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What Our Customers Say

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“We looked at 16 different agencies, interviewed 8 of them and selected InboxArmy as number 1 pick.”

We hired InboxArmy to redesign Salesforce Marketing Cloud emails. The goal was to create a new master template that matched branding using industry best practices. After we signed the SOW, we had a couple discovery calls, submitted our brief and branding document. Once we were on the same page, InboxArmy did design in batches, we had 3 rounds of reviews and once all was finalized IA coded and implemented the templates for us in MC.

During discovery calls, members of IA were present (covering design and coding). After that we always communicated with our representative, Charlie. Being able to understand branding and our needs, design capabilities, coding pace, responsiveness and always willing to go step beyond for this project.

Felt like IA and we were on the same team.

Barbara Puszkiewicz-Cimino Image
Barbara Puszkiewicz-Cimino
Associate Director
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I searched through a number of forums and word of mouth on the web, and their name consistently came up. They have been in business longer than any email marketing company that I can remember talking with.

Our company needed to revamp our entire email system for our main brand of bicycles, Sixthreezero. We hired InboxArmy to build out new automated flows, post purchase email flows, marketing campaigns, and anything else we could come up with to stimulate our sales. I worked with the director and his designers to develop the emails that would connect with our target market. InboxArmy managed me, I literally had to keep up with how fast they work.

Immediate increase in revenues, our return customer conversion rate increased by roughly 50%, and our open to click rates all increased. The ROI was about 26 to 1. Zero complaints, our resources were not wasted hiring InboxArmy.

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Andrew Bowman
E-Commerce B2C Director
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We were impressed with InboxArmy from the very first phone call. Even on that initial call, it was evident they were engaged and took the time to understand our pain points and identify how they could help. They were honest, realistic, and transparent -- felt like a true partnership.

We hired InboxArmy to optimize a new set of email templates that would be utilized across two credit card brands. This project included several goals:

1.Refresh/update email code to ensure the templates would render correctly in customers' Inboxes;
2.Fix mobile rendering issues in the templates; and
3.Maintain code accessibility –we need to easily swap imagery and/or change content as needed.

Working with InboxArmy felt like working with members of our own team - they were accessible, responsive, personable, and overall a great partner for this project. We wouldn't hesitate to work with them again in the future. Overall, we were very pleased.

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Monica Holmes
Senior Marketing Manager
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We used Google to search for possible companies. In the end, we finalized InboxArmy. We worked with at least five people, including their sales manager and product specialist. We also had a brief conversation with Chris (Managing Partner).

I’m the CEO of an insurance brokerage firm. We hired InboxArmy, LLC to help us with email marketing, in order to help us get back in touch with the clients that we spoke with. InboxArmy, LLC helped us develop emails we could send to our customers after they receive their quotes and successfully turn over their name, email, and phone number through our website. The emails we’d send include giving them information about our product and giving them tips on how to get our product without a medical exam.

We’d also tell them how prices go up about 8%–12% every year, to convince them to get their policy as soon as possible. Overall, our emails would start with being informative before progressing to a soft close and hard call to action to get our customers to purchase our products. They had good communication skills and an excellent project management process. We communicated through email and weekly Zoom calls. Our budget was already determined, so it was never an issue once we knew the scope.

Andy Chang Image
Andy Chang
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“We heard about InboxArmy through a third party vendor and chose to work with them for the resources they were able to provide, their proven expertise in using Salesforce Marketing Cloud and their excellent customer service.”

Beam Suntory is a world leader in premium spirits. We were looking for a partner to help with our email campaign management, specifically to create, test and deploy email messages that were mobile responsive, on brand and localized to meet regional standards. Our main goal was to increase our communication frequency with higher quality emails and analyze the results of each send.

They helped us to create, test and deploy emails to consumers using different templates that we have created. They also helped to analyze the responsiveness and styling of the templates to ensure they were the highest quality. IA also provides A/B testing where needed and analytics for each send.

There were 2-3 resources per email send, but one main point of contact doing the work. The results of this engagement are exactly what we had hoped for and IA has been a great partner. They are extremely effective and the communication between IA and our team was excellent. Their cooperation and willingness to always be available to help are impressive. We have been very satisfied with our partnership.

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Riley Haemer
Global Director, Digital Consumer Engagement
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We needed to move quickly as our in-house developer was leaving. We were in need of an email developer to code our email templates and promotional campaigns using HTML and CSS for better rendering and more control over the content in emails.”

