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It’s time to let go of your email marketing worries. We eat, sleep and drink email. We eliminate your hassle of searching for the right talent. Rather, the right talent comes along with us. InboxArmy has some of the brightest email marketing specialists to look after all your needs. We adapt and act according to your requirements. Hence, our targeted email marketing services come in various sizes and shapes. You can either hire a full time email marketing expert or opt for a part-time one.

How Can We Help You?

Work with top-notch email marketing consultants without the hassles of recruiting, onboarding, and training. InboxArmy offers dedicated and trained specialists to solve your talent problem once and for all. We will either provide you a whole team or an individual consultant from our expert talent pool:

  • Email Designer and/or Coder
  • Email Automation Expert
  • Hubspot Expert
  • Salesforce Expert
  • Mailchimp Experts
  • Iterable Experts
  • Email Campaign Manager
  • Data Management Expert
  • Klaviyo Expert
  • Marketo Expert
  • Sendin Blue Email Expert
  • Active Campaign Email Expert

Trained Email marketing experts available On-demand

Reduce Costs, Improve Profit Margins

In-house employees can cost you big dollars. The costs include recruiting, onboarding, training, medical, insurance, infrastructure vacation, leaves, and replacing in case they leave. Hiring an outsourced team means eliminating these expenditures and reduce your cost by 30% or more.

Rapid On-Boarding

Get a part-time or full-time email marketing team or a dedicated email marketing consultant in 10 to 30 days or less. No more long waiting period. No more downtime.

Just Like Your In-house Team

We work as an extension of your in-house team. Our trained email specialists will quickly adapt to your work culture, systems, and processes. So you spend less time training and more time getting the actual work done.

Always Available

Your email marketing team will work in your time-zone and follow your holiday calendar. This means, your outsourced email marketing team is always available and you won’t even realize the difference.

Multi ESP Assistance

Over 5,000 Businesses put their Trust on us From startups to Blue Chip companies, we power campaigns for businesses of every shape and size. 25+ industries and Verticals served.

Dedicated Email Marketing ExpertsAvailable in Short Notice

  • Email Designer and Developer

    Our email designers and developers can create ROI driven email designs and code them with a high degree of accuracy. The emails are tested on 40+ email clients, browsers, and operating systems for a consistent user experience.

  • Data Management Expert

    Want to move to another ESP? Our data integration and migration expert can help you plan and execute ESP migration right form moving subscriber data and custom reporting to integrating with third-party systems and email template migration.

  • Email Campaign Manager

    The email campaign managers are responsible for managing campaigns, performance optimization, and reporting. Our campaign managers are well-versed in 50+ ESPs such as Bronto, Hubspot, Aweber, Infusionsoft, Campaign Monitor, and many more.

  • Email Automation Expert

    Hire email automation experts to set up automation such as welcome program, cart abandonment program, up-sell and cross-sell program, nurture sequence, and customer win-back campaigns. Our automation expert can also help you set up customer journeys and complex workflows in various stages of the customer’s buying cycle.

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25+ Industries and Verticals Served

Over 5,000 Businesses put their Trust on us From startups to Blue Chip companies, we power campaigns for businesses of every shape and size. 25+ industries and Verticals served.

A Winning Combination of Flexibility, Convenience, and Performance

  • Flexibility to Scale up or Scale Down

    Our email marketing company gives you the flexibility to scale up your email team when you have a high workload and scale down during low times. You pay only for what you need.

  • Rigorous Training And Development

    We invest hundreds of hours in training and development. The team members are trained on soft skills such as communication as well as specialized email marketing skills. This means you get trained resources who deliver superior performance.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    A dedicated account manager will be assigned to you as a single point of contact. He/she will stay on top of everything and ensure that your InboxArmy team is in perfect order. In case you need a replacement or you want to ramp up, you know whom to speak with.

  • Transparency and Accountability

    Accurate performance tracking and regular reporting ensure maximum accountability. We are committed to delivering you the most bang for your bucks.

  • Shadow Manager

    A shadow manager is assigned to every account manager. If for any reason the account manager is unavailable, the shadow manager takes over. Your email marketing program never gets derailed.

