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Client Testimonial

"We found InboxArmy via Google Search, followed up with a phone conversation with the founders and team. Their years of experience in the field along with the team setup is why we selected to work with them"

I am the Go-to-Market Director for a global textile manufacturer and distributor. Email marketing is a crucial component of our go-to-market strategy for our target B2B markets.We have worked with IA for almost a year. Their team has consistently delivered great results, so naturally we are very happy with our partnership.

As soon as we signed the contract with IA, they assigned a team manager to our account. This single point of contact leads the team’s execution, and also constantly looks for opportunities to optimize every campaign. This is something we were not expecting so we were pleasantly surprised by this value-add.

The IA team works hard on all our campaigns and so far, have generated great results in terms of email performance and ROI. As our trusted email partners, they are always by our side to streamline our email marketing program and all its various moving parts – from list-building and audience segmentation, to campaign planning, testing, analytics, and more. Since IA started managing our email program, our open and click-to-open rates have more than doubled. I can’t wait to see what this partnership will do for us in future.

Devanshi Patel

Strategic Marketing Director

"We had interviewed several options for our one-off campaigns, and found InboxArmy to be the most knowledgeable with what our intentions were and for the most fair price."

We initially hired InboxArmy to only create a few one-off email campaigns for our brand. But the team did such a fantastic job on each project that we decided to bring them onboard for all our email marketing requirements. We saw the potential in them very early and didn’t want to waste the chance to capitalize on it. A year later and our partnership is still going strong.

From the outset, the IA team has helped us to achieve great results with our welcome, re-engagement, and cart abandonment campaigns. They have also supported us with campaign analytics which enables us to quickly identify and address performance gaps in order to achieve our marketing objectives.

All our stakeholders – both internal and external – are pleased with the effectiveness of our email marketing program. For this, the credit goes to the knowledgeable and professional team at InboxArmy . We are particularly impressed by the structured workflows and best practices they leverage to ensure consistent delivery and desired outcomes for our email program.

Tristen Richardson

Sales and Marketing Manager

Our Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency Can Help You With

We understand it is easier said than done. Hence, we offer just the right solutions to you for each one of your problems. Be it higher conversions or nurturing the leads, creating templates, or testing them to the T, our team of experts ensures you never have to worry about your ecommerce email marketing campaigns again.


Ecommerce Email Strategy and Audit

Ecommerce Email Strategy and Audit is an extensive service where our team of experts scrutinizes your existing email setup as part of the audit. Once we identify the major pain points, we devise the best-suited strategy to overcome the hurdles and yield results.

Here’s the consolidated process of Email Audit:

  • Campaign & Template Analysis:

    We review all the crucial aspects of the campaigns and templates used in the last 12 months, such as design, copy, coding, CTAs, etc.

  • Technical Analysis:

    Once done with the campaign and template audit, we move to the technical aspects. This process includes the analysis of technical issues such as domain/IP blacklisting, spam reports, deliverability, and ESP account suspension.

  • Data Analysis:

    The reverse-engineering of the entire campaign from a metrics point of view is carried out in this phase. We study the various critical parameters such as the demographics, highest and lowest performing campaigns, and A/B testing results (if done) to further break down the findings.

  • Flow Analysis:

    Ecommerce email marketing is all about the user journey and establishing effective touch points all across it. We study the user flow, determine these points, and review the existing ones.

  • Overall Analysis:

    This includes the depth of segmentation, level of personalization in emails, mobile friendliness, bounce rates, and other essential aspects of the campaigns

Once we are through with the Email Audit, we devise the strategy, which includes :
  • Planning
  • Review
  • Implementation
  • Optimization


Ecommerce Email Automations/ Flows/ Journeys/ Drip Campaigns

As stated above, ecommerce is a user-behavior-driven ecosystem. Based on the user journeys, emails are triggered, and flows are dictated. Our comprehensive experience with a humongous clientele makes us the preferred choice to build your ecommerce email automation.

We create flows such as:

  • Cart Abandonment
  • New Customer Automation
  • Welcome Email
  • Post-Purchase Automation
  • Lead Nurturing Drip Campaigns
  • Win-Back Automation
  • Upsell Automation
  • Browse Abandonment
  • Birthday Automation
  • Repeat Customer Automation
  • Reorder Reminder


Ecommerce Email Copywriting

A strong subject line itself can make 33% of recipients open and read the entire email. So, it’s easy to ace this game if you have your basics. However, it’s much easier said than done.

At InboxArmy, we have a team of experienced copywriters and storytellers that go the extra mile in understanding your audience and writing the copies your audience relates to. We churn the most-effective CTAs and write the most welcoming ‘Welcome emails’ that are bound to impact your audience and bring results. Because a good copy can either make or break a brilliant campaign.


Ecommerce Email Campaign Management

We work in tandem with your team and act as their extension. Our suite of services also offers Ecommerce Email Campaign Management where our key points of focus are:

We have a distinctive edge as we offer:

  • Delivery and day-to-day management

    From list segmentation to ensuring optimum deliverability, we take charge of your entire campaign.