The engagement met the needs and requirements of the internal team, leading to an ongoing partnership. InboxArmy, LLC provides regular feedback and communicates effectively.

They are proactive, trustworthy, and professional. We typically design the emails using a software like Figma and then pass those designs to our IA team to code them. There is sometimes a little bit of feedback involved, but they code the emails exactly to spec as they receive them. They also test their code to ensure it displays correctly on all devices and with each email client.

InboxArmy has been wonderful to work with. They have quick turnaround times. The goal was to have coded emails to send to our subscribers and with the pace we are working at, that turnaround time is critical.

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Ciera Bullock
Email & Automation Manager
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InboxArmy came recommended through our head of growth marketing- deciding factors included budget, experience in the space, and immediate availability.

InboxArmy and the entire team were hyper focused on ensuring that the success of our email marketing campaigns. They were excellent in everything from setting up workflows to designing/coding emails to iterating with our developers to get the proper data needed for emails in place. They went above and beyond to set up multiple calls with our dev team to get the right information to trigger emails and I was impressed with the initiative. We also switched ESPs midstream and the IA team took it in stride.

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Christina Huynh
Senior Product Manager
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My manager, Kristin Marlow found InboxArmy through her online research. She spoke directly to the owner of InboxArmy and found them to be a good match. We were looking for a company to help us launch our email campaign system by designing various templates and automated flows. Once launch was complete, we wanted this company to continue to be a partner, more on a strategic level to provide advice on content, timing, etc.

InboxArmy has been working with us for almost a year now. Before InboxArmy, we did not have a regular cadence of email campaigns or automatic flows. With their help, we now schedule regular email campaigns and have both transactional and nurture-focused flows. I work directly with Dan and Charlie. Dan and Charlie help communicate our ask to the production team, let us know of timing, and of any potential hurdles. Thanks to their hard work, we’ve been able to get our email system on a good, steady pace.

We are grateful to have met them and to continue working with them. Dan and Charlie let us know ahead of time what the review cycle would look like and if the team would recommend a hard code or drop and go template. We also really appreciated their follow ups, when the review duty was on our end.

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Cecilya Moreno
Email Marketing Manager
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“InboxArmy increased our email list from 20K to half a million within 6 months.”

I’m the head of communication with a focus on customer success. Reflectly is the #1 journaling app within the health and fitness app world. Reflectly motivates its users with journaling and positive reminders throughout the day.

We were looking for an email marketing agency that had experience within the app industry to help us increase conversion and retention through email marketing.

Specifically, we needed help with email design, branding, strategy, automation, and optimization. We began looking into email marketing 10 months ago and wanted to make sure that we are focusing on the right areas.

Our goal was to increase conversion rate with 1%, increase retention rate with 25% and establish a solid foundation to expand our email marketing efforts.

I searched online and found 20 agencies. I set up meetings with each one of them and ended up speaking with 15 of the 20 agencies. I questioned and scored all the companies and in the end InboxArmy was among the two finalist. I ended up choosing IA, because of their specific focus on email marketing.

We kicked off with a couple of discovery calls, where several of the team members of each of our companies where present. Before the calls they had reviewed our previous efforts on our email service provider.

Martin Gomez Thomsen Image
Martin Gomez Thomsen
Head of Communication
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”InboxArmy has helped us achieve an active subscriber base with a decent open rate, and that subscriber list is growing.”

My boss selected InboxArmy. I know as part of his decision-making process, he wanted to work with a vendor that was knowledgeable in email marketing, design and was easy to communicate with and that’s why InboxArmy was selected to be one of our vendors. I work diligently on the copy each week, but InboxArmy is responsible for distributing the content to our subscribers weekly, giving us insights on what is and what is not working, and developing strategies to help us achieve better open rates and engaging content.

The main goal of this project is to establish a weekly newsletter that highlights Rankings.io as the SEO agency of choice for elite personal injury law firms. We wanted our subscriber list to be up-to-date on recent podcast episodes, happenings in the world of SEO, as well as share some tips and tricks from our founder and CEO in each newsletter.

I’ve worked closely with the production team, who are responsible for the design, coding, scheduling and distribution of our newsletter. They always come prepared with ideas and feedback

Randy Cook Image
Randy Cook
Director of Marketing

Client Video

Brands We Have Worked With

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We researched several companies and InboxArmy reached out to us and came prepared with great ideas and strategic concepts and frameworks that made sense.

