Email Campaign Management

Wishing to launch an email marketing campaign is one thing, but managing it is a different feat altogether. At InboxArmy, we understand it well. Our end-to-end email campaign services helps you to plan and run result-driven email campaigns. Our email marketing expert will deploy your email campaigns on time, within budget, and accurately. We got you covered, quite literally!

What’s Included in Our Email Campaign Management Services

Don’t have the time and resources to manage email campaigns? InboxArmy is your elite team helping you build, deploy, and manage email marketing campaigns.

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Data Management
  • Email Design and Coding
  • Email Deployment
  • Campaign Development and Production
  • Content Coordination
  • A/B Testing and Reporting

How it Works?

Deploy your email marketing campaigns on time and within budget. Here is how it works:

  1. Understand Campaign Goals and Targeting
  2. Coordinate and collect assets such as content, offers, images, and brand guidelines
  3. Design, code, test, and deploy email marketing campaigns in the ESP of your choice
  4. Campaign tracking and reporting as required
  5. Ongoing email campaign management and optimization as required
  6. Monthly/Quarterly reviews as required

What makes InboxArmy your perfect Email Marketing partner?

We Live and Breathe Email Marketing since it Started

Our founder sent out his first email campaign back in 1995. Your email campaign management is in the hands of the original “email people”. For almost two and a half decades, people on our team have been helping companies just like your’s succeed with the help of email marketing.


Faster Time-to-market

Get your email campaigns out-of-the-door faster with InboxArmy’s email campaign services.

Faster timr

Reduce Email Marketing Cost Upto 50%

Get away from the trouble of hiring, training, and retaining an in-house team. Save your email marketing cost by almost 50%.


Maximize Your Budget

With our email management services you can achieve your email marketing goals without stretching your budget. We know exactly what you need for your current size and goals


Your Email Marketing Army ready For immediate deployment

Trained Email Specialist

Every team member at our email marketing firm is trained rigorously to ensure your email marketing success.

Available in Your Time Zone

Your email marketing army is available in your time zone on all working days.

Ramp up in Days, Not Weeks

Get your fully operational email marketing team in 10-days or less. No more waiting for weeks (or months). No more lost marketing opportunities.


InboxArmy is well-versed with 50+ ESPs (Email Service Providers). You name it and we have done it.

Scale-up On Demand

Want to increase sending frequency? Need additional resources to scale your email campaign management? No problem. With our email campaign services, scale up your email marketing quickly in a true army-like fashion.


You are welcome to send us an MNDA (Mutual Non-Discloser Agreement) and we’ll sign it.

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Email Campaign Management Without Making Too Much Fuss


Dedicated Account Manager

A knowledgeable email campaign manager acts as a single point of contact to ensure email campaigns are delivered on time while meeting the highest quality standards.


Optimize Deliverability

Struggling with poor deliverability and spam complaints? We will fix common email deliverability issues so your emails get the rightful place they deserve – in your customer’s Inbox.


Shadow Manager

A shadow manager is assigned to every account manager. If for any reason the account manager is unavailable, the shadow manager takes over. Your email marketing program never gets derailed.

Mobile optimize

Performance Optimization

We help optimize email campaigns using tools and strategies such as:

  • A/B Testing
  • Send time optimization
  • Behavior-based segmentation
  • Subject line, CTA, and content optimization
  • Personalization
  • Marketing automation
Campaign lunch

Campaign Reporting

With our email campaign services you get a detailed reporting and analysis for every campaign so you can take better, informed marketing decisions.

25+ Industries and Verticals Served

Over 5,000 Businesses put their Trust on us From startups to Blue Chip companies, we power Klaviyo email marketing campaigns for businesses of every shape and size. 25+ industries and Verticals served.

What Our Customers Say

Why InboxArmy For Your Email Marketing Management?

  1. Founded by One of the pioneers in email marketing since 1995
  2. Proven track record of serving 5,000+ clients globally
  3. 25+ industries and verticals served
  4. 100% ESP-agonistic
  5. Knowledgeable team with deep roots in the email industry
  6. Established and well-documented processes
  7. No hidden fees or long-term contracts

Case Study

Check out these recent case studies to discover how our email management services can turnaround your email marketing program for better. Let the results speak for themselves.

