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From devising your brand positioning and defining program objectives to refining buyer personas, designing the perfect strategy, and creating targeted copy – every aspect of your program must be perfect to be effective. InboxArmy will help you to achieve perfection so you can meet all your marketing goals with email in the shortest possible time.

Why B2B Email Marketing?

B2B email marketing is harder than you think! From devising your brand positioning and defining program objectives to refining buyer personas, designing the perfect strategy, and creating targeted copy – every aspect of your program must be perfect to be effective. With our support and expertise, you can transform your email marketing program into a powerful channel for lead generation, customer engagement, sales, and profit-generation. Because after all, we speak fluent B2B email marketing!

“I don’t really need email marketing for my B2B business.”

Does this sound like you?

  • 64% of B2B marketers say their email marketing strategy enables them to meet their business goals
  • 35% of Email marketing is one of the top three marketing channels for B2B marketers
  • 31% say email newsletters are the best way to nurture leads
  • 59% say that email is the most effective channel for generating revenue.
  • Email marketing for B2B can bring you returns of $51 for every $1 you spend. That’s a whopping 5,200% ROI on your spend!

All these facts show that email is the KING of B2B marketing. And you can make this King work YOU…with InboxArmy. Tap into the value of this high-ROI channel with a dedicated email marketing team that will work hard for your success, today, tomorrow, and always.

B2B Email Marketing Services @ InboxArmy

What can you do with a B2B email marketing agency like InboxArmy? More importantly, what can InboxArmy do for you?

For your B2B email marketing program – everything!

  • Create B2B Target Personas

    Creating target personas can help you figure out who is most likely to purchase from you, what pain points you can solve for them, and which marketing strategy is most likely to work on their hearts, minds, and wallets. We will create these personas for you so you will always start off on the right foot with all your B2B accounts.

  • B2B Customer Segmentation

    The most successful B2B email campaigns are hyper-targeted and sent to the right recipient at the right time. And all of this starts with customer segmentation. We will gather data about your industry, company, and customer base. We will then create relevant segments so you can target your communications in the proper direction and reach the most relevant audience with every campaign and every message.

  • Email Strategy

    Your B2B email strategy is the game plan that will enable you to nurture leads, reach prospects, and convert customers into loyal advocates – with the perfect email message based on their persona and buyer journey stage. Let us design a powerful strategy for all your campaigns so you can go after your target audience and achieve your objectives in the fastest possible time.

  • Campaign Planning

    Planning will set a solid success foundation for each B2B email campaign. It helps ensure that your emails will be relevant to your audience with copy and design that’s best-suited for each stage of the buyer journey, whether it’s awareness consideration, decision-making, retention, or brand advocacy. Planning will also help you identify possible hiccups and implement strategies to prevent them from derailing your goals.

  • Email Design and Coding

    Enticing subject lines, impressive designs, a professional tone, and unique copy that resonates with readers – all of these are crucial elements of any B2B email campaign. And it’s super easy to get all these elements wrong! Boring subject lines, poor-quality copy, cluttered designs, and inappropriate tones are unfortunately too common. Our experienced team of email marketers know what it takes to avoid these catastrophic mistakes and deliver campaigns that your customers will absolutely love.

  • Email Campaign Management

    List segmentation, deliverability, copywriting, performance optimization, email coding – we take charge of your entire campaign. We will also closely scrutinize every aspect of your program to ensure that it yields consistently great results with minimum effort or intervention form your side.

  • A/B Testing

    A/B tests will show you what’s working with your email campaigns before you send them out. Low open rates? Low click-through rates? Too many unsubscribes? Deliverability problems? We will set up A/B tests to improve your B2B campaigns one targeted element at a time so you get more opens, more click-throughs, fewer unsubscribes, and zero deliverability issues.

  • Email Deliverability

    You did everything right with your latest B2B email campaign. You created relevant segments and buyer personas, selected the best template, wrote amazing copy, and chose an attractive design. And yet your campaign fell short of expectations! The reason: it didn’t reach your audience due to poor deliverability! InboxArmy will verify your authentication setup, warm up the IP, and validate your email list so your emails are delivered to your subscribers exactly the way you want.

  • Define KPIs and Success Metrics

    You can’t improve what you can’t measure. We will define the objectives or the why of your email marketing channel. We will also define the metrics and KPIs or the how you will meet these objectives. These KPIs will clearly show where your campaigns are doing well and equally important, where they are not. Leverage this information to identify improvement areas and take your B2B email program from strength to strength.