I'm the head of marketing for a company that manufactures and sells high-end charcoal grills. We cater to people looking to get the most out of their grilling experience and the food they can enjoy with the best tools available.

We needed a partner to help us elevate the frequency and quality of our email marketing campaigns. We know that every email we send drives sales, but we needed help creating and measuring the content, optimizing performance, etc. We also needed a partner with resources to help us create the content since we are a small company with limited design and content generation resources. We initially started by having them help us optimize the tools (email lists, tracking, etc.) We used in our campaigns while bringing them up to speed on our design concepts, messaging, etc. We have since started using them exclusively to design and optimize the content of our emails. My day to day contact is with the production team lead. We also have an account manager I can contact about strategic items.

Travis Nilsson
Travis Nilsson
Head of Marketing
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Over several years, they’ve worked to make our templates sleek and responsive. Their ability to take on urgent tasks and work collaboratively is noteworthy, as is there originality.They’ve improved many templates beyond simply implementing requirements.”

Our base and membership are comprised of professionals in the email industry, so we wanted our email communications to reflect the utmost professionalism. This required us to find a partner with top-notch design skills and high deliverability standards.

We selected InboxArmy after reviewing several companies in the space and sorting through solid recommendations and work history. They ensure all of our email communication needs are met: bi-weekly e-newsletters, weekly event emails, quarterly sponsored-emails, and special alert emails.

We used to get emails regarding broken links and template designs, differing fonts, and issues with mobile-responsiveness. Those complaints have ceased thanks to InboxArmy.

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Lisa Brown Shosteck
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“My team searched for reputable vendors and selected InboxArmy after a rigorous interview process with over a dozen companies.”

We were looking for a company to manage our email marketing list, help develop campaigns, and fix our issues with spam filters and undeliverable emails. The goal of the collaboration is to increase open rates and engagement.

We work closely with an account representative. Our project manager is responsive to our questions and feedback.The speed at which they were able to turn things around for us was just amazing. We’ve greatly increased our conversion rates and reduce the number of issues.

Continual improvement of optimizing HTML emails to display correctly and consistently on a variety of email software. They have been very good in this area.

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Brian Bradford
Executive Director
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They responded to feedback quickly and iterated as needed. I like that they are my one stop shop for email marketing needs - email design, coding, production, deliverability and reporting.

We needed email marketing production, coding and design support. Our goal was to increase our agility, improve campaign performance and maintain or improve deliverability. IA was hired after the selection process.

We worked with the owner, multiple account managers and deliverability experts. We improved our agility significantly. Design and coding turnaround times are now within a few days versus months before InboxArmy. We have weekly meetings and a slack channel for quick communication. The team responds quickly and helps up meet our deadlines.

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Liz Kauff
Director of Lifecycle
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We spoke with 3 companies but liked the communication with InboxArmy.Their exemplary project management process contributed to the partnership’s success.”

I am Senior Director for the Office of Alumni Services & Giving at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. We are a regional, public research institution offering a variety of undergraduate to doctoral programs.

We hired InboxArmy to assist us with an email newsletter template for our College of Agriculture and Natural Resources alumni and friends e-news communications. We utilize Blackbaud NetCommunity to launch/deploy emails so we wanted to ensure the html would work with this system and also be mobile responsive.

The team ensured that the templates were mobile responsive and could be deployed using Blackbaud NetCommunity.

Their quick responses impressed us.

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Heather Elsik
Senior Director
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We searched online for a long time trying to find the best partner for us. This company was the clear choice as they knew exactly what they were talking about, were experts in what we needed, and were great at communicating.We have two email marketing specialists working with us.

I am the Creative Director for a marketing agency. We hired InboxArmy to help us with our Email Marketing efforts. We needed someone who could go into our accounts and break down the things that we needed to do to better our accounts for ourselves and others.

They went into our accounts and did a full audit on all our accounts and put together reports and next steps. What we needed to work on, what was working, and things that we needed to adjust. We have two email marketing specialists working with us.

They not only delivered the reports and audits that we needed but also built out wonderful presentations for us to look over and utilize. It was so helpful for us to understand what they did and what we needed to do. Amazing. I could not talk highly enough of Charlie and Adi. They are great communicators, they are extremely helpful, and they are so dedicated it's been such a benefit.

