White Label Email Marketing Agency:
How InboxArmy Transformed Bear Fox Marketing Behind the Scenes


Execution of successful email marketing campaigns is not as simple as it may appear. It requires expertise, adequate resources, and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving email marketing ecosystem. For many digital marketing agencies, maintaining an expert email marketing team to offer premier email marketing services to clients can be both challenging and cost-prohibitive.

Enter an email marketing agency like InboxArmy. We provide agencies with white label email marketing services to enhance their service offerings and capabilities overnight. In this case study, we will detail how InboxArmy provided top-notch white label email marketing services to Bear Fox Marketing to help them serve 25 of their clients.

Client Background

Bear Fox Marketing is an award-winning, data-driven SEO agency with a firm focus on concrete results.

The Problem:

The Bear Fox team needed a seamless solution for offering email marketing services to their clients without expanding their in-house team or compromising on service quality.

The Solution: InboxArmy’s White Label Dedicated Hybrid Resource

Bear Fox Marketing partnered with InboxArmy and selected our dedicated hybrid resource offering to leverage our email marketing expertise and continue offering their clients unmatched quality services.

By choosing a dedicated hybrid resource, Bear Fox Marketing was able to get the services of an entire team for the cost of a single employee. They received:

  • A full-time, dedicated Account Manager to run the day-to-day email campaign operations
  • Shared resources across InboxArmy’s team of email designers, email coders, strategists, and more.
  • A backup Account Manager to ensure zero downtime for vacations, illnesses, etc.

What Amanda has to say about InboxArmy

Amanda Bledsoe
Creative Director

"We searched online for a long time trying to find the best partner for us. This company was the clear choice as they knew exactly what they were talking about, were experts in what we needed, and were great at communicating. We have two email marketing specialists working with us."

I am the Creative Director for a marketing agency. We hired InboxArmy to help us with our Email Marketing efforts. We needed someone who could go into our accounts and break down the things that we needed to do to better our accounts for ourselves and others. They went into our accounts and did a full audit on all our accounts and put together reports and next steps. What we needed to work on, what was working, and things that we needed to adjust. We have two email marketing specialists working with us. They not only delivered the reports and audits that we needed but also built out wonderful presentations for us to look over and utilize. It was so helpful for us to understand what they did and what we needed to do. Amazing. I could not talk highly enough of Charlie and Adi. They are great communicators, they are extremely helpful, and they are so dedicated it's been such a benefit.

The Advantages of InboxArmy’s White Label Email Marketing Services

This partnership with InboxArmy offered several advantages for Bear Fox Marketing:

No Hassle of Hiring

By outsourcing email marketing services to InboxArmy, there was no lengthy and expensive process of hiring to expand the in-house team.

Zero Breach of Trust with Clients

With all the work being handled seamlessly in the background by InboxArmy, Bear Fox Marketing was able to service their clients smoothly.

Significant Cost and Resource Savings

With a hybrid resource capable of handling email design, code, campaign management, content creation, and more, Bear Fox was able to save both time and money.

Capability to Work with Various Email Service Providers

Bear Fox was able to leverage InboxArmy’s expertise in working across more than 40 ESPs, allowing for the flexibility to expertly help their clients.

Client Confidentiality

As a white label service provider, client confidentiality was paramount. Bear Fox was able to rely on InboxArmy to ensure our processes were secure and that our team upheld the highest standards of professional ethics.

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I think we've been working with InboxArmy since March or April. Since I've known them, they've been a dream team to work with. We've had a few changes in our creative department staff and they've just looked after our emails and Amanda, our creative director, which I can also say, they've really helped transform our email strategy, and then when I came on board It is so easy to do smooth transactions with them.

They work in such a crazy time and we had such an urgent project and these crazy emergency deadlines, they were so communicative and got things done so on time and the work is amazing. It is a great pleasure to work with them. I've been working in email for about six years and can say that Adi and Charlie are by far the best people to work with. When it comes to email marketing, I enjoy working with them. They are such a joy, their communication is great and the work is fantastic. I really don't know what I would have done without them because I'm a one-man email person on our agency's team. That's why it's so nice to have Adi and Charlie, and I know I can rely on them for whatever I need, whenever I need it. I speak for Bear Fox Marketing and our Creative Director Amanda. We all love working with InboxArmy.

