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    What Our Customers Say



    Associate Director

    “We looked at 16 different agencies, interviewed 8 of them and selected InboxArmy as number 1 pick.”

    We hired InboxArmy to redesign Salesforce Marketing Cloud emails. The goal was to create a new master template that matched branding using industry best practices. After we signed the SOW, we had a couple discovery calls, submitted our brief and branding document. Once we were on the same page, InboxArmy did design in batches, we had 3 rounds of reviews and once all was finalized IA coded and implemented the templates for us in MC.

    During discovery calls, members of IA were present (covering design and coding). After that we always communicated with our representative, Charlie. Being able to understand branding and our needs, design capabilities, coding pace, responsiveness and always willing to go step beyond for this project.

    Felt like IA and we were on the same team.

    Omnisend Pricing

    Riley Haemer

    Global Director, Digital Consumer Engagement

    “We heard about InboxArmy through a third party vendor and chose to work with them for the resources they were able to provide, their proven expertise in using Salesforce Marketing Cloud and their excellent customer service.”

    Beam Suntory is a world leader in premium spirits. We were looking for a partner to help with our email campaign management, specifically to create, test and deploy email messages that were mobile responsive, on brand and localized to meet regional standards. Our main goal was to increase our communication frequency with higher quality emails and analyze the results of each send.

    They helped us to create, test and deploy emails to consumers using different templates that we have created. They also helped to analyze the responsiveness and styling of the templates to ensure they were the highest quality. IA also provides A/B testing where needed and analytics for each send.

    There were 2-3 resources per email send, but one main point of contact doing the work.The results of this engagement are exactly what we had hoped for and IA has been a great partner. They are extremely effective and the communication between IA and our team was excellent. Their cooperation and willingness to always be available to help are impressive. We have been very satisfied with our partnership.

    Email marketing event

    Devanshi Patel

    Strategic Marketing Director

    “We found InboxArmy via Google Search, followed up with a phone conversation with the founders and team. Their years of experience in the field along with the team setup is why we selected to work with them”

    We are a global textile manufacturer and distributor, serving a range of B2B markets from industrial laundries, hotels, healthcare facilities and more. As the Go-to-Market Director, I lead the marketing and go-to-market strategy and execution planning.

    We have been working with the IA team and very happy with the results.We were assigned a team manager, who led a team executing various aspects of the scope. They assist in structuring emails to generate optimized email performance and ROI. They have partnered with us to increase the success of our email marketing efforts; from list clean-up, segmentation, planning and more. So far, our email open and click-to-open rates have more than doubled.

    email campaign manager

    Brian Bradford

    Executive Director

    “My team searched for reputable vendors and selected InboxArmy after a rigorous interview process with over a dozen companies.”

    We were looking for a company to manage our email marketing list, help develop campaigns, and fix our issues with spam filters and undeliverable emails. The goal of the collaboration is to increase open rates and engagement.

    We work closely with an account representative. Our project manager is responsive to our questions and feedback.The speed at which they were able to turn things around for us was just amazing. We’ve greatly increased our conversion rates and reduce the number of issues.

    Continual improvement of optimizing HTML emails to display correctly and consistently on a variety of email software. They have been very good in this area.

    Heather Elsik

    Heather Elsik

    Senior Director

    “We spoke with 3 companies but liked the communication with InboxArmy.Their exemplary project management process contributed to the partnership’s success.”

    I am Senior Director for the Office of Alumni Services & Giving at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. We are a regional, public research institution offering a variety of undergraduate to doctoral programs.

    We hired InboxArmy to assist us with an email newsletter template for our College of Agriculture and Natural Resources alumni and friends e-news communications. We utilize Blackbaud NetCommunity to launch/deploy emails so we wanted to ensure the html would work with this system and also be mobile responsive.

    The team ensured that the templates were mobile responsive and could be deployed using Blackbaud NetCommunity.

    Their quick responses impressed us.

    The Michael J. Fox Foundation

    Tristen Richardson

    Sales and Marketing Manager

    “We had interviewed several options for our one-off campaigns, and found InboxArmy to be the most knowledgeable with what our intentions were and for the most fair price.”

