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MailChimp is the largest email marketing platform in the world. It accounts for 47% of all email marketing sent in the world. They are the 800-pound gorilla so to speak. Many companies of all sizes use MailChimp to great success.

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Our team of Mailchimp Specialits Can Turn Strangers into Life Long Customers

InboxArmy’s email marketing solution covers everything from email marketing strategy and email marketing campaign management to template production, automation, and ongoing optimization.

Mailchimp Email Marketing Strategy

Do you have a game plan for your customers right from the point they become subscribers on Mailchimp until they become lifelong fans? Our mailchimp experts can help connect the dots in your strategy so you can turn more strangers into customers for life.

Mailchimp Campaign Management

We work closely with your team to plan, design, and send email marketing campaigns on Mailchimp. So you can free up your time to focus on the big picture instead of worrying about quality issues or if your campaign went out on time.


Mailchimp’s marketing automation can allow you to nurture new customer relationships, reach out to first-time shoppers and send offers triggered by their shopping behavior, including: Welcome Automation, Abandoned Cart Series, Product Retargeting Emails, Onboarding or Education Series, Reward your best customers.

Mailchimp Template Production

We can help you put together beautiful Mailchimp templates that build a lasting impression. So your brand stays on top of mind awareness of your customer and they buy from you again and again.


Want to move into Mailchimp or move out to another ESP? Our mailchimp specialist can help you migrate smoothly, with our systematic and step-by-step migration process. No more lost data. No more sleepless nights.

Ongoing Campaign Optimization

No two businesses are the same. We continuously test, monitor, and refine your Mailchimp campaigns and automation to determine what works best for your business.

Hire Your Mailchimp Email Experts

  • We have a team of certified Mailchimp experts who are ready to help you get the most out of the platform and your email program.
  • We're a full-service email marketing agency. Email is all we do. We can come in and run your email marketing function for you. Consider it done, and done right.
  • We're committed to the growth of your email marketing program. Our team isn't paid commissions for upselling you on services you don't need, but rather on the success of your program. So, your success is our success.

Meet Our Leaders

Chris Donald

Co-Founder and Advisor

Considered one of the pioneers in email marketing. Chris sent his first email campaign in 1995. Since then, he has worked directly with Fortune 500 companies, retail giants, nonprofits, SMBs, and more in all facets of their email marketing programs.

Scott Cohen

Chief Executive Officer

Winner of the ANA Email Experience Council’s 2021 Stefan Pollard Email Marketer of the Year Award, Scott is a proven email marketing veteran with 20 years of experience as a brand-side marketer and agency executive. He has helped drive over $150 million in email-driven revenue for clients and companies he has worked with.

Why Mailchimp Email Marketing and InboxArmy Can Be the Partnership Your Brand Needs

Do you...

  • Have a vision for your brand that you believe you can achieve with email marketing?
  • Want to leverage the power and reach of email marketing but don’t know where to start?
  • Aim to connect with the right audience via the right channel and at the right time to build your brand’s staying power?
  • All admirable goals that you can meet with MailChimp!

MailChimp provides an unbeatable range of marketing and ecommerce tools designed to help you achieve your vision and build your brand with world-class email marketing. And if you’re not quite sure how to best leverage these amazing tools – InboxArmy is here for you.

We bring advanced Mailchimp knowhow and hands-on expertise to help you take your brand and messaging out into the world. We will design the perfect campaigns for your company and take care of all the technical nitty-gritties around template selection, automation, data syncing, etc. We will even optimize your ongoing campaigns so get the best possible results from your efforts and the best possible returns on your investment.

Just tell us what your marketing and commerce goals and we’ll do the rest. Then you can comfortably sit back and see how the Mailchimp/InboxArmy partnership creates magic for your brand today, tomorrow, and always.

What Kind of Mailchimp Expert Do You Need for Your Brand and Email Marketing Program?