  • Performance Analysis and Reporting

    We provide extensive monthly reports where every crucial parameter, such as click rate, bounce rate, engagement, etc., is reviewed. If any course correction is required, it is conveyed to your team.

  • Testing & Optimization

    Every aspect of your email marketing is closely scrutinised, from scheduling to subject lines to design and copies, each parameter is tested and optimised for best results.

  • Maintaining efficiency

    The larger goal is not just to achieve results, but to do so in the most efficient way possible. Our team of experts optimises your campaigns to drive the best results in the least resources possible.

Our wide service offerings include:
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Campaign Development and Production
  • Data Management
  • Content Coordination and Creation
  • Email Design and Coding
  • A/B Testing and Reporting
  • Email Deployment


Ecommerce Email Template Production

Looking for high conversions from your email template? Submit your design files, and we will convert them into functional Responsive email templates. Have an idea instead of a design file? We'll design and code your concept into a high-converting email newsletter template. Need email templates regularly? Now you can outsource email templates from our team of experts and fast-forward your campaign.

We have a distinctive edge as we offer:

  • Pixel-Perfect HTML Email Template
  • Training on Using Your Email Template
  • Installation on the ESP of Your Choice
  • Guaranteed Compatibility on 40+ Email Clients
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Post-delivery support


Ecommerce Email Deliverability

What’s the use of creating brilliant emails if they can’t reach out to the target audience, right? Our Ecommerce Email Deliverability service is there to help you with that.

  • Our step-wise procedure starts with an Authentication audit, which includes:

    Verification of your email authentication setup

    Configuring every authentication protocol correctly. This reduces the chances of your emails being rejected or marked as spam.

  • IP warmup

    Setting up a consistent schedule to familiarize the email servers with your domain.

    This process builds a strong sender reputation and ensures optimum email deliverability.

  • Email validation

    Scanning your sender list and filtering out the invalid addresses, spam traps, existing complainers, etc. This optimization cycle enhances the overall efficiency.


Ecommerce ESP Vendor Evaluation and Migration

Being ESP agnostic, we have an unbiased approach towards ESPs. We help you find the best one with complete transparency.

Our Ecommerce ESP Vendor Evaluation and Migration process includes:

  • Preliminary Audit
  • Consultation
  • Vendor Research and Shortlisting
  • ESP Migration
  • ESP Demo


Dedicated Ecommerce Email Marketing Team

The only email agency you’ll ever need to win the ecommerce marketing game. Our in-house team of consultants will help you scale and simplify your campaigns. Once you hire our team, we work as an extension of your existing workforce. We ensure seamless integration without creating any operational hassle. We also offer a dedicated hybrid setup. Please reach out to know more about it.

We have resources across the following domains:

  • Email Designer and/or Coder
  • Email Campaign Manager
  • Email Automation Expert
  • Data Management Expert

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    InboxArmy doesn't work or provide email list buying or rental service.

    We Love To Bring In Change, Especially For Your Business

    Brands Our Ecommerce Agency Have Worked With

    • The michaelj. fox foundation
    • Bollan Hill media LLC

    How Are We Different From Other Ecommerce Email Marketing Agencies?

    We are platform agnostic, i.e., we don’t resell any platform to our clients.

    • Factors that lend us a distinctive edge over our counterparts, such as:
    • We offer a less expensive value proposition while delivering top-tier service. our prices are up to 30% less than our competitors.
    • We offer all email marketing services hence, you don’t have to look elsewhere. We are a result-driven team, and we know the impact the right campaign can have on your business.
    • Our business is extremely efficient on the production side. Hence, lesser turnaround times with even lesser costs. For instance, we created, tested,, and scheduled 32 emails in 6 hours for Danbury Mint.
    • No long-term contracts (Makes us work really hard to get results or you will leave fast)

    Our Success is weaved into your growth. Here’s how

    At other agencies, most Account Managers receive a commission on upselling different automation or email marketing services.

    Hence, they are bound to sell you more even if the service holds no value for your business. At InboxArmy, that’s NOT how things happen.

    • Our teams get commissions based on your email program growth, customer success, and happiness.
    • Your growing KPIs and conversions dictate our bonus, nothing else.
    • Hence, our team is truly committed to adding value to your business and helping you grow it.

    On average, a client stays with an ecommerce email marketing agency for 22-26 months. On the other hand, our average customer retention period is four years. We even have clients working with us for more than ten years.

    Nowadays, it’s a common industry trend to straightaway jump on template creation.

    As efficient as it might sound, it’s not the ideal practice. It robs you of the flexibility of design testing. Adopting templates at the very beginning restrains the opportunity to test different layouts.

    While the client suffers, the agency makes the most out of this practice. Creating templates is time-saving, allowing account managers to handle more clients and hence, more profits. It apparently does no good to the client. Once finalized in the beginning, these templates are hardly tweaked or changed completely. The client cannot leverage or at least test the entire design experience of their campaign.