  • ESP Migration

    Do you want to optimize your existing ESP and increase its ROI? Or migrate to a different ESP to meet your business objectives and impress your customer base? InboxArmy can help you with both! Our email marketing experts and migration specialists will help you seamlessly migrate to a new ESP with all these services:

    • ESP vendor preliminary audits
    • Vendor research and shortlisting
    • ESP demos
    • Consultation
    • Migration execution
    • ESP ROI calculations

    If you plan to stay with your current ESP, our team will help you identify optimization opportunities so you can make the most of your investment. We will also integrate your ESP with any third-party tools or legacy systems you already use to build a powerful tech stack for your email program.

Here are all the ESPs we support. Whichever ESP you need, we’ve got you covered!

How InboxArmy Can Take Your B2B Email Marketing Program to the Next Level

Whatever your biggest priority for your B2B accounts, you can achieve it with InboxArmy’s email marketing services:

  • Generate new leads and qualify them faster
  • Keep current customers engaged to increase sales and revenues
  • Share unique content to educate users about your B2B brand
  • Improve outreach by reaching the most relevant audience
  • Establish thought leadership in your industry

With B2B email marketing and a B2B email marketing agency like InboxArmy in your pocket, you can do all of this and more.

What Makes InboxArmy A Unique B2B Email Marketing Agency?

Why should you select InboxArmy as your B2B email marketing agency partner?

  • Fully-customizable Services

    All our B2B email marketing services are fully customizable. If you don’t require the full suite of our services, pick only the ones you need. We will give you exactly what you require – no questions asked and no unnecessary upselling!

  • No long-term contracts

    Whether you need our services for a single one-off campaign or a long-term engagement – the decision is yours. We will never force you to tie up with us for longer if that’s not what you need. No long-term contracts mean that we will work extra hard to get you great results from our partnership.

  • 5000+ Clients (and counting!)

    InboxArmy has operated continuously since [year]. In the past [number] years, we have served 5000+ clients in a wide range of industries. Our experience with this diverse clientele has empowered us to understand each client’s needs and deliver the right solutions to match these needs.

  • End-to-end Support

    The InboxArmy team will be with you at every stage of your email marketing journey. No question will be ignored and no concern will remain unaddressed. Simply contact your account manager and our team will respond promptly with a solution that works best for you and your team.

  • Expert Consulting

    Our experts understand everything there is to know about B2B email marketing, including strategies, tactics, ESPs, and automation tools. We also stay updated on the latest email marketing best practices and trends. All of this allows us to bring you world-class consulting services that are fully invested in the success of your B2B email marketing program.

  • Platform-agnostic

    We don’t favor one platform or ESP over another. We will recommend the ESP that is most likely to benefit you, not us. If you are on a strict budget, we will work with you to identify the most cost-effective option combined with our world-class services and support.

25+ Industries and Verticals Served

Over 5,000 Businesses put their Trust on us From startups to Blue Chip companies, we power Klaviyo email marketing campaigns for businesses of every shape and size. 25+ industries and Verticals served.

What Our Customers Say

Common Challenges with B2B Email Marketing + The InboxArmy Solution

One of the biggest challenges with B2B email marketing is that general email marketing tactics just don't work.

  • Most campaigns target individuals, not B2B buyers or groups of buyers
  • It takes more effort to convince buyers to actually, well, buy!
  • Many B2B emails fail to focus on information and resources to provide value to business subscribers
  • Poor-quality, generic copy that doesn’t resonate with the reader or clearly answer the question, “what’s in it for ME?”
  • Aggressive strategies that focus on selling rather than on starting conversations and building relationships

When it comes to email in the B2B space, even getting them to open your email can be a huge challenge.

  • Do your readers know you?
  • Is the subject line enticing enough to get them to click open?
  • Are you writing copy for humans or machines?
  • Do you listen actively to your customers and subscribers?

If you have experienced any of these challenges with your B2B email marketing program, now is a good time to bring in an expert partner who knows email marketing, knows your customers, and most importantly, knows you!

B2B Email Marketing and the B2B Buyer’s Journey

It’s not easy to qualify a B2B lead and turn them into a long-term customer. One reason is the long B2B Buyer’s Journey.