Benefits Of Our Email Marketing Campaign Management Services

From startups to Blue Chip companies, we power email marketing campaigns for businesses of every shape and size.

We Integrate With Your Existing Processes

A knowledgeable email campaign manager acts as a single point of contact to ensure email campaigns are delivered on time while meeting the highest quality standards.

Increase Efficiency Without Losing Effectiveness

Get your email campaigns executed at speed without compromising on quality. Thanks to our documented email marketing processes and guidelines.

Eliminate Guesswork

Using our deep experience in 25+ industries, we know what works and what doesn’t. After all, who has the time for guesswork?

Better ROI = You Win

We focus on three things - top-quality emails, faster execution, and reduced cost. These three immediately translate into better ROI on your email marketing program.

We Respect Confidentiality

You are welcome to send us an MNDA (Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement) and we’ll sign it.

Focus On What Really Matters

Stop dealing with staffing issues and get your focus on the big picture. Let us take care of all the heavy lifting behind the scene.

Let's schedule a call. We’d be happy to talk all things Email Marketing with you


    InboxArmy doesn't work or provide email list buying or rental service.

    Email Campaign Management: All You’ll Ever Need To Know

    Email marketing helped multiple industries to thrive and triumph. Irrespective of their scale, businesses rely on email marketing to sustain and succeed. This phenomenon is primarily evident in the rapidly evolving digital ecosystem.

    However, things can get pretty tricky when there are multiple aspirations. Email campaign management is the cumulative umbrella of everything that goes into making a successful email marketing campaign.

    From setting up the campaign’s goals to list segmentation to templates and testing, a lot goes on under email campaign management. InboxArmy’s dedicated email campaign management services help you execute your ideal campaign efficiently while ensuring its effectiveness simultaneously.

    Our team of experts consists of email marketing strategies, writers, designers, coders, and many more to help you gain results from your email marketing endeavors. We have Salesforce and Klaviyo certified professionals, and with over 250 years of cumulative experience in email marketing, we are one of the leading organizations for customized email campaign management services.

    This is a complete breakdown of everything that matters in email campaign management, starting with email marketing goals.

    Email Marketing Goals: What Are You Aiming At?

    Given the multifaceted nature of email marketing campaigns, there can be multiple goals an email marketer aspires for. However, it’s critical to be clear about what you want to achieve from a specific email marketing campaign. Doing so will help you narrow down your priorities and make an effective email marketing strategy.

    Here are the most common email marketing goals:

    1. Inform:

      The first interaction between a user and your brand. This is the point where your brand is introduced to them. Email marketing campaigns targeted at creating brand awareness are deployed in such scenarios.

    2. Impact:

      Now, since the user is aware of your brand, it’s time to make an impact and attract them to your brand. This can be achieved by informing them about your social media handles, product portfolio, and brand’s other important aspects.

    3. Interact:

      Once you have got their attention and attracted them, it’s time to engage in a conversation. You can try as per your brand’s target audience. Gamification usually helps a great deal in boosting email engagement.

    4. Lead:

      If a subscriber has engaged with your brand, there are high chances they might be a lead, a potential customer. It’s time to guide them by making them aware of your offerings and stand out from the rest of the brands through your email marketing campaign.

    5. Nurture:

      As soon as a subscriber becomes a lead, you need to do a bit of hand-holding. This process is called lead nurturing, where you lure them into making a purchase or acting as per your campaign’s goals. This can be done through promotional campaigns highlighting the latest discounts. Creating a sense of urgency also helps in expediting the whole process.

    6. Convert:

      The final stage is to convert them from a lead to a customer. You should not delay rolling out the post-purchase emails once they purchase.

    Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

    Let’s have a look at some of the most popular genres of email marketing campaigns and their intricacies.

