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Subject Line: AirHawk® Family: What You’ll Get

Preview Line: Say goodbye to aches and pains 👋

CTA: Shop Now

Welcome to the AirHawk® Family!

We can’t wait for you to experience this unsurpassed comfort for yourself.

AIRHWAK® Office Chair Cushions use our patented AIR CELL TECHNOLOGY since 2005. For over four decades, this innovative technology has improved health, safety, and comfort for thousands worldwide in both medical and non-medical applications.

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Subject Line: 🥲 Sweet Relief from Aches & Pains

Preview Line: for every (yes, every) seat in your life…

CTA: Shop Now

After experiencing AirHawk® cushions, our customers request this kind of comfort for every seat in their life! And so, we’ve developed a comprehensive line of AirHawk® cushions, tailored to your specific needs:

Motorcycle Cushions

Originally developed for wheelchair use, AirHawk®’s Air Cell Technology is great at absorbing vibration and shock from the road.

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Subject Line: Health Risks of Prolonged Sitting

Preview Line: & health benefits from AirHawk® cushions:

CTA: Shop Now

Prolonged sitting poses significant health risks that often get overlooked. These include extra pressure on the spine, shoulder and neck strain, and muscle degeneration. With extended periods of sitting now the norm, it's essential to prioritize both comfort and well-being.

That’s where we come in. AirHawk® applies clinically tested air cell technology, used in medical applications for over 35 years, to make cushions that reduce tissue pressure and improve comfort.

AirHawk® cushions are loved by everyone from office workers to truck drivers to motorcycle riders. Beyond comfort, our cushions provide benefits:

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Subject Line: 💝 The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Preview Line: to make this Mother’s Day unforgettable 💭

CTA: Book Your Tickets Now

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Subject Line: 🥂 A Birthday Toast

Preview Line: The year you cross [this] off your
bucket list 🤞

CTA: Celecrate At Summit

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Subject Line: Still interested?

Preview Line: You are One Click Away!

CTA: Get Back To Your Cart Now

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Subject Line: Join the PASS Tutoring Team

Preview Line: Empower future doctors while mastering your skills

CTA: Apply Now

What You'll Do as a Tutor:

  • Attend weekly meetings to track student progress.
  • Conduct one-on-one tutoring sessions.
  • Continuously enhance your medical knowledge.
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Subject Line: Conquer Test Anxiety & Boost Confidence

Preview Line: Dr. Francis' 4 strategies for USMLE & COMLEX success:

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Subject Line: Line: Need A Lift? ☁

Preview Line: Get lifted with today's deal!

CTA: Shop Now

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Subject Line: Cyber Monday Savings are here ✨

Preview Line: Last chance for HUGE savings on All Ardent Products!

CTA: Shop Now

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Subject Line: Spooktacular 🎃 Savings!! Grab your Halloween treats now!!

Preview Line: 25% OFF on everything this weekend!

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Subject Line: Here's why your BUSINESS needs a Budget

Preview Line: Learn the secrets of budgeting and boost your business now!

CTA: Check Out The Steps Here

Considering all the daily tasks you have, financial planning is probably the last thing on your mind. To prevent operating in the red and to maintain a healthy, positive cash flow, you must have a budget. Therefore, we want to provide you with our top advice in this email so that budgeting for your company will be a piece of cake.

Why Do You Need a Business Budget?

You always know where you stand when you have a budget, whethe for major purchases, investments for expansion, or personal bonuses, having a budget will ensure you stay within the budget.

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Subject Line: 7 Reasons Why Merchant Cash Advances Are Perfect For Your Business

Preview Line: Finally, a more flexible loan option!

CTA: Learn More About MCA

Finding the right loan for your business can be challenging

With traditional loans requiring a fixed monthly payment, this can put a strain on your finances and mental well-being especially if your business revenue tends to fluctuate often.

We list 7 reasons why Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs) might be the perfect loan option for you:

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Subject Line: Card vs. Loan: Here's How To Decide

Preview Line: Be prepared, take some time and consider this before it’s urgent

CTA: Learn More About Our Products

Among the most common ways that small businesses borrow money are credit cards and business loans. Here’s a comparison between the two options:

Why you’d want to opt for a business credit card

Rewards & Perks:

Credit cards offer cash-back, reward points, or additional warranties on purchases. If you choose to go the route of a business credit card, make sure to choose one with perks that align with your needs.

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Subject Line: Can we showcase your story? 🗞

Preview Line: Be featured in places like Forbes, Exeleon, and more…

CTA: Get Started

Dear {{ contact.FIRSTNAME }},

The Funded Trader partners with one of the top PR firms in our industry to showcase our most inspiring trader stories to the world. We’re reaching out because we’d love to feature you & your story.

Our goal is to showcase people trading the right way and taking what’s theirs as a result. To inspire people and show them what’s possible.

In the world of trading, dishonesty is too common. We hope that prop firms like TFT can act as third-party verification for our trader’s gains. Our mission is to move the industry towards more transparency and authenticity.

This feature can help with your personal brand and career since we’ve been featured in reputable publications like Forbes and Exeleon.

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Subject Line: Exclusive content program, you’re in! 👑

Preview Line: Get paid for your content & monetize your story. Interested?

CTA: Get Started

Hey {{ contact.FIRSTNAME }},

I’d like to personality invite you to the Funded Trader content creation program. As one of our top affiliates, you’ve been a truly amazing partner in our growth. And now that we’re taking The Funded Trade to the next level, we’re hoping to take this partnership to the next level as well.

Introducing The Funded Trader’s affiliate content creation program:

Simply do what you do best - create content that your audience loves. We‘ll compensate you in return for posting it on your channels (anywhere from $100 to a few thousands dollars depending on the personalized deal we work out).

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Subject Line: 🥰️ A Brand Breeders Trust

Preview Line: How 100,000+ breeders ensure the health of their breed 👉

CTA: Buy Now

*Valid Untill 31 January

Orivet helps Australian Breeders who go the extra mile to ensure the health and well-being of their breed!

Orivet works closely with Australian breeders to develop the genetic

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Subject Line: 🏆#1 trusted by breeders

Preview Line: This is leading canine genetic research

CTA: Explore Now

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Subject Line: 🎉 New 2023 Range Rover

Preview Line: Be one of the first in Miami driving [this] new model

CTA: Reserve Now

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Subject Line: Best Cars for Valentine’s Day

Preview Line: The hottest cars in {{city_name}}

CTA: Reserve Now

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Subject Line: ⬆️ It’s Time to Level Up

Preview Line: A no-risk environment, with potential for, Big gains

CTA: Get Started

Dear Trader,

In video games, it’s easy - just beat the boss and you move on to the next level. But in life, the path to the next level is not always so clear.

That’s where Leveled Up Society comes in. Created by traders, for traders, we help you take your trading game to the next level. With our simple 2-Phase Challenge, you can trade up to $4000,00 in funds and keep up to 80% of all profits made on the account.

We’ve developed a no-risk environment for you to develop a winning strategy and manage more money for bigger gains. We’ll help you elevate your trading to the next level and leverage your exceptional skills to scale up your account to its full potential, bringing you one step closer to financial freedom.

And the best part? Our industry - leading trading conditions make it easier than ever to get funded and start leveling up.

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Subject Line: Welcome to the Gospel Time family!

CTA: Experience Gospel Time!

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