B2B Buyer’s Journey
  • Awareness

    The prospect discovers a problem or need
  • Consideration

    The prospect researches solutions to overcome the problem or address the need.
  • Decision

    The prospect narrows down the list of solutions and ultimately makes a final purchase decision.
  • Retention

    The customer decides whether to continue their relationship with you or go to your competitor.
  • Advocacy

    The customer is happy with your products or services and becomes your brand advocate to bring in more targets.

A long time can elapse from Awareness to Consideration to Decision. During this time, you need to build up a relationship with each prospect and target your sales and account management resources specifically at that particular customer.

Moreover, the concept of “customer” itself is different in B2B. Instead of individuals, your business customer could include multiple stakeholders – each with their own interests, concerns, and goals. As a result, your relationship with that customer consists of all the connections you create with all these stakeholders. Only then can you win the account and convert the prospect into a customer.

Email marketing can help you connect with all these various stakeholders at every point of the company’s buyer’s journey.

Well-designed, targeted, and to-the-point emails can:

  1. 01. Well-designed, targeted, and to-the-point emails can:
  2. 02. Shape their route throughout the buyer’s journey and towards purchase
  3. 03. Resonate with business customers by focusing on what matters to them
  4. 04. Convert subscribers into leads, leads into customers, and customers into loyal supporters and advocates
  5. 05. Increase customer retention and target existing customers for more upsells and cross-sells

Business customers want to know how your business can help them to grow. B2B email marketing is an effective way to show them exactly how you can provide value to them. By designing your program around specific customer segments and target personas, you will see a shorter buyer’s journey, faster decisions in your favor, and stronger relationships that endure for years.

Types of Emails At Various Stages of the B2B Buyer’s Journey

The success of your email campaigns depends on many factors. One of the most important is sending the right campaign to every subscriber based on their unique position in the buyer journey. Here are all the emails we can create for your customers depending on their journey stage!

Awareness Consideration Decision- Making Retention Advocacy
  • How-to guides
  • White papers & thought leadership
  • Case Studies
  • Customer testimonials
  • Live demos
  • Free trails
  • Product tutorials
  • Company & product updates
  • Serveys
  • Requests for testimonials
  • Templates & workbooks
  • Curated content roundups
  • Product demos
  • High-level how-to guides
  • Proposals & estimates
  • Discount offers
  • Exclusive content
  • High-level educational content
  • Referral program offers
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Online courses
  • eBooks
  • Trend reports
  • Webinar invitations & recordings
  • Disocunts for upsells

Save Time and Money with InboxArmy and B2B Email Marketing Automation

Automation is essential to complete time-consuming tasks quickly and eliminate manual effort from the B2B email marketing program.

Where are you currently spending (wasting!) most of your time?

  • Creating drip campaigns
  • Set up surveys to get customer feedback on a new product or service
  • Set up triggered email campaigns that respond in real-time to customer behaviors or actions
  • Segment business subscribers into different email lists and deliver unique messages to each segment
  • Re-engaging lost subscribers and cold leads

Most B2B email marketers want to automate all these tasks. They just don’t know how. If this sounds like you, the solution is simple: Ask InboxArmy! We will set up automation for your B2B email marketing program so you save time and money, capture more qualified leads, and ensure that people keep opening your emails. Beyond that, automation can help you hone your messaging and influence customers’ purchase decisions.

Here are some of the automated email flows we can set up for you:

  • Cart Abandonment
  • Welcome
  • Win-Back
  • Repeat Customer
  • Browse Abandonment
  • Post-Purchase
  • Upsell
  • Reorder Reminder
  • New Customer
  • Lead Nurturing Drip Campaigns
  • Birthday and Anniversary

Here’s a small sample of the templates we have delivered to our esteemed B2B clients.

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    InboxArmy doesn't work or provide email list buying or rental service.

    Multi-ESP Support

    We support 50+ ESP vendors. Be it enterprise platforms such as SalesForce and Oracle Marketing Cloud or small and medium sized business platforms such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Aweber, and ActiveCampaign, we’ve got you covered.

    Multi-ESP Support

    We support 50+ ESP vendors. Be it enterprise platforms such as SalesForce and Oracle Marketing Cloud or small and medium sized business platforms such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Aweber, and ActiveCampaign, we’ve got you covered.