    Initially we had hired InboxArmy to create a few one-off campaigns. We then switched to using InboxArmy in handling our email marketing needs. Once the campaigns were complete it was an easy choice to move all of our email marketing needs to them. We have had great progress with our welcome, re-engagement, and cart abandonment campaigns. We have received enough data from these in order to proceed with further development and changes to the campaigns.Internal stakeholders are pleased with the effectiveness of the campaigns. InboxArmy, LLC leverages a structured workflow to maintain consistent delivery. Customers can expect a knowledgable and professional team.

    Ciera Bullock

    Ciera Bullock

    Email & Automation Manager

    “We needed to move quickly as our in-house developer was leaving. We were in need of an email developer to code our email templates and promotional campaigns using HTML and CSS for better rendering and more control over the content in emails.”

    The engagement met the needs and requirements of the internal team, leading to an ongoing partnership. InboxArmy, LLC provides regular feedback and communicates effectively . They are proactive, trustworthy, and professional. We typically design the emails using a software like Figma and then pass those designs to our IA team to code them. There is sometimes a little bit of feedback involved, but they code the emails exactly to spec as they receive them. They also test their code to ensure it displays correctly on all devices and with each email client. InboxArmy has been wonderful to work with. They have quick turnaround times. The goal was to have coded emails to send to our subscribers and with the pace we are working at, that turnaround time is critical.

    Randy Cook

    Randy Cook

    Director of Marketing

    ” InboxArmy has helped us achieve an active subscriber base with a decent open rate, and that subscriber list is growing.”

    My boss selected InboxArmy. I know as part of his decision-making process, he wanted to work with a vendor that was knowledgeable in email marketing, design and was easy to communicate with and that’s why InboxArmy was selected to be one of our vendors. I work diligently on the copy each week, but InboxArmy is responsible for distributing the content to our subscribers weekly, giving us insights on what is and what is not working, and developing strategies to help us achieve better open rates and engaging content.

    The main goal of this project is to establish a weekly newsletter that highlights as the SEO agency of choice for elite personal injury law firms. We wanted our subscriber list to be up-to-date on recent podcast episodes, happenings in the world of SEO, as well as share some tips and tricks from our founder and CEO in each newsletter.

    I’ve worked closely with the production team, who are responsible for the design, coding, scheduling and distribution of our newsletter. They always come prepared with ideas and feedback

    Email Marketing services

    Martin Gomez Thomsen

    Head of Communication

    “InboxArmy increased our email list from 20K to half a million within 6 months.”

    I’m the head of communication with a focus on customer success. Reflectly is the #1 journaling app within the health and fitness app world. Reflectly motivates its users with journaling and positive reminders throughout the day.

    We were looking for an email marketing agency that had experience within the app industry to help us increase conversion and retention through email marketing.

    Specifically, we needed help with email design, branding, strategy, automation, and optimization. We began looking into email marketing 10 months ago and wanted to make sure that we are focusing on the right areas.

    Our goal was to increase conversion rate with 1%, increase retention rate with 25% and establish a solid foundation to expand our email marketing efforts.

    I searched online and found 20 agencies. I set up meetings with each one of them and ended up speaking with 15 of the 20 agencies. I questioned and scored all the companies and in the end InboxArmy was among the two finalist. I ended up choosing IA, because of their specific focus on email marketing.

    We kicked off with a couple of discovery calls, where several of the team members of each of our companies where present. Before the calls they had reviewed our previous efforts on our email service provider.

    Chris Schroder

    Chris Schroder


    “Once they started producing emails for us, our in-house team could focus on creating better business strategies, that ultimately propelled our business growth.”

    We are happy to get associated with InboxArmy as they helped us with all the inside information about email marketing. After consulting them, we were able to deploy our emails in a better way. The insights they shared into the different ISPs and email marketing rules helped us in designing more effective email newsletters and generate greater conversions.

    Bob Jenisch

    Bob Jenisch


    “Their ability to scale and dive in quickly is outstanding.”

    We met them via LinkedIn and gave them a trial run. We needed seamless handoff, flawless execution, and successful handling of scaling. Primarily, we needed HTML development associated with complex email campaigns. We also required as-needed assistance with campaign management (e.g. building workflows in email service providers (ESP)).