Case Study

Check out these recent case studies to discover how our email marketing agency can turnaround your
email marketing program for better. Let the results speak for themselves.We cater to 25 different industries,
including eCommerce email marketing agencies, travel and hospitality industry, SaaS businesses,
healthcare sector, and real estate companies.

What Our Customers Say

Email Marketing Consultation: Commonly Asked Questions

Email marketing offers reasonably high returns on investment compared to other marketing channels, but it requires rigorous expertise. An email consultant can help you with that. Email consultancy is growing popular rapidly as it enables brands to achieve their email marketing endeavors while also offering cost-effectiveness and convenience. However, picking the right candidate gets difficult in a sea of similar-sounding profiles.

Good email consultants are subject matter experts with a grip on various aspects of email marketing. They are well-versed with the industry do's and don'ts and are updated with the latest trends. To scrutinize email marketing consultants effectively, you need a basic idea about a few things. Scroll down to learn more about them.

  1. How Much should your email consultant know?

    In the current context, technology has intruded into every aspect of email marketing. From segmentation, distribution, delivery, and reporting to optimizing and campaign management, there is software to assist and even execute. Email automation is redefining the paradigm, and the trend is only growing stronger. Hence, expecting your email consultant to know every tool and program is rather unfair. Having said that, your email experts must have decent experience and expertise with some crucial tools.

    You must analyze an consultant's expertise in multiple email service providers. A seasoned email marketing expert should have decent knowledge about various ESPs in order to suggest the best suited for you. Along with that, it's essential to ensure that your consultant is familiar with necessary email testing and email deliverability tools should a challenge arise.

  2. Do they need to be an email marketing strategist?

    Well, yes. Creating Email marketing strategies is one of the most commonly faced challenges by businesses and individuals aspiring for a successful campaign. Hence, email consultation is all the more required when it comes to devising the right strategy. An email specialist with a forte in various email strategy aspects will boost your efforts and ROI. You can look for some of the below-mentioned strategy-related traits while zeroing down on your next consultant:

    • Proficiency in various digital marketing channels such as SEO, websites, PPCs, etc.
    • Substantial experience in branding and a knack for cracking the market insights
    • Optimizing the available resources for maximum profitability since cost plays a crucial role while preparing the roadmap
  3. List and segmentation: A must-have forte for your email marketing consultant

    Email listing and segmentation are the stepping stones of any email marketing campaign. It's a simple rule: when you seek email marketing consultation you expect domain knowledge and expertise on the table. A skilled email consultant cannot go wrong while preparing the list and, eventually, the segmentation of your campaign. It's imperative for them to understand email listing and segmentation thoroughly.

    Talking about the basics, your email expert must be seasoned in building the list, growing it, looking after the unsubscribes and spam reports (if any), and filtering out inactive subscribers. Building lists and segmentation is one of the fundamental KRAs of any consultant.

    However, there's more to it. While hiring, you usually expect some key skills and expertise, but you should also be aware of what not to have. Since we are talking about segmentation, 'email blast' is something your email consultant should always refrain from. Blasting is like shooting arrows in the dark without having a hint of the target. Technically, blasting is the practice of shooting bulk emails without considering the demographics and segmentation. Repeated blasting will not only affect your open rates but also might end up in higher unsubscribes and spam complaints.

  4. How much value do your email expert's certifications hold?

    Well, they do matter. The fact that you are seeking email consultation signifies the expertise your email campaign needs. Hence, it's quite possible that you are a non-email marketing stakeholder and cannot analyze the true potential of your next consultant. This is where the certifications and tools come into play. Certifications speak about the consultant's urge to stay ahead of the curve. If they have regularly updated their skills, attended workshops often, or have published some noteworthy blogs, it shows that they care about being updated. It's a testimony that your next specialist is not redundant and well aware of how the industry functions and transforms. In fact, such certifications speak about the professional's take towards their work and work ethics. To delve deeper, do not refrain from asking their opinion on some recent trends or incidents related to email marketing. If they are a subject matter expert, they will surely bring some additional value to the discussion.

  5. While seeking email marketing consultancy, is SEO an important thing to consider?

    Given the email marketing trends, SEO is undoubtedly a crucial element of today's email marketing. Several aspects of email marketing are SEO-driven, be it growing your list or sending an article through your newsletters. Hence, if your consultant is fluent with essential SEO practices and guidelines, they certainly have the edge over their counterparts. SEO also guides your email marketing plans indirectly. A thorough SEO analysis will reveal what your target audience is searching for. Keyword research is the key here. These analyses generate trends that help you streamline the campaign better. When you know your audience better, you can serve them better. In a nutshell, SEO expertise is a substantial quality to seek while looking for your next consultant.