    At InboxArmy, our strategy team consists of three people at any given time. This three-person strategy team is shuffled periodically to maintain the highest exposure, ideas, and strategy standards. This is done to ensure adequate exposure and different opinions are considered while designing the ideal campaign for you.

    Communication - our team is super focused on communication

    And that’s how we differentiate ourselves from other agencies.

    25+ Industries and Verticals Served

    Over 5,000 Businesses put their Trust on us From startups to Blue Chip companies,we power campaigns for businesses of every shape and size. 25+ industries and Verticals served.

    Multi-ESP Support

    Our email marketing company supports 50+ ESP vendors. Be it enterprise platforms such as SalesForce and Oracle Marketing Cloud or small and medium sized business platforms such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Aweber, and ActiveCampaign, we’ve got you covered.

    You Can Trust Us With Your Business

    The testimony mentioned below pretty much symbolizes what we are all about. We have a cumulative email marketing experience of 250+ years. We have managed over 25000 campaigns.

    'Immediate increase in revenues, our return customer conversion rate increased by roughly 50%, and our open-to-click rates all increased. The ROI was about 26 to 1 Zero complaints, our resources were not wasted hiring InBox Army.'

    Our mobility company operates in a fast-growing, increasingly competitive space. We needed a way to reach our target audience at scale to promote our main brand of bicycles, Sixthreezero. The obvious choice was email marketing.

    We already had an email marketing program, but it had not delivered on its promise so far. Since I am the eCommerce Director for B2C accounts and channels, the program is one of my key responsibilities. I realized that it needed a complete revamp. I also realized that we needed a trusted partner to upgrade the program and help us meet our marketing and eCommerce goals.

    I looked at numerous forums and also assessed a lot of word-of-mouth opinions on the web. InboxArmy’s name kept popping up consistently in all these conversations. The company has been in business longer than any other email marketing company that I know of. They can also provide solid evidence and case studies of the campaigns they have done in the past. All of this made them the obvious partner for our email marketing program.

    Our project scope included all the standard flows, as well as email acquisition, design, audience segmentation, promotional campaigns, and weekly newsletters. Chris and his team are even open to executing any new marketing ideas our team comes up with, even if they are not in the original scope. They can truly handle it all with style!

    Plus, they work so fast that most times they manage us instead of the other way around. They are also great communicators, keeping us apprised on every aspect of every campaign so we always know what’s happening at any given time. Great leadership, great team!

    Andrew Bowman

    Ecommerce B2C Director, sixthreezero Bicyce Co.

    Appreciation Feels Good, Isn’t It?

    Christina Huynh

    InboxArmy Came recommended through our head of growth marketing- deciding factors included budget, experience in the space, and immediate availability.

    It’s rare to see an external vendor so invested in our success. And yet, that’s exactly what we have experienced with InboxArmy. Each member of the IA team is always hyper-focused on the success of our campaigns.

    Right from Day 1, these guys have worked hard to set up streamlined workflows, design and code world-class emails, and even coordinate with our developers to set up the proper data architecture to trigger emails. If that’s not all, they consistently go above and beyond the regular scope of work to address problems and optimize every campaign.

    We hardly ever feel the pain of any issues because these guys are there to proactively resolve them as early as possible. Amazingly, nothing ever seems to faze them. At one point, we switched ESPs quite suddenly, but the IA team took it in in stride and none of our campaigns were affected. Very impressive indeed!

    Christina Huynh


    We’ll Let Our Samples Do The Talking

    Why should You Hire An Ecommerce Agency And Not A Freelancer Or Hire In-House?

    Let's break things down if you are still contemplating hiring an ecommerce email marketing agency, a freelancer, or an in-house team. Hiring an agency is hands down the most preferred option for business owners looking out to yield results. Here’s why:

    • A dedicated team carries far more exposure to the latest trends and updates about the ecosystem. Since they are right into the market serving a plethora of clients, their agility, adaptation and problem-solving ability are unmatched when compared to freelancers and in-house teams.

    • An ecommerce email marketing agency isn’t the jack of all trades, but a master of one: ecommerce email marketing. Its average cumulative skillset ranks much higher as compared to the other alternatives. Be it ESP migration or testing, automation or design, you will have a team of ninjas at your service all the time.

    • The proven track record and the brand value of a reputed ecommerce email marketing agency help's you focus on other business crucial aspects since you know your email marketing is in good hands.

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      InboxArmy doesn't work or provide email list buying or rental service.

      Multi-ESP Support

      We support 50+ ESP vendors. Be it enterprise platforms such as SalesForce and Oracle Marketing Cloud or small and medium sized business platforms such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Aweber, and ActiveCampaign, we’ve got you covered.

      Multi-ESP Support

      We support 50+ ESP vendors. Be it enterprise platforms such as SalesForce and Oracle Marketing Cloud or small and medium sized business platforms such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Aweber, and ActiveCampaign, we’ve got you covered.