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Back In-Stock Email Examples To Drive The Sales & Conversions

Every e-commerce business must contend with issues such as out-of-stock products. In fact, per studies, in 2022: More than half of online shoppers worldwide stated being unable to complete purchases as the products were out-of-stock. Nearly 60% of online shoppers

A Comprehensive Guide to Effectively Clean Your Email Lists

One of the possible reasons for low open rates is an ill-defined or outdated email list. Implementing an email list cleaning exercise to do away with contacts who have become disinterested or disengaged can help enhance your email deliverability. So,

15 Email Marketing KPIs You Should Track

By now, if your business isn't leveraging email marketing as part of your marketing, you're missing out on three important things: Getting more leads/conversions Building a solid brand presence Establishing a direct line of communication with your customers. However, if

17 Best Email Marketing Platforms

Email marketing platforms are the second most important medium after social media marketing to build brand awareness, boosting a 4200% ROI for every $1 spent. And with 21% of emails opened within the first hour of delivery, there’s no reason

Mother’s Day Email Examples to Help You Create Engaging Campaigns

The second Sunday of May in Canada and the US, and the fourth Sunday of Lent in the UK, is Mother's Day. The perfect occasion to honor and express gratitude to all mothers and even caregivers, it is one of


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40 June Newsletter Ideas To Engage Your Readers

[ez-toc]It is the end of the academic year and the start of a three-month-long summer vacation. In the past, children would go out and scrape their elbows and knees. But, with the rising temperatures, most of them are preferring to

Dotdigital vs. HubSpot – Which is the Better Choice?

[ez-toc]A CRM platform provides unprecedented insights into customer behavior, preferences, and patterns. Essentially, it grants privileged access to your customers' lives without any intrusive interference. Furthermore, a CRM system delivers a single authoritative source of customer data, By consolidating all

ActiveCampaign Vs. Hubspot

[ez-toc]Hubspot and ActiveCampaign are closely matched in terms of their offerings, such as a central dashboard to manage every crucial aspect of your email marketing campaign. However, they have their subtle differences as well as they provide different values to

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