If you have decided to ramp up your email marketing strategy with a world-class email service provider, then Mailchimp is a great choice. The Mailchimp platform incorporates dozens of cutting-edge tools to automate email campaigns, segment audiences, create dynamic content creation, and set up personalized customer journeys. You can also take full advantage of the platform’s behavioral targeting, reporting, content optimization, and analytics features.

And if that’s not all, Mailchimp also provides powerful AI-based functionalities so you can effectively market your business and wow audiences with your unique email messaging. And the best way to grab all these opportunities that Mailchimp creates for you is to hire the Mailchimp experts at InboxArmy!

Mailchimp Developer

InboxArmy’s Mailchimp developers are highly proficient at selecting, customizing, and optimizing Mailchimp email templates for your campaigns. They will always keep your brand’s requirements and guidelines in mind when creating templates and hand-coding them to match your campaign goals and audience type.

Mailchimp Campaign Manager

Successful Mailchimp campaigns don’t happen by accident. To ensure that your campaign achieves its stated objectives and delivers on its ROI, you need someone to manage its entire lifecycle from start to end. Enter InboxArmy’s experienced Mailchimp campaign managers.

These proficient resources bring both technical and management expertise to create an effective campaign strategy, manage execution, plan deployment, and even chart the roadmap for future campaigns.

Mailchimp Automation

Why waste time and effort on manual work when you can take advantage of Mailchimp’s automation features?! Whether you want to design complex email workflows, set up trigger-based campaigns, or create automated customer journeys, InboxArmy’s automation specialists can do it all.

They will work closely with your team so you can effectively connect with each member of your audience and deliver seamless email experiences that bring them closer to your brand.

Mailchimp Data
Integration Specialist

Mailchimp’s intelligence engine combines data science and AI to help you market your brand and engage your audience with gorgeous branded emails. The best way to make the most of these capabilities is to hire a Mailchimp agency with Mailchimp-certified data integration specialists.

Our data and migration experts know how to use synced data, integrate data-driven personalized recommendations into campaigns, leverage data to send more targeted campaigns, and much more.

Design and Development Work

Do I Need a Mailchimp Expert ?

InboxArmy’s Mailchimp experts, specialists, and Mailchimp consultants are hyper-specialized email marketing professionals with advanced knowledge of and experience with Mailchimp.

Our carefully-vetted team members are hired for their technical abilities, business acumen, and people skills – all of which are geared toward helping you achieve your business goals with email marketing and the powerful Mailchimp email platform.

If you have any of these requirements, you should consider hiring a Mailchimp expert @ InboxArmy:

  • You plan to migrate to Mailchimp but are struggling with the what, how, and when
  • You need someone to create customized, on-brand Mailchimp email templates
  • You don’t have the in-house resources to handle your email marketing programs
  • You want to set up marketing automation workflows in Mailchimp
  • You need to sync your store data with the Mailchimp platform
  • You require support integrating third-party apps with Mailchimp's API
  • You want to fine-tune your existing Mailchimp campaigns and implement best practices for future campaigns

We Get Amazing Results. Become Our Next Success Story!

We deliver results to companies large and small across more than 25 industries, including ecommerce, travel and hospitality, SaaS, healthcare, real estate, and more. Check out a few of our recent case studies to see the kinds of results we can deliver for you.

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Sixthreezero, an online ecommerce company selling custom-fit bicycles, e-bikes, and accessories, was looking for a new email marketing agency. Their previous agency had a faulty approach with segmentation errors, list management errors, and poor template designs...

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We Build Mailchimp Email Campaigns for Businesses of All Sizes

We work with businesses large and small across more than 25 industries and verticals.

What You Get with InboxArmy’s Army of Mailchimp Experts

With InboxArmy, you get much more than a Mailchimp email marketing agency. You also get a dedicated partner that’s 100% invested in your success with email marketing and Mailchimp – one of the world’s most popular email marketing programs. And if that’s not all, we bring you a resource and pricing model that’s fully customized for your email marketing needs, goals, and objectives.

