Looking for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Experts?

Having an in-house Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant is an expensive proposition. InboxArmy’s team of dedicated Salesforce email marketing experts, is a great cost-effective alternative while having expertise at your disposal. Our sfmc experts excel at setting up, implementing, and managing your email marketing campaigns and automation. Our salesforce experts have fortes in Journey Builder, Email Studio, Pardot, Data Studio, and Interaction Studio.

Our Salesforce Experts Can Help You With

Setting up, implement and manage your email marketing campaigns and automations. We have expertise in Journey Builder, Email Studio, Pardot, Data Studio and Interaction Studio. When you hire InboxArmy SFMC team, you can save up to 40% over other agencies.

Journey Builder

Targeting your lead at the right moment can help you convert them to customer. Using Journey Builder, we will analyse the actions of your customer based on their journey data, such as attributes, browsing behaviours, and purchase history, to create personalised messaging. We will create and map simple and complex personalised journeys of your customers to trigger timely messages.

We will analyse and optimise the journey on regular interval to generate better results. Our expert team will help you nurture your leads with targeted automations such as welcome series, cart abandonement, post-purchase, upsell & cross-sell, etc. With Journey Builder, we can help you scale your marketing, delivering your messages, from hundreds to millions of customers.

Email Campaign Management

Our Salesforce expert team will help you execute your email marketing strategy flawlessly. From setting up to delivering your email campaigns in Salesforce Email Studio, we will take care of everything. We segment your data to deliver relevant message to your audience.

We will create and test email templates, be it drag-and-drop or HTML email including AMPscript for personalised content, set up and deploy them in your email campaigns. We also have expertise in Salesforce data extensions (SFDEs) and can help you send emails with dynamic content. We will also A/B test your email campaigns to know what works better. We also analyse the performance of your campaigns and suggest improvements.

Email Template Production

With our experience of creating 3000+ email templates every month, we can create awesome responsive email templates in Salesforce Email Studio for you. Whether you need a drag-and-drop template or an HTML email build from scratch, we can create it for you. Our team of salesforce experts can create interactive emails, editable emails and emails with personalised content using AMPscript.

To make sure your email templates are error-free, we Litmus test emails across 40+ email clients to ensure compatibility. We also check emails in 15+ devices and multiple browsers to make sure they render perfectly.


We have expertise to set up and maintain simple to complex email automation campaigns to send targeted messages to your audience and build conversion-driven landing pages to generate quality leads. We also analyze your marketing efforts and recommend suggestions to improve & generate better results with every campaign.

Data Studio

We can help you leverage Salesforce’s data ecosystem to grow your business. With our expertise of Salesforce Data Studio, we will develop new audiences for you and build new partnerships via peer-to-peer data sharing, and use that data to enhance existing campaigns.

Interaction Studio

Using Interaction Studio, we can assist you in driving engagement of your customers at the right time and visualise their activity at every touchpoint of the buying cycle. You will be able to make better informed decisions with detailed reporting of your marketing activities.

Salesforce Integration

Our marketing cloud email specialists will help you engage with your customers better with seamless integration of Salesforce Marketing Cloud & third-party platforms such as Shopify, Surveymonkey, Unbounce, e-commerce platforms, etc.

Salesforce Migration

As your business grows, you might need to switch to a platform that adapts to your dynamic needs. Our salesforce marketing cloud consultants will help you migrate crucial data from your current platform to Salesforce Marketing Cloud with a 100% accuracy..

Hire Your Dedicated Salesforce Expert Team

Hiring Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant is an expensive affair. If you need Salesforce experts but don’t want to invest in hiring in-house resources, you can hire InboxArmy’s dedicated Salesforce team.

Your dedicated team will work as your extended arm. Our skilled Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant include a team of developers and campaign managers. We align our team with your processes and your preferred communication and project management tools for streamlined execution of your email marketing strategy. We work under strict NDA terms and also have specific NDA terms with our experts.

Benefits of Hiring Our Salesforce Experts


We have a ready and trained team of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Specialists to work for you.

Cost-effective Solution

You can save 30-40% of cost when you hire our team, as compared to hiring an in-house resource.


You can scale up or scale down the hired resources as per your requirement during different times of the year.

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Check out these recent case studies to discover how our email marketing agency can turnaround your
email marketing program for better. Let the results speak for themselves.We cater to 25 different industries,
including eCommerce email marketing agencies, travel and hospitality industry, SaaS businesses,
healthcare sector, and real estate companies.

Why InboxArmy?

One of the pioneers in email marketing since 1995

Proven track record of serving 5,000+ clients globally

25+ industries and verticals served

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25+ Industries and Verticals Served

Over 5,000 Businesses put their Trust on us From startups to Blue Chip companies, we power Salesforce email marketing campaigns for businesses of every shape and size. 25+ industries and Verticals served.


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    Multi-ESP Support

    We support 50+ ESP vendors. Be it enterprise platforms such as SalesForce and Oracle Marketing Cloud or small and medium sized business platforms such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Aweber, and ActiveCampaign, we’ve got you covered.

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