  6. Do you need to hire a designer for email designs, or is it something your email marketing expert should look after?

    Well, here's a catch. Form without function is useless when it comes to email marketing. Your emails might look aesthetically brilliant, but if they don't follow the best practices you will not get results. This is where a seasoned consultant comes into the picture. See, more than just designing and adding visual elements to your email, it's their job to ensure that your emails stick to the guidelines and follow the best practices.

    Your consultant must have a knack for well-designing emails. And more importantly, they must be proficient with all the crucial elements and their layout and placements in order to generate high results from your campaigns. For instance, a visually appealing email will be a delight to watch, but if the CTA button is not big enough or is at the bottom, it will fail to generate any leads. Having a decent knowledge of UI will be a great add-on for further honing your results.

  7. Should your consultant be familiar with social media and how it can be leveraged for your email marketing campaigns?

    If you seek email marketing consultancy, it's quite possible that your business has a digital footprint, irrespective of the size and scale. A digital presence is inevitable to thrive in today's rapidly transforming era. And email marketing is no expectation. Rather, social media is a great catalyst for your campaign's success. Hence, while analyzing your next consultant's profile, email marketing consultant's profile, ask them about their previous campaigns that leveraged social media and brought results. Also, suppose you have the basic know-how of social media. In that case, you can also ask some technical questions related to demographics, how different social media platforms can serve your campaigns differently, engagement rates, and beyond.

How Can An Email Marketing Consultant Grow Your Business?

Plateauing is a common occurrence in email marketing. It's more prevalent nowadays when you want to be everything at once. Hence, the usual email marketing practice might stop yielding results after a certain stage because everyone is trying almost the same thing. If you land up in such a situation, it's time to call the nerds: email marketing consultants. So yes, when you are seeking a certain degree of revenue and success, having an email marketing consultant by your side is a substantial boost for your business growth. Having said that, they must be well aware of your challenges, aspirations, target audience, and other crucial aspects before getting started in order to drive optimum results.

Here are some ways an email marketing consultant might help you grow your business:-

  • Optimizing-

    The biggest impact onboarding an email marketing consultant would have is saving you time and money. Sounds oxymoronic, isn't it? How having an additional resource will help you cut down costs? Well, the answer lies in the sheer degree of streamlining and eventual optimization that an email marketing consultant brings along.One might argue that the internal resource might figure things out as well. Agree, but the time spent on researching, rendering, and reworking is an unnecessary devil here. An email marketing consultant will help you kickstart right from the get-go. Having an email marketing expert makes complete sense in the larger scheme of things, given how expensive trial and error can be.

  • Easing things out-

    Email marketing is difficult; we get it. Even seasoned business owners might struggle while drafting and shooting that oh-so-perfect marketing email. There are a plethora of factors to be considered, content, design, target audience, delivery time, segmentation, and beyond.Well, the list goes on but having an email marketing consultant on board will not only ease this entire process of creating the ideal email marketing campaign, it will also enhance your overall output. This otherwise would have been quite daunting given the sheer skills and experience required to craft winning email marketing campaigns.

  • Sounding relatable-

    We buy things we feel connected with. It can be an aspiration, need, or plain impulsive shopping. Whatever the motive, connecting with the customers is imperative for making a sale. Nothing comes closer to personalization in building a bond with your target audience. We all love when someone calls us by our first name or even remembers our name to say the least. The same goes with email marketing, and quite deeper, in fact. In today's day and age, when brands bombard emails all day long, receiving a relatable one makes all the difference. That's the magic of personalization in email marketing - they make your brand sound more relatable and, eventually, approachable and attainable.If personalization is magic, then email marketing consultants are wizards. They enhance your email marketing campaign's over tonality and messaging to distinguish them from an auto-generated one. By factoring in various essential aspects, they gauge the target audience closely and deduce what would strike a chord with them, leading to a highly customized campaign. This results in higher open rates, engagement and, eventually, sales.

