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Email Marketing Planning & Strategy Services

Razor Sharp Focus On ROI And Efficiency

Have a specific email marketing challenge you need met? Or have no idea where to start? InboxArmy’s corps of email marketing strategists provide actionable advice and suggestions to improve and optimize your email marketing programs to enhance ROI.

  • Email Automation Program Strategies
  • Email Marketing Audits
  • Email Testing and Optimization Plans
  • Email Vendor Selection
  • Email Marketing Campaign Strategies
  • List Growth and Nurturing Strategies
  • Channel Integration Recommendations and Strategies

Email Campaign Management Services

Our Expert Team. Your Email Marketing Army.

Don’t have the