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Mother’s Day Email Examples to Create Engaging Campaigns

The second Sunday of May in Canada and the US, and the fourth Sunday of Lent in the UK, is Mother's Day. The perfect occasion to honor and express gratitude to all mothers and even caregivers, it is one of

7 Impactful Trigger Email Examples – InboxArmy

A Triggered email Campaign plays a vital role in maintaining relevance with and greasing the wheels of the journey for your customers. But what exactly are triggered emails? In this article, we’ll peel the layers of the onion that is

20 Onboarding Email Examples and Strategies – InboxArmy

You got the initial purchase or trial sign-up. Now what? It’s time to “onboard” these new customers to take your relationship to the next level. Effective onboarding is an essential step in your sales funnel. Onboarding emails generally get higher

14 Push Notification Examples To Inspire You

[ez-toc]Push notifications have become a game-changer in the world of business communication. These little push messages pack a punch, delivering timely information straight to users' devices, cutting through the noise, and boosting engagement like never before. But what separates a

How To Build a Free To Paid Conversion Strategy

People love free trials. That’s the simple truth of human nature. But free trials are also an ideal opportunity to get your “hooks” into a customer and make them believe that your product is the end-all-be-all solution to their problems. You just have to get them to use it, believe it, and, yes, pay for it. It’s hard. Some trial users are just there to explore.


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Top 8 Customer Engagement Metrics to Track

The success of your business depends on the connection between your customers and your brand. The deeper the connection, the more your customers will buy from you and talk about your brand. But how do you measure this connection? Welcome

What Is Growth Marketing (8 Examples + 8 Strategies)

Smart marketers don’t launch campaigns just to acquire new customers. Instead, they take a strategy-based, holistic approach to marketing designed to enhance overall business growth. You might know this as Growth Marketing. Growth marketing is a dynamic mindset that is

Cross-Channel Marketing: Tips + Examples to Drive Your Strategy

I’ve said for years that, at a minimum, know what your customers have done with you. When customers are thrown off balance by different brand experiences in different channels, it can lead to frustration and diminish brand love.

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