Zeroing Down On The Right Candidate For You

The right resource can do wonders for your email marketing campaign. This statement becomes all the more evident when it comes to choosing the right email consultant. All your strategies, budgeting, and expectations will fall flat if your email specialist is not the right fit for you. A thorough scrutiny of their domain knowledge and skillset will greatly ensure that you and your email marketing consultant are on the same page. This analysis will help you locate any gap in your expectations and their capability to deliver. Here are a few points you should ponder and ask before onboarding your next email marketing consultant:

  • Portfolio of various email marketing campaigns they have managed in the past. This is crucial since looking at their previous clientele will help you figure out their scale and success. Also, it will depict if they are familiar with your specific niche or not.

  • Their strategy for promotional emails (and other crucial campaign types as well). This question's answer will reveal if your shortlisted email marketing consultant is up to speed with the latest industry trends or not. Don't feel daunted by the technicality involved in this task. Being a business owner/stakeholder, you can easily analyze a person's exposure to the industry in the way they answer and distinguish between an accomplished and an appalling resource trying just to secure a job.

  • Along with a strategy, throw a couple of questions to explore their creative side and problem-solving ability.

  • Also, while interviewing, don't miss out on technical aspects such as audit, SEO, and SMM. You may take an expert to help you understand the technicalities better during the interview, or they can even take the interview on your part. However, it is recommended to gauge the talent firsthand.

Why Should InboxArmy Be Your Next Email Marketing Consultant?

Though email marketing offers one of the best ROI rates compared to all marketing channels, it's tricky. To help you make up your mind while looking for your next consultant, here are a few business-specific parameters. They compare various aspects of InboxArmy's email marketing consultancy services and that of a usual in-house email marketing consultancy team or a freelancer.

  • Economics

    InboxArmy's frugal pricing model makes us an incredible value proposition. When comparing the expenses of having an in-house professional or hiring a freelancer, what you get with InboxArmy is far superior domain knowledge, expertise, and industry experience. The value for money quotient is much higher, unlike an in-house setup.

  • Excellence

    Having an expert team at your disposal is like having a superpower, especially in a skill-specific field such as email marketing consultancy. With one of the highest client satisfaction rates in the entire email marketing industry, we ensure everything goes as planned. On the other hand, in an in-house/freelancer, your entire campaign's fate relies on one person in most cases. The risk factor is quite high in that scenario.

  • Expertise

    The InboxArmy team boasts over 250 years of cumulative email marketing experience. That's a very long period for being involved in one field. We know the nuances of email marketing and have some of the industry's best minds working on your campaign. Your campaign is in the safest hands. We are bound to deliver results unlike various instances of failed campaigns due to incompetent and inexperienced marketers and freelancers.

  • Efficiency

    As clearly indicated above in our rapid onboarding process, we don't aspire to be efficient; we have attained it. We are already running multiple campaigns and offering email consultancy services to some of the biggest brands out there. Hence, we are already aware of the latest industry trends and happenings along with what has happened in the past. When you come to InboxArmy, you become an integrated member of our ecosystem that delivers results in no time. An in-house professional/freelancer, on the other hand, might take their own sweet time to be up to speed with your campaigns.

  • Ease

    Managing resources is one of the most unproductive practices that plague teams. At InboxArmy, we save you from the pain. We are a team of highly skilled and committed professionals with an illustrious track record. When it comes to email marketing consultancy, we have internal reviews and audits to keep everything in check, so you don't have to. Can you have this peace of mind with an in-house professional or freelancer? Definitely not.

  • Endeavors

    Results, that's what this all is about, right? At InboxArmy our legacy speaks for us while our campaigns rule the market. With one of the widest clientele of the industry, we know what we are doing. Every project we undertake has one thing in common: results.

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    InboxArmy doesn't work or provide email list buying or rental service.

    Multi-ESP Support

    We support 50+ ESP vendors. Be it enterprise platforms such as SalesForce and Oracle Marketing Cloud or small and medium sized business platforms such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Aweber, and ActiveCampaign, we’ve got you covered.

    Multi-ESP Support

    We support 50+ ESP vendors. Be it enterprise platforms such as SalesForce and Oracle Marketing Cloud or small and medium sized business platforms such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Aweber, and ActiveCampaign, we’ve got you covered.