Here’s why InboxArmy is among the world’s foremost Mailchimp agencies that’s trusted by Mailchimp!

  • Get the Best Resources for Your Budget and Needs

    When you hire the Mailchimp experts at InboxArmy, you will get the expertise you expect and the support you need to achieve success. Our fully trained and highly skilled Mailchimp gurus know the ins and outs of this full-featured email marketing platform and how to make it work best for your brand’s messaging. More importantly, they bring their expertise and knowledge to work for you – so you get the best possible results with your Mailchimp-powered email marketing program.

  • Transparent Pricing

    We promise you fully transparent pricing, no hidden fees, and definitely no sudden surprises. At InboxArmy, what you see is definitely what you get. We will only charge you for the services you use and always keep you in the know about your spends. Talk to our Mailchimp specialists and your account manager at any time if you have questions about your account or if you’d like to adjust your budget as you scale your email marketing program up or down.

    Regardless of your budget or desired spends, we will help you achieve your objectives and get the best out of Mailchimp.

  • Perfect Balance of Quality, Timeliness, and Customer Focus

    Successful email marketing is not simply a numbers game. To get your brand’s message out to your audience, you need quality designs, an engaging narrative, personalized copy, and of course, the right level of segmentation and customization. Our dedicated team of Mailchimp developers, campaign managers, and automation experts know exactly what it takes to deliver high-quality campaigns that resonate with your audience.

    From templates and email design, to copy, A/B testing, and more – they will optimize every aspect of your campaigns so you can achieve your stated goals with your email marketing program.

  • Full Alignment with Your Processes and Procedures

    Every company is different and has its own way of working. You probably have standard operating procedures, best practices, and guidelines that you require every vendor partner to comply with. No problem! InboxArmy is a Mailchimp email marketing agency that will always align with your processes, people, and tech stack.

    It doesn’t matter which primary geography you operate in, where your customers are, or what time zone your team favors. The InboxArmy team of Mailbox experts are flexible and agile enough to seamlessly align with your internal processes and SOPs. And in no time at all, they will become an extended, inseparable arm of your own team!

A MailChimp Consultant Could be the Best Investment You Make

With its many advanced features, tools, and integrations, Mailchimp can get a bit overwhelming, especially if you are new to email marketing or to the Mailchimp platform itself. The good news is that you can reduce the overwhelm – by hiring a Mailchimp consulting agency like InboxArmy!

The fastest and easiest way to accomplish your Mailchimp-powered email marketing goals is to work with a Mailchimp consultant who understands your goals and your challenges. InboxArmy’s consultants will give you the guidance you need to stay motivated and take your email marketing program to the next level.

InboxArmy’s Mailchimp consultants can help you:


Design tailored, customer-focused strategies for your email marketing campaigns


Find your audience and market to them in the most effective ways


Grab the power of Mailchimp’s AI engine to optimize your email designs, copy, subject lines, and more


Leverage predictive insights so you can understand your subscribers better and personalize each message to attract, impress, and wow them


Customize Mailchimp’s pre-designed email templates to fit your brand, your audience, and your message

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    (InboxArmy doesn't work or provide email list buying or rental service.)

    I searched through a number of forums and word of mouth on the web, and their name consistently came up. They have been in business longer than any email marketing company that I can remember talking with.

    Our company needed to revamp our entire email system for our main brand of bicycles, Sixthreezero. We hired InboxArmy to build out new automated flows, post purchase email flows, marketing campaigns, and anything else we could come up with to stimulate our sales. I worked with the director and his designers to develop the emails that would connect with our target market. InboxArmy managed me, I literally had to keep up with how fast they work.

    Immediate increase in revenues, our return customer conversion rate increased by roughly 50%, and our open to click rates all increased. The ROI was about 26 to 1. Zero complaints, our resources were not wasted hiring InboxArmy.

    Andrew Bowman
    E-Commerce B2C Director