    They were highly capable, so we expanded their scope quickly.They’ve taken care of an urgent need with ease. We’ve been comfortable from the start, and, as our scope has grown, we’ve developed a stronger and stronger dialogue. Together, we address all needs/issues and move forward in lockstep.

    InboxArmy provides project and account management resources and offers a good balance of transparency (they tell us who is doing what and when) and independence (they get their work done without needing a babysitter). We had direct contact with the company owner, as well as a point of contact for specific requests. We also had access to their working team itself.

    Our team passes approved creative off to InboxArmy, and they build the HTML and upload it into the ESP. They also handle output QA and rendering.

    Kerry O'Brien

    Kerry O'Brien

    Marketing Specialist

    “Our goal was to have the email designed in such a way that it not only represents the company, but also makes people want to work with us”

    We are a full-service insurance and Risk Management firm that works with 30 different insurance providers.I am an insurance associate and marketing specialist at Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC. We found them via Google.

    After an initial phone call with the team, we sent over images and text we had, provided them with our vision for the email and approved them to design the initial comps. We had out project manager, his design team (all from InboxArmy) then myself and my supervisor. It was terrific! They were very responsive and accommodating to our requests. The quality of their work and customer service is impressive.

    Email Marketing Expert

    Jack Hanney


    Their work has helped to streamline internal email marketing processes and has also contributed to a 140% increase in revenue.”

    InboxArmy does what they say they’re going to do, and they offer a premium service at a fair price. They are a team of quick learners who communicate well and are highly engaged in the project. Their senior leadership’s involvement in the process is also noteworthy.

    They assist us with email marketing efforts, carrying out the deployment of a quarter of a million emails. They also design the emails, develop creative calls to action (CTA), and manage lead generation.

    Email Marketing Audit

    Andrew Miller

    Director of Marketing

    They were also extremely affordable.The refreshed campaigns that the InboxArmy team created led to an increase in sales for the company.

    Sit ‘n Sleep is the largest specialty mattress retailer in Southern California. I am Director of Marketing and oversee our strategy across all channels. I found Inboxarmy after during after researching online. They were the best solution available.

    We engaged Inboxarmy to optimize and refresh our email automations.We engaged Inboxarmy to build out the following campaigns: Welcome Series Browse Abandonment Shopping Cart Abandonment, Post Purchase.

    I was most impressed with the quality of work and how quick they were able to turnaround the project.


    Kit Kohler

    Director of Sales

    “Their communication is impressive and they keep us on track.”

    All Service Moving is the largest independently owned moving and storage company in the Northwest. ASM conducts moves locally, nationally, and internationally. Kit is the Director of Sales. ASM hired InboxArmy to manage multiple email campaigns.

    Goal was to communicate with customers. Researched similar companies and decided on IA. We wanted their help with consultation and execution. Now we have very little unsubscribes and plenty of views.

    The most impressive thing about this company is their communication and it helps us keeping on track with our email campaigns.

    25+ Industries and Verticals served

    From startups to Blue Chip companies, we power email marketing campaigns for businesses of every shape and size. Over 5,000 Businesses put their Trust on us.

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    Healthcare, Hospitals, Medical CentersHealthcare - Hospitals, Medical Centers
    Natural Supplements IndustryNatural
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    and Jewelry
    Financial SectorFinancial Sector
    Real Estate IndustryReal Estates
    Digital Agency IconDigital agency
    Government & NGO SectorGovernment &
    Education SectorEducation
    eCommerce & Shopping IndustryGrocery Stores
    Publishers & News Organizations IndustryPublishers & News Organizations
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    Restaurant IndustryRestaurants
    Alcoholic Beverages IndustryAlcoholic
    Sports Drinks IndustrySports Drinks
    And Many more ...

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    Check out these recent case studies to discover how InboxArmy can turnaround your email marketing program for better. Let the results speak for themselves.

    We cater to 25 different industries, including eCommerce email marketing agencies, travel and hospitality industry, SaaS businesses, healthcare sector, and real estate companies.

    Multi-ESP Support

    We support 50+ ESP vendors. Be it enterprise platforms such as SalesForce and Oracle Marketing Cloud or small and medium sized business platforms such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Aweber, and ActiveCampaign, we’ve got you covered.