition, list growth, and campaign performance analysis? An email marketing agency is the perfect partner to help you focus on what’s important- your email marketing campaigns.

Is An Email Marketing Agency your Email Campaigns’ ‘Valentine’?

Your email campaigns need that ‘SPECIAL SOMEONE’ to pamper them. Someone who can handle them, making sure nothing goes wrong.

An agency’s sole focus is email marketing—like a committed lover!

Growing your contact list, campaign creation and deployment, increasing conversion rates, and enhancing ROI—a full-service email marketing agency has the dedication and resolve to accomplish all this and more.
Voila! An email marketing agency is that ‘VALENTINE’ your email campaign totally deserves!

Hey, but how will you know for sure?


Signs That Indicate an Email Marketing Agency is the One True Love for your Email Campaigns

An Agency Can Be Trusted With Your Email Campaigns

Trust is the cornerstone of a loving relationship. An email marketing agency, through all the proficient services it provides, builds that trust.

With their expertise, an email marketing agency can:

  • Craft your email marketing campaigns for optimal conversion.
  • Study and implement new, trending design ideas.
  • Deploy your email marketing campaigns with greater efficiency and perfection.
  • Provide you with expert advice along the way.
  • Let you enjoy your vacation while your email marketing campaigns are taken care of!
  • Evaluate subscriber data/history to setup revenue generating automation campaigns.

An Agency Helps You Grow

A true companion is that synergist who helps you grow in life. Likewise, an email marketing agency helps you grow your business through lists and leads.

1. An agency assists your business in growing your lists the organic way

A good email marketing agency helps you implement ideal ways to grow your list, including:

  • Creative opt-in incentives.
  • Lead generation material like whitepapers/ebooks (that you can place behind the “paywall”
    of an email sign-up for download)
  • Social media buttons so subscribers can share the love.
  • Creative offers and/or contests on Twitter and Facebook that require email sign-up.

2. An agency generates qualified leads and nurtures sales opportunities

A good email marketing agency also uses inbound marketing to attract, nurture, and convert qualified leads. Your agency can create and send appropriate emails based on the behavior, activities, and interests of subscribers.

An Agency Helps Your Business Rise and Shine

Don’t fall, rise in love. A good email marketing agency helps you rise in the world of business just like a genuine life partner helps you rise in life.

With powerful metrics at hand, an email marketing agency performs in-depth analysis of email campaigns based on customer behavior. Email Campaign Performance analysis can help answer the following questions:

  • Which campaigns are resonating with your customers? Which campaigns are not?
  • Can/should you segment your lists in better ways to increase performance?
  • What’s a tangible ROI for your campaign performance?

An Agency Is Light(er) on Your Pockets

When truly in love, your beloved likely won’t demand expensive, extravagant gifts. (Well, sometimes it’s ok to splurge on them).

An email marketing agency is that glittery eyed lover who is actually lighter on your pockets than hiring an in-house Email Marketing Manager!

It’s true. Take a look at the numbers below to help you decide what’s best for you:

  • Cost of hiring a full-time experienced Email Marketing Professional
  • Base salary (average) $ 74,000
  • Annual cost incurred by employer
  • Federal and state income tax
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance
  • 401K and Retirement Plans
  • Paid vacation and sick time policies
  • Equipment, Office space, etc. $ 29,600
  • Total yearly compensation $ 103,600
  • Cost of hiring an Email Marketing Agency
  • InboxArmy Premier Package (8 campaigns per month)
    $ 2,400
  • Adding strategy, new template designs, in-depth analysis, full program management with automations (per month)
    $ 2,500-$ 3,000
  • Total yearly expenditure (considering $5000 average/month)
    $ 60,000
  • Total Yearly Savings
  • Hiring an Employee
    $ 103,600
  • Hiring an Agency
    $ 60,000
  • Total Yearly Saving
    $ 43,000

Now you know who’s the ‘perfect match’ for
your Email Marketing Campaign!

Hook it up with the Love of its life: an Email Marketing Agency!

And Let The love Blossom This

valentines day

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