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Amanda Bledsoe
Creative Director
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“We found InboxArmy via Google Search, followed up with a phone conversation with the founders and team. Their years of experience in the field along with the team setup is why we selected to work with them”

We are a global textile manufacturer and distributor, serving a range of B2B markets from industrial laundries, hotels, healthcare facilities and more. As the Go-to-Market Director, I lead the marketing and go-to-market strategy and execution planning.

We have been working with the IA team and very happy with the results. We were assigned a team manager, who led a team executing various aspects of the scope. They assist in structuring emails to generate optimized email performance and ROI. They have partnered with us to increase the success of our email marketing efforts; from list clean-up, segmentation, planning and more. So far, our email open and click-to-open rates have more than doubled.

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Devanshi Patel
Strategic Marketing Director
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We hired InboxArmy to assist with email campaigns, including email development, testing, and scheduling of sends. Our goal was to add an additional resource that could execute these email campaigns for our team to handle the volume and turn-around times. We evaluated several different options. Key factors in the decision were familiarity with the systems we are using, responsiveness, and cost structure.

The onboarding process went very smoothly. We had a few discovery calls and outlined the specifics of our Salesforce Marketing Cloud setup, our internal processes, and the project management system we use to assign jobs. They were quickly able to get up to speed.

We are working with one primary account manager / developer, who has a team for support and backup as needed. The primary measure has been the successful execution of the email campaigns by the scheduled send date, and this has continued to be met with no issues.

Our partnership has been very effective. We worked together to develop new reports, processes, and safety checks that have improved workflow on both ends. InboxArmy has quickly become a natural extension of our team — they are very responsive and easy to work with.

Andrew Vaccaro Image
Andrew Vaccaro
Marketing Automation Manager
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We had interviewed several options for our one-off campaigns, and found InboxArmy to be the most knowledgeable with what our intentions were and for the most fair price.”

Initially we had hired InboxArmy to create a few one-off campaigns. We then switched to using InboxArmy in handling our email marketing needs. Once the campaigns were complete it was an easy choice to move all of our email marketing needs to them. We have had great progress with our welcome, re-engagement, and cart abandonment campaigns.

We have received enough data from these in order to proceed with further development and changes to the campaigns. Internal stakeholders are pleased with the effectiveness of the campaigns. InboxArmy, LLC leverages a structured workflow to maintain consistent delivery. Customers can expect a knowledgable and professional team.

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Tristen Richardson
Sales and Marketing Manager
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They introduce us to things we never knew about email marketing and split-test different designs to ensure they generate the highest revenue for each campaign.

When it comes to email marketing there is no better option out there than InboxArmy. We had no idea where to start when it came to setting up successful email campaigns and they made everything super easy from the start. From the beautiful, fully-customized template designs to detailed list segmentation, Chris Donald and the all-star team at InboxArmy creates and launches successful email campaigns every time. Whenever we have questions about anything Chris is there with an answer and a detailed explanation. The team at InboxArmy is full of industry leading experts and I will continue to recommend them to anyone who is in the e-commerce industry.

Phil Iannuzzi Image
Phil Iannuzzi

Client Video

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“Once they started producing emails for us, our in-house team could focus on creating better business strategies, that ultimately propelled our business growth.”

We are happy to get associated with InboxArmy as they helped us with all the inside information about email marketing. After consulting them, we were able to deploy our emails in a better way. The insights they shared into the different ISPs and email marketing rules helped us in designing more effective email newsletters and generate greater conversions.

Chris Schroder Image
Chris Schroder
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“Their communication is impressive and they keep us on track.”

All Service Moving is the largest independently owned moving and storage company in the Northwest. ASM conducts moves locally, nationally, and internationally. Kit is the Director of Sales. ASM hired InboxArmy to manage multiple email campaigns.

Goal was to communicate with customers. Researched similar companies and decided on IA. We wanted their help with consultation and execution. Now we have very little unsubscribes and plenty of views.

The most impressive thing about this company is their communication and it helps us keeping on track with our email campaigns.

Kit Kohler Image
Kit Kohler
Director of Sales
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IA helped with HTML emails, optimize current flows, add new flows, and increase overall program engagement and revenue. As of now, our campaigns are doing better and our Welcome Series has doubled in revenue.