    Here are the most common email marketing goals:

    • Welcome series

      Your conversion finally worked, and now you have a new subscriber. End of the story, right? Well, this is where the story actually begins from. Welcome series is perhaps the most crucial form of email marketing campaign since it’s the first interaction between your brand and the newly made subscriber. And, as we all know, the first impression lasts forever!

      You need to consider a couple of things to plan and implement an effective welcome email series campaign. Make a series of well-planned emails (around 4-5 emails in most cases) and leverage them to introduce the various aspects of your brand. Since the subscriber is new, you may have their deeper attention as compared to your existing ones.

      You can send action-led trails in your welcome email series right from the introduction to your social media handles, getting their preferences to form an effective segmentation and list. You must note that the longer you take to shoot your welcome emails, the higher the chances of them being marked spam. It’s because with so much buzz in the digital ecosystem, users’ attention span is getting shortened, and they might simply forget about your brand.

    • Promotional campaigns

      If the email marketing campaign is ice cream, then a promotional campaign is vanilla. It’s the most widely used type of email marketing campaign. Given the sheer volume of promotional campaigns being executed, it’s quite possible that all of them might not be as effective and efficient compared to other email marketing campaigns.

      Hence, trying something different is good to make your brand stand out. Your safest bet is playing with your email design and copy. But beware of wandering away and stick to the brand guidelines. Your brand’s email should resemble your brand, at least. So, it’s imperative to be creative but within the brand guidelines.

      Some successful inclusions of promotional email marketing campaigns are giveaways, puzzles, competitions, emotions, and more.

    • Seasonal campaign

      The bread and butter of email marketing campaigns, seasonal campaigns, as their name suggests, are seasonal. Depending on your subscribers’ demographics, you can design and execute a successful seasonal email marketing campaign that yields results and revenue.

      To make the most of seasonal email marketing campaigns, you must be well aware of your target audience, their behavior, user journey, and touchpoints. The seasonal email marketing campaigns are effective in building up around the hero event, i.e., a sale, an offline event, etc.

      To make your seasonal email marketing campaign effective, it’s crucial to start early. All the brand target their subscribers during special occasions and festivals, so it’s better to give your campaign a head start. Your campaign’s overall appearance and tonality should be in line with the theme. Given the generally positive sentiment around the holidays, you can induce a sense of urgency in your emails to further deepen the impact.

    • Triggered email campaigns

      With the inclusion of data analytics at every step of this digital world, it’s easier to track your users’ journeys. While creating an effective triggered email marketing campaign, you can utilize email automation and reach out to your subscribers for every relevant action they take.

      Various triggered email campaign methods, from campaign management to list management and e-commerce, help you interact with your subscribers without much effort and resources.

    • Post-purchase campaigns

      Someone just made a purchase from you, and you don’t reach out to them. Sounds rude, isn’t it? Perhaps it may seem as if you were just interested in making a sale. But what if you actually show care and concern about how your offering made them feel? Well, that can make a big impact on your brand’s perception.

      Not only will an effective post-purchase campaign induce a positive sentiment around your brand, but it will also create loyalty. In today’s technology-driven, you can always rely on email automation to send these post-purchase emails and interact with your customers at every possible touch point.

      To bring the point home, the post-purchase email series can also educate the buyer on how to make the most of their purchase. It helps your brand stand out when you deliver additional value even after achieving your goal of making the sale. This, in turn, will go to lengths when it comes to upselling and reselling.

    • Newsletters

      Okay, I agree; a newsletter is not an outright campaign. But hey, they definitely help you with the other aspects of your email marketing endeavors. Newsletters’ consistency and fresh approach (in terms of content) make them crucial for your next email marketing campaign.

      A well-planned,l structured, and executed newsletter is a powerful tool to keep your subscribers engaged. They often play a big role in community building, where you can educate, entertain and enlighten your subscribers about your brand and your industry at large. In the long run, they return favors by building a loyal subscriber base, eventually leading to higher sales.

    • Abandoned cart campaigns

      An abandon cart campaign is trigger-generated. It highlights the loophole in your buyer’s journey when they added a product to their cart but did not make a purchase. You can still make them purchase by deploying an effective abandoned cart campaign.

