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Email Marketing: What’s a Hold Out Group and Why You Should Use Them

What is Holdout Group Testing? Holdout testing is the process of reviewing your email marketing program to quantify if the campaigns being sent are...

Black Friday Email Inspirations: Amp up Your Email Conversion Rate

According to Finder, 86% Americans are planning to spend their hard-earned cash on pre-Christmas sales like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Singles...

Thanksgiving Day Email Inspirations to Boost Your Sales

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most favorite holidays in America. In 2018, 165M+ shopped over the Thanksgiving period of five days. 65% of...

WHY are You Sending that Email? Really, Why?

Whenever you get ready to send an email campaign, do you ever ask yourself, “Why am I sending this email?” You should ask that key question...

12 Effective Email Marketing Tips You Need To Know To Make Your Campaign Successful In 2020

Email marketing is a popular, up-to-date, and influential tool for businesses to engage and reach out to customers effectively. While many may think...


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Halloween Email Inspirations To Blow Your Mind: Not Just Candy & Costumes

The spookiest time of the year is finally here! According to National Retail Federation's annual survey conducted by Prosper Insights &...

10 Tips for Holiday Email Marketing All Through the Season

  NOTICE WIN an ALEXA ECHO SHOW: Please add your favorite Holiday email marketing tips in the comments section. Everyone who adds a tip...

Is Your Cart Abandonment Program Failing? (Read This Now!)

The abandoned-cart reminder is one of the most successful emails you can send to your customers. But you need to set them up the right way to...

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