I have worked with InboxArmy in the past and was very satisfied with their work. They're quick to respond and reasonably priced to help with the things I need. I was the sole decision maker for this need. InboxArmy was hired to assist in campaign management, email design, and email coding. Our Welcome Series is a memorable one as it has doubled the revenue from our old Welcome Series. I can also speak to the speed at which they communicate and turn work around when it's a critical need. These have been so crucial to the success of some of our campaigns.

I was the point of contact for the Enso side and Dan was the point of contact for InboxArmy. He was very communicative and responded to needs and questions quickly. Most communication was done through Slack, and we made design changes in InVision. How quickly they can turn projects around. Even when not in a time crunch, I'd get designs from the team more quickly than I expected.

Ciera Bullock Image
Ciera Bullock
Senior Manager
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“Our goal was to have the email designed in such a way that it not only represents the company, but also makes people want to work with us”

We are a full-service insurance and Risk Management firm that works with 30 different insurance providers.I am an insurance associate and marketing specialist at Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC. We found them via Google.

After an initial phone call with the team, we sent over images and text we had, provided them with our vision for the email and approved them to design the initial comps. We had out project manager, his design team (all from InboxArmy) then myself and my supervisor. It was terrific! They were very responsive and accommodating to our requests. The quality of their work and customer service is impressive.

Kerry O'Brien Image
Kerry O'Brien
Marketing Specialist
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“We were down a headcount for email marketing and needed an agency who could slot in quickly to ensure the efficient design, development, and execution of a large number of emails. Revenue generated from email marketing matched previous year's numbers, even in a challenged environment with 2020.”

We interviewed a number of agencies and selected InboxArmy because of their customer focused culture, their streamlined and efficient processes, and the willingness of everyone on their team all the way up to CEO to get on a call to discuss our goals and plans. We hired InboxArmy to assist with weekly development and sends of our promotional emails through Salesforce Marketing Cloud as well as strategic planning and onboarding of Klaviyo.

InboxArmy basically was able to come in and take over the email marketing function of our department without skipping a beat. Their expertise and in-depth knowledge of SFMC as well as Klaviyo made it incredibly easy to entrust our emails to them. They immediately raised the maturity level of our email marketing.

Eric Choi Image
Eric Choi
Head of Marketing
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“Their ability to scale and dive in quickly is outstanding.”

We met them via LinkedIn and gave them a trial run. We needed seamless handoff, flawless execution, and successful handling of scaling. Primarily, we needed HTML development associated with complex email campaigns. We also required as-needed assistance with campaign management (e.g. building workflows in email service providers (ESP)).

They were highly capable, so we expanded their scope quickly.They’ve taken care of an urgent need with ease. We’ve been comfortable from the start, and, as our scope has grown, we’ve developed a stronger and stronger dialogue. Together, we address all needs/issues and move forward in lockstep.

InboxArmy provides project and account management resources and offers a good balance of transparency (they tell us who is doing what and when) and independence (they get their work done without needing a babysitter). We had direct contact with the company owner, as well as a point of contact for specific requests. We also had access to their working team itself.

Our team passes approved creative off to InboxArmy, and they build the HTML and upload it into the ESP. They also handle output QA and rendering.

Bob Jenisch Image
Bob Jenisch
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I found InboxArmy through an online Google search. I decided to request a quote based on the impressive design work on client emails showcased on their website and their compatibility working with Constant Contact.

I work at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee, a nonprofit that focuses on building one-to-one mentoring relationships to help serve youth facing adversity in the community.

We worked with Chris, a managing partner due to his connection with our agency. We had a dedicated Account Manager, Dan and worked with the InboxArmy Production team as well. This newsletter design turned out better than we could have expected! InboxArmy turned around the project quickly and we hardly had any design edits that needed to be made from the first design presented. They then provided us with resources to customize the code and added it to our ESP for us. They were organized and provided us with the resources needed to edit the newsletter in the future. Our CEO absolutely loved the design and couldn't be more impressed with the work.

Christina Vazquez Image
Christina Vazquez
Digital Marketing Managers
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sit'n sleep logo

“They were also extremely affordable.The refreshed campaigns that the InboxArmy team created led to an increase in sales for the company.”

Sit ‘n Sleep is the largest specialty mattress retailer in Southern California. I am Director of Marketing and oversee our strategy across all channels. I found Inboxarmy after during after researching online. They were the best solution available.