Corinne Taylor
(Email Marketing Specialist)

How InboxArmy and Bear Fox Marketing Worked Together

Our goal was to maintain consistent communication and transparency at every step. Here is how we approached this challenge:

  1. 1

    Detailed Discovery Calls to Understand Client Requirements

    Our email marketing experts joined with the internal team to identify and understand the specific requirements for the clients we’d be working with. Bear Fox would include their SEO and content team on these calls to determine required tasks across the various disciplines to ensure all marketing messages were cohesive across the channels.

  2. 2

    Establishment of Project Management Processes

    We seamlessly plugged into Bear Fox’s project management workflows. Their project coordinator assigned our team tasks through their Jira instance, allowing for streamlined task management while ensuring all stakeholders were held accountable for their projects and deadlines.

  3. 3

    Unified Client Communication

    We received a Bear Fox-branded email address which allowed our team to be seen as part of their production team, with all communications and access rights managed through this account. When direct communication with the client was required, we were present on calls as part of Bear Fox’s team, providing expert insights and solutions.

  4. 4

    Execution and Reporting

    InboxArmy handled the design, coding, audience management and segmentation, content, and integration needs for key email marketing campaigns. We prepared monthly reports detailing campaign performance and provided them to Bear Fox’s internal team to present to their clients.

  5. 5

    Technical Support

    Our support was not limited to campaigns. We also supported Bear Fox Marketing in improving their technical pitches to new prospects and helped them close new deals more efficiently and effectively.

Throughout this process, we ensured our services were comprehensive and adaptable, delivering on every front.

Meeting the Challenge

While providing white label email marketing services to Bear Fox Marketing, we were faced with many challenges. Each obstacle presented an opportunity for growth and improvement:

A Diversity of Industries

Bear Fox Marketing’s clients represented dozens of industries, including ecommerce, healthcare, banking, business, finance, housing, food, design, machinery, and more. Each industry had unique challenges and demands, requiring us to tailor our strategy and execution accordingly.

Unique Client Needs

Each of the more than 25 clients we worked with on behalf of Bear Fox Marketing had a distinct vision and expectations. This required us to customize our approach, adapt, and innovate our methodologies constantly.

Expertise across 30+ Email Service Providers

With a diversity of clients and industries came the need to work across multiple ESPs. As ESPs often release new features and update their user interfaces, keeping up to date on the most recent versions was (and is) a constant part of our team training and development process.

High-Volume Demand

With work spread across multiple clients, managing this high volume of email campaigns within tight deadlines required a balance of speed, quality, and effectiveness to meet and exceed client expectations.

Complex Integrations

Part of our engagement required integrating various ESPs. These integrations were complex and required detailed technical knowledge and precision.

As a behind-the-scenes entity, we had to prove our value to Bear Fox Marketing’s clients indirectly. These challenges pushed us to expand our skills, streamline our processes, and strengthen our ability to deliver results under pressure.

Client Example: Building a Comprehensive Email and SMS Strategy

One of the clients we served as part of our partnership with Bear Fox Marketing was an aphrodisiac spirits brand with unique tastes for him and her. Here are some of the key accomplishments of this collaboration:

Setup of Dedicated Sending Domains

We set up dedicated sending domains on Klaviyo, a leading email marketing platform, to ensure optimal deliverability and maximize the efficiency of their email campaigns.

Email Sequence Design and A/B Testing

We conducted A/B tests inside of the Abandon Cart automations to determine the most effective approach to these types of communications. This allowed us to improve and adapt strategies based on continual real-time performance data.

Improving and Optimizing Email Performance

We carried out regular automation flow and email performance analysis to identify opportunities for improvement.

Setup of Key Email Automation Flows

We created email automation flows to engage customers at critical points in the purchasing journey. These included Abandon Cart, Welcome, Store Locator Inquiry Welcomes, and Post-Purchase series. These efforts resulted in a significant X% increase in revenue within 90 days.

Here is an Example Audit for a Bear For Client (name and logos removed to protect the client identity)

Concluding Thoughts

InboxArmy's white-label services complimented Bear Fox Marketing's email marketing, allowing them to focus on their core business areas, such as SEO. By providing an entire team's expertise for the expense of 1-2 hybrid resources, we ensured they could deliver top-notch email marketing services to their clients without any extra burden.

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InboxArmy is an expert in delivering exceptional email marketing services, focusing on white-label services that empower businesses to scale their email marketing efforts overnight. Our team of experts blends their technical knowledge with strategic planning to produce superior results.

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