      To allure them, you may offer a discount or create a sense of urgency by highlighting the limited stock. Abandoned cart emails often bring higher open rates and eventual conversions.

    • Re-engagement campaigns

      Re-engagement campaigns are a great way when It’s time to rebuild burnt bridges. Your subscribers can disconnect from your brand for multiple reasons. It’s okay to seek reassociation. If a certain segment of your list isn’t opening your emails for some time, your re-engagement email marketing campaign will help you decide to keep them on the list (if they re-engage with your email) or remove them.

      It might sound odd to remove any subscriber from your list. However, letting go of an inactive subscriber will let you focus better on an active one. It’s crucial for your campaign’s efficiency and overall effectiveness.

    Whom To Send To

    Now since you are through with the different sorts of email marketing campaigns, it’s time to pay attention to the recipients: the target audience. We’ll now learn about email segmentation, how to implement and other crucial aspects of effective email segmentation.

    • Email Segmentation

      For the uninitiated, email segmentation is the practice of breaking down your entire subscriber list into finer groups based on different parameters. The better your email lists are segmented, the higher the chances your email marketing campaign will succeed. You are more likely to influence someone’s buying decision when you know them better as it enables you to offer a more personalized experience. Simple.

      Knowing your buyer personas and their specific traits is crucial for any email marketing campaign’s sustenance and success. However, please note that your brand’s buyer personas are exclusive to you, and there is no fixed template that can be reiterated for different buyer personas. Let’s now look at the advantages of email list segmentation.

      A lot of brands do email marketing, but only a few do it right. In the bombardment of emails that a subscriber receives daily, it’s crucial to offer a personalized experience to your subscribers, and email segmentation is the biggest step in that direction. It transforms your email marketing campaign into a tailor-made, almost bespoke experience. This results in higher open rates, engagement rates, and overall sales.

    • How to achieve optimum email segmentation

      Just like actual segmentation, the approach to making a list in the first place also varies from case to case.

      Segmentation is usually driven by the volume of subscribers and the company’s resources for segmentation. Sticking to one or two defining parameters for basic segmentation can be fruitful. On the other hand, a well-equipped team can comb through the subscribers with multiple static and dynamic filters.

      The key is to reach a stage where you have clearly defined buyer personas, irrespective of the scale of your list. The probability of losing out on your specific target is higher in a bigger list. Hence you need to dive deeper into that case.

      Your email list can be segmented on the basis of:

      • Industry
      • Gender
      • Hierarchy
      • Company size
      • Location
      • Buying Behaviour

    Email Templates

    As mentioned before, email templates will go a long way in making your life easier as an email campaign manager. When they are so many moving pieces, it’s convenient to have some same pieces, isn’t it?

    These are crucial in creating effective email marketing templates. Let’s learn how you can make the most out of them.

    • Email Copy

      Words matter; in email marketing, they matter even more. Nothing influences your subscribers more than your email copy and design. Your email’s tonality is the line between a lead and a customer. Hence, you must be very careful about what your emails are saying.

      Here are some best practices.

      • Strike a chord:

        In a world riding on automation and templates, it’s crucial to sound human and authentic. Giving a personal and humane touch to your email’s tonality will help you connect with your subscribers profoundly.

      • Be clear: It’s simple:

        Every word in your copy should serve a purpose and deliver value. It should either convey information, entertainment or emotion. There can be exceptions, but getting a clear message out there helps communicate better.

      • Short copy is a better copy:

        Well, mostly yes. As mentioned above, whatever isn’t serving a purpose must be omitted from your email’s copy.

      • Brand Tonality:

        While trying to be clear and humane, don’t sway away from your brand’s identity. The last thing you’ll want is for your emails to sound entirely different than your brand’s tonality. Maintaining the balance is the key.

    • Email Design

      Nothing is as pleasing as receiving a visually appealing email in a sea of boring ones. But, just like email copy, there are some fundamental rules for email design.

      Let’s take a look:

      • Brand guideline:

        Keep your emails’ visual identity intact to your brand’s look and feel. Doing so will help subscribers instantly relate if your brand enjoys a strong visual presence.

