Hire a Dedicated Email Campaign Manager

Your budget-friendly solution to ignite your email campaign revenue and take away your email stresses. Our team of email campaign managers are proficient with over 50 ESPs. We offer the flexibility of hiring full-time and part-time resources and the best part? No long-term contracts!

When it comes to email marketing, you get it. You're convinced it matters to your success. That it's critical to moving your sales forword. You're doing your best to run your email campaigns. You know that effective email marketing can help boost your success and you also understand that it is hard. There's lot to do, a lot to keep track of and a lot of moving pieces.

You already have too much to do. And not enough time to do it. You don't have the bandwidth to run and effective email campaign. or the experience.May be you aren't doing email marketing at all.You hear stories about how your competitors are using email to "take it to the bank".But you feel confused and overwhelmed. You don't know where to start.

Signs You Might Need An Email Campaign Manager…

  • No time or resources to manage the email program.
  • Have trouble getting engagement and conversions.
  • Simply don’t know how to analyze your reports.
  • Stressed out about finding an email marketing replacement.
  • Recently changed email platforms and need an expert.
  • Data management isn’t in your wheelhouse.
  • Realize your business is growing… FAST and I need more help.
  • Off load email production work to focus on strategy.
  • If you're an Agency, you might need additional support or a white-label solution.
  • You stopped or haven’t used email marketing and now need to ramp up quickly.
  • You have many automations but have not updated them or optimized them in a long time.
  • You need deeper strategy and you’ve hit a wall with new ideas.
  • Need help with your B2B lead funnel and nurturing leads to conversion.
  • Need help tracking conversion attribution through email.
  • Your deliverability has dropped and open rates have plummeted.
  • You’ve been tasked with increasing revenue from the email channel but don’t know where to start.

Its Time To Invest In Your Own Email Campaign Manager.

If you said “Yes” to one or more of these above signs, it might be time to invest in your own campaign manager.

But let’s be honest…

Hiring is time consuming. And expensive.

Onboarding and managing a new employee will take time and attention away from running your business.

Meet InboxArmy

You could say we’re the OG’s of email marketing. Our founder sent out his first email campaign back in 1995, when the internet first commercialized. We pride ourselves on being the more efficient and cost-effective solution for email marketing–saving our clients as much as 30% or more compared to other agencies.

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What You Get

Your very own dedicated campaign manager will be assigned to you as a single point of contact. He/she will stay on top of everything and ensure that your campaigns are in perfect order.

This includes:
  • Campaign Production

  • Performance Optimization

  • Campaign Sending

  • Reporting on Key Metrics

  • Multi-Variate and A/B Testing

  • Support with over 50+ ESPs

Why AnEmail Campaign Manager

Every team member at InboxArmy is trained rigorously to ensure your email marketing success.

Your dedicated email campaign manager will create, send, test, and manage all of your campaigns. They’ll be there for your email marketing needs anytime, anywhere.

No matter how many campaignsd or automations you need, you’ll get an all-access pass to your very own campaign manager.

We’re Ready To Back You Up

“We were down a headcount for email marketing and needed an agency who could slot in quickly to ensure the efficient execution of a large number of emails. Revenue generated from email marketing matched previous year’s numbers,even in a challenging environment with 2020, thanks to InboxArmy.”

– Eric Choi

Head of Marketing

3 Ways An Email Campaign Manager Will Fire Up Your Email Marketing Strategy

Save Time

No more time wasted on confusing setups or delays in roll out due to a lack of resources. We’ll help you get set up in 10 days or less, so you can focus on what you do best– managing your business.

Save Money

If you require a large number of campaigns, this option will save you money versus the standard per campaign cost. It’s a business win for you.

Say Goodbye To Stress

Looking for an email marketing replacement or simply need extra help? Our email campaign management team can manage your campaigns.

Case Studies

How InboxArmy’s Dedicated Email Campaign Manager Helped Ardent Set Up Their Entire Email Operations

Ardent is a Boston-based biotech and medical cannabis device company with pioneering technologies that drastically improve administration and effectiveness. With a team of partners skilled in all aspects of manufacturing from advanced thermal engineering to elite electronics, we produce the NOVA™, a laboratory-grade precision decarboxylator for medical cannabis patients.

Hear What Our Client Has To Say

What started as a small team of passionate women, grew into Ardent Cannabis. Ardent was hunting for a dedicated team member whom they could rely on in terms of any email marketing needs, essentially running the whole email operation.

This includes:
  • Planning audience segment strategy

  • Design

  • Coding

  • Scheduling

  • Automations

  • …and more

So, we gave them the option of hiring our:

Hybrid dedicated Email Campaign Manager

A Hybrid Campaign Manager can manage, setup, test and deploy campaigns, setup and manage automations, pull reports and provide basic strategy advice and testing processes either full-time or part-time. Although they are not designers, coders, or copywriters, their hours can be assigned to a designer or coder as needed.


Scope of Work

  • Custom Email HTML development
  • Code emails from supplied design files
  • Design custom emails
  • Manage lists and segments
  • Testing of emails for rendering and campaigns as needed, live test and QA
  • Schedule and set campaigns live
  • Supply reports on campaigns deployed
  • Manage and/or edit automations

How We Got Started

Our email marketing experts moved Ardent from an old ESP to a new one without being able to automatically transfer over the information, including segments. This meant, we had to manually download all SKU, purchase history, and behavior data to move over to Klaviyo.