We engaged Inboxarmy to optimize and refresh our email automations.We engaged Inboxarmy to build out the following campaigns: Welcome Series Browse Abandonment Shopping Cart Abandonment, Post Purchase.

I was most impressed with the quality of work and how quick they were able to turnaround the project.

Andrew Miller Image
Andrew Miller
Director of Marketing
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aspph logo

"They are our top go-to partner for all our email marketing needs."

Since working with InboxArmy, LLC, the client has noticed significant improvements in their email open rates. The team works collaboratively, holding weekly meetings to ensure both sides are always in sync. They also continue to come up with better solutions to problems.

Stella Carter Image
Stella Carter
Director of Design & QA, ASPPH
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Patriot Gold Group logo

“Their work has helped to streamline internal email marketing processes and has also contributed to a 140% increase in revenue.”

InboxArmy does what they say they’re going to do, and they offer a premium service at a fair price. They are a team of quick learners who communicate well and are highly engaged in the project. Their senior leadership’s involvement in the process is also noteworthy.

They assist us with email marketing efforts, carrying out the deployment of a quarter of a million emails. They also design the emails, develop creative calls to action (CTA), and manage lead generation.

Jack Hanney Image
Jack Hanney

Client Video

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My email list has grown by 50%. Also, depending on what we do with the emails, we usually see a spike in sales. For example, we sent an email a week ago, and sales went up by 250%. Their impact is definitely noticeable.

I found them through a simple Google search. I was looking for a partner that had expert insight into email marketing. They seemed to fit the bill, so I reached out to them and we had a couple of conversations.I wanted to grow my email list and the way that customers interacted with us via email. My email marketing strategy was disorganized, I sent emails once in a while, but it required a lot of effort. I wanted a partner that could help me out with that so CX was more consistent. They’re well-organized and are experts on what they do. InboxArmy, LLC has clearly been doing this for a long time and is very efficient and effective. In comparison, other companies I’ve looked at provide many different services but aren’t nearly as skilled. They work well together and are very organized.

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John Powers
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InboxArmy, LLC’s efforts increased sales and revenue, meeting expectations. Their communicative, prompt, and collaborative approach cultivated a positive partnership. Beyond their outstanding execution, their email marketing expertise was impressive.

We needed help with our email marketing strategy and automations. We chose InboxArmy because of their focus on email marketing strategy and had great reviews.

They started with a sit down conversation regarding our brand, style, and expectations for this service. They then began implementation of marketing flows via automation. We then moved onto multiple email campaigns per month. We worked with Amanda as our Email Marketing Manager. Chris helped us with onboarding. And we worked with a production team regarding design and coding.

Our new email strategy resulted in a boost in sales and revenue. We worked really well together. Communication was easy and swift. Work was done in a timely manner. Their knowledge in regards to email strategy as well as their timely responses.

We felt part of the team and had a great time working with everyone. We felt completely satisfied with their service, and would recommend them to other businesses who need help with email strategy.

mapofourlife Image
Josh Carlstrom
inverted commas logo

We've grown our newsletter from a few thousand subscribers to over 130K since we've been working with them.

I looked at a few agencies online who offered similar services. Once I spoke to Chris and his team, I was sure that they were the right fit for Boie. They help design and implement weekly emails that go out to our customers and subscribers. The types of emails include transactional notifications, discounts and sales, brand initiatives, and more. Weekly calls help set up strategy and the team is extremely familiar with our 3rd party email provider (Klaviyo). Their ability to scale with us, as we scaled our subscriber list. They knew exactly what we needed for our current size and goals.

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Manuel De La Cruz
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"We are very satisfied with the quality of their service and overall performance."

Thanks to InboxArmy, LLC, the client has successfully launched their email marketing campaign, reaching more than 5,000 prospective and existing customers. The team works as an extension of the internal team, and their strategic expertise and proactive approach have kept the campaigns on track.

zinch Image
Department Head
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"The workflow was perfect."

The client could not share any specific metrics, but they were satisfied with InboxArmy, LLC's services. They described the team to be fast and skilled, which helped ensure a productive partnership. The workflow was flawless, too.

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E-Commerce Specialist
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"They have a fast and consistent turnaround and continue to deliver results."

The project has been met with positive feedback. InboxArmy, LLC improved the client's ROI by 1,000%. They have a proactive process that kept the client on track with a fast and consistent turnaround process.