      • Don’t clutter:

        Just like email copy, avoid including unnecessary elements and create a clear look.

      • Layout:

        A well-defined layout will act as a roadmap and save you precious time and last-minute hassles.

      • Template whenever you can:

        Email templates go a long way in helping you maintain a consistent visual tonality while enhancing the entire process’s efficiency

    Email Campaign Reporting: What, Why, and How

    A robust email campaign management is incomplete without adequate email reporting. To get correct insights on how well your campaign is performing, the email campaign managers need to collect data pertaining to the campaign and email workflow, which is then consolidated and reported by the email strategy team. Consistent and correct reporting of your campaign will help you:

    • Optimize the upcoming campaigns based on the testing results
    • Analyze the highest revenue-generating campaigns and what worked in their favor
    • Spot the loopholes in your previous and ongoing campaigns
    • Fix the design and content for a certain campaign and brand at large

    Challenges of Email Campaign Management

    Given the magnitude and complexity associated with email campaign management, there come some challenges as well.

    Here are some common issues email campaign managers face with their remedial and preventive measures:

    • Task management

      Email campaign management is like a Jenga. Every piece needs to be in complete harmony in order to win (create a winning campaign in this case.)

      Given the multiple aspects of email campaign management, multiple stakeholders are bound to be involved. And that introduces a different set of challenges.

      To curb the workload and keep the team members in sync, project management software can help you a great deal. Right from assigning tasks and timelines to getting real-time updates, these software give email campaign managers much-needed clarity.

      Also, while laying down the timelines, it’s better to maintain buffers at various intervals. This is to avoid the complete halt down of the entire chain if a task gets stuck with one stakeholder. Keeping some margin will help you manage things better. Since most of the email marketing campaigns follow a similar workflow, you can deduce a project management template and reiterate it for enhanced efficiency.

    • Asset management

      A badly managed email marketing campaign can turn your assets into liabilities. Well, quite literally! By now, you must be aware of the sheer number of moving pieces in email campaign management. If any one piece is missed out on, it might create a big roadblock. Say hello to asset management!

      Coordinating with all the stakeholders can be a nightmare if not managed properly. Hence, you need to be smart when it comes to asset handling and management. Creating a library of reusable assets will save time and help you with those last-minute changes. This is why email automation’s rising in popularity in the entire email marketing industry. However, it’s crucial to strike the right balance between reusable and bespoke assets while using them in an email marketing campaign, or else all your campaigns might end up looking the same.

    • Feedbacks and reiterations

      Like all creative practices, email marketing can be subjective in terms of context and messaging, and bringing the client on the same page as yours can be daunting. Email marketing has two elephants in one room: feedback and revisions. After all that hard work of planning, strategizing, and testing comes the stage to finally get the go-ahead on your email marketing campaign.

      You don’t need to be a seasoned email marketer to imagine how time-consuming and eventually frustrating the whole cycle of feedback to changes to approval can be. Sometimes, an entirely coded email needs to be redone for a small copy change. To curb this issue, it’s better to take subsequent approvals right from the beginning so that the rework is as minimized as possible.

      However, taking approvals at every small step of the campaign can be a time-consuming task. Hence, you need to plan out the sections that need the most clarity in advance and execute accordingly.

      Creating a wireframe for the upcoming campaigns can help you reduce the back and forth. It becomes easier for the other party to visualize and get a feel of the final output. This also calls for better integration of all the stakeholders involved in that specific email marketing campaign, right from designers and planners to coders. This practice will help you determine the feasibility of the aspirations and will expose the challenges before the project actually starts.

      Charting out the checkpoints in the email campaign management journey will help you deliver an efficient and effective email marketing campaign.

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      InboxArmy doesn't work or provide email list buying or rental service.

      Multi-ESP Support

      We support 50+ ESP vendors. Be it enterprise platforms such as SalesForce and Oracle Marketing Cloud or small and medium sized business platforms such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Aweber, and ActiveCampaign, we’ve got you covered.