All lists were added from Springbot to Klaviyo. Automation reports and data had to be fetched manually and a base report had to be created before migration. We migrated 5 automations from Springbot to Klaviyo.

There was one more ESP/Tool which they used for a few triggered based emails for their landing pages and subscriber forms.


The Challenge: Cannabis

Email marketing is highly dependable when it comes to targeting the relevant audience. Especially in the niche of Cannabis that has banned categories that cannot be promoted on Google and Facebook ads. In this case, email was the best method to reach their target audience.


Email Deployment

A weekly call took place where weekly campaign performance and strategies for the next month were discussed. While Ardent was in the PST time zone, they had access to their email marketing manager from M-F 9-5 MST 40 hours a week, with a dedicated chat support team.

Out of the 30-34 campaigns created per month, two types were created:
  • Sales Campaigns - We created the copy, design, and coding for these emails.
  • Blog Campaigns - The content was given from the Ardent team and built-in drag and drop through Klaviyo.

Each of these emails moved through the process of an internal review, client review, a final QA, and scheduling.


Design Examples

Sales Campaigns

ardent email

Blog Campaigns



We created several strategic email flow automations for Ardent, including…

Name Trigger No. of Emails
Abandoned Cart Reminder An email sent to an individual who adds the item in the cart but does not make a purchase. 3
Ardent Herbal Landing Page Form When someone subscribes to Ardent Herbal - Landing Page. 1
Ardent Herbal FB Signup When someone subscribes to Ardent Herbal Direct Signup. 1
Customer Winback After someone Placed Order. Only include someone if has Placed Order zero times since starting this flow. 2
FREE Decarb Myths E-Book! - Website Pop-up (welcome) When someone subscribes to Decarb Guide Opt-In. 5
Post Purchase When someone Fulfilled Order. 3
Welcome Series When someone subscribes to newsletter. 3
Browse Abandonment When someone viewed a product and did not add to cart. 1

Case Study

How we DOUBLED a leading eCommerce jewelry company’s revenue over one year by giving their team the freedom to focus on strategy during the holiday season

It is a world leader offering a variety of fine jewelry, coins and collectible. For over fifty years, we have been serving the needs of collectors to acquire keepsakes of lasting value.

We take great pride and pleasure in our varied and ever-changing assortment of quality products. It required approximately 180 emails to send to the U.S. and U.K. audiences over the holiday season.

Hear What Our Client Has To Say

"When it comes to email marketing, it's guaranteed that they know they could do anything."“Within about a month, we had successfully transferred all email execution responsibilities to IA. That allowed our internal marketing managers to focus on strategy vs the technical execution (of which we are not experts). This allowed us to be more nimble in the types and quantity of emails sent, as well as implementing strategy suggestions from IA, ultimately growing sales this fall.”

Numbers Of Emails Sent Between October-December

The Challenge

They were looking to move the email creation, setup, deployment (and possibly creative) from their internal team to an agency. The reason? To grow their email strategy but also streamline the process to require fewer resources management and a more defined plan overall.


Our Recommendation

1 - Dedicated Hybrid Senior SFMC Campaign Manager (Certified)
2 - Dedicated Hybrid Junior SFMC Campaign Manager


Scope of Work

  • Custom Email HTML development
  • Code emails from supplied design files
  • Design custom emails as needed
  • Manage email lists/segments/data extension as requested
  • Testing of emails for rendering and campaigns as needed, live test and QA
  • Schedule or live deploy campaigns
  • Supply reports on campaigns deployed
  • Manage and/or edit journeys

Email Deployment


Design Examples

Sales Campaigns

Holiday Campaign

An ECommerce Jewelry Company’s 2x Revenue From 2020 to 2021

By shifting from an in-house team to hiring InboxArmy, they were able to focus on the strategy instead of the technical execution, doubling their revenue from the previous year.

Why InboxArmy ?

InboxArmy is an elite, email agency serving businesses across the globe.

From strategy, to execution, to development, we offer companies like yours a full spectrum of email marketing services.

Every team member at InboxArmy is thoroughly and rigorously trained to ensure your campaign's success. And no matter how many campaigns or custom automations you need, we can help you.

And you won’t suffer the expense, hassle and lost time that comes from hiring and trying to manage an in-house employee.

Here's your other option…

You could try to do it yourself. If that’s your current approach, let me ask you…

How’s it working? I’m guessing not too good.

If you know you need to do email marketing, but are afraid to get started, the DIY approach doesn’t sound too appealing, does it?

Bottom line…

The longer you wait to get started, the longer you try to do it yourself…

The more it costs you.

The more sales you lose. And your competitors win.

The more frustrated and demoralized you get. The more your stress goes up. The more your profits go down.

Ready to find out more about InboxArmy and what we can do for you?

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Ready to see your stress plummet and your sales soar?

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    Multi-ESP Support

    We support 50+ ESP vendors. Be it enterprise platforms such as SalesForce and Oracle Marketing Cloud or small and medium sized business platforms such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Aweber, and ActiveCampaign, we’ve got you covered.