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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Email Lists (& How To Quickly Build Your Own)

Whether you're launching a new business, trying to fill your sales pipeline, or just trying to move units, you need leads fast!The urge to buy...

How To Choose The Best Email Marketing Agency For Your Business

Looking for an email marketing agency to handle your email marketing operations?Whether you need an agency that will develop and manage your full...

How to use Holiday Email Marketing to build Customer Engagement

Digital marketing and new tools have opened doors for new avenues to communicate with customers, but email marketing remains the popular channel for...

Fourth of July Email Marketing – 5 Simple Tips to Spark Your Campaign

You’ve probably heard it a gazillion times - email marketing is the best way to drive sales. If that’s true for everyday scenarios, then fourth...

How Covid-19 Has Affected the Email Marketing Industry (And Tips for Remote Working)

The world as we knew it has changed.Yes, all because of Covid-19 - the plague that has swept over the world.And businesses are also feeling...


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Learn directly from thought leaders of email industry. Explore videos on topics of A/B testing, Deliverability, Data Privacy and many more.

Email List Management: The Complete Guide

No marketing platform drives as much ROI as email. With ROIs as high as $42 for every $1 spent, every marketer should be using it. Besides...

Applying the principles of dating in email marketing

Email marketing is effective only if you can build an amicable relationship with the subscriber. Isn’t it the same way in dating? To win over...

How to Send Birthday Emails That Connect? – A Detailed Guide

There’s no marketing channel better than email marketing. We’ve heard it a hundred times and accepted it once and for all. With several...

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