FalconStrike Image
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"I feel I have a personal connection with them, which differentiates them from other providers."

Thanks to InboxArmy, LLC's work, the client has just hit $100,000 in ROI for emailing. They are communicative and receptive to the client's deadlines to ensure a solid project management experience. The team also praises their flexibility to their changes, which is key to the engagement's success.

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"We appreciate them working with us on multiple changes and email variations without nickel and diming us."

Since the work began, InboxArmy, LLC has contributed to the client's increase in email-based revenue and volume of emails. Executing a great response rate, they communicate quickly and efficiently. They're highly receptive to feedback and provide accurate estimations of timelines.

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Director of Marketing
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"We needed e-blasts, they are able to tailor the project budget to accommodate this on a monthly basis."

Thanks to InboxArmy's work, increased sales and distribution is achieved satisfying the client's expectations. The team establishes effective communication and implementation through email and phone calls.

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"InboxArmy is a pleasure to work with."

InboxArmy, LLC delivered results that the client found satisfactory. The team's project lead performed excellently in coordinating the roadmap of requests. The quality of their communication and execution were the highlights of their work.

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Senior Manager of Global Mktg Automation
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"Their zapier knowledge is impressive."

The project is still ongoing, but the company is seeing their results improve because of the expertise and support of the InboxArmy team. The team's workflow during the project has been good overall and they have impressed the company with their subject matter knowledge.

Owner, Real Estate Management Firm
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"So far, our email open and click-to-open rates have more than doubled."

In the first few months of initially working with the InboxArmy team, the company has seen its CTO rates double and they are happy with the results. The team is successful in implementing list clean-ups, segmentation, and campaign planning to bring about the desired outcome.

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Director of Go to Market Strategy
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We searched online for email marketing specialists and interviewed 3. We decided on InboxArmy due to a combination of the service they provided and the pricing.

I'm a director of product marketing at a consumer products company. InboxArmy handles all creative, setup, and sends for email execution. They have also provided feedback and strategy advice for holiday marketing.

We are working with InboxArmy on an ongoing basis (started with a 6 month contract but plan to continue.) For Creative, we provide assets and references, and their creative team sends drafts that are easy to review and comment. Then we receive test sends which we can proof and confirm links and content are correct. Finally InboxArmy schedules the sends in SFMC and confirms for our final approval. We work with 2 resources - a Certified SFMC Campaign Manager, and a SFMC Campaign Manager.

Within about a month, we had successfully transferred all email execution responsibilities to IA. That allowed our internal marketing managers to focus on strategy vs the technical execution (of which we are not experts).

Kris Boyd
Product Mngmt Dir & VP.
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After much research we decided that InboxArmy offered the most bang for our buck. The team was very responsive to our ideas and also were able to provide some great insight during the interview process.

I am the National Operations manager for Orivet Genetic Pet Care's US office. I handle the day to day operations as well as oversee all marketing campaigns and social media accounts.

We hired on InboxArmy to help streamline our EDM campaigns as well as freshen up our lists and help with marketing strategies.

The first step was to familiarize InboxArmy with all our brands. After this initial step was taken, we provided them with the info to our MailJet account. From here they cleaned up all of our lists and began to send out soft campaigns to help ease into the use of Klaviyo instead. Once this was completed InboxArmy began to utilize Klaviyo as our primary service and to send out EDMs. We work closely together to ensure that all material is approved before sending out. All of our EDM's now have a consistency that they did not before. Communication has been incredibly smooth between InboxArmy and our team.

Lisa Guccione

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    Andrew Bowman

    I searched through a number of forums and word of mouth on the web, and their name consistently came up. They have been in business longer than any email marketing company that I can remember talking with.

    Our company needed to revamp our entire email system for our main brand of bicycles, Sixthreezero. We hired InboxArmy to build out new automated flows, post purchase email flows, marketing campaigns, and anything else we could come up with to stimulate our sales. I worked with the director and his designers to develop the emails that would connect with our target market. InboxArmy managed me, I literally had to keep up with how fast they work.

    Immediate increase in revenues, our return customer conversion rate increased by roughly 50%, and our open to click rates all increased. The ROI was about 26 to 1. Zero complaints, our resources were not wasted hiring InboxArmy.

    Andrew Bowman
    E-Commerce B2C Director