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20 Win-Back Email Examples To Bring Back Lost Customers

Customers often become inactive or churn from a brand over time. Further, there's always a section of passive readers who aren't engaging with your...

How To Set Up An Abandoned Cart Email In Mailchimp

Abandoned carts are one of the most significant banes of the digital era.  It represents a loss of potential sales opportunities and costs your...

Klaviyo vs Mailchimp: Which One’s Right For Your Business

When it comes to establishing automated email campaigns, both Mailchimp and Klaviyo offer unmatched functionalities. Their reporting capabilities and...

How To Set up Klaviyo Flows (A Step by Step Process)

Email marketers are renowned for strategizing effective and high-performing email marketing campaigns. But email marketing is not all about sending...

A Complete Email Marketing Guide (From Noob To Experts)

 Email marketing is one of the best-known channels in the marketing domain. Its popularity can be ascribed to its convenience & reach. With...


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Learn directly from thought leaders of email industry. Explore videos on topics of A/B testing, Deliverability, Data Privacy and many more.

How to Use Email Marketing For Travel Agency

Travel marketing is all about reaching the right prospect at the right time. As the window for holiday plans and vacation intent can be short-lived,...

How To Use An Email Countdown Timer In Emails (+14 Examples)

An email countdown timer might seem gimmicky at first, but there is more to it than meets the eye. When you think about it, aren’t we all always...

21 Benefits Of Email Marketing To Boost Your Strategy

At a time when social media & other messaging platforms are witnessing unprecedented popularity, you're likely to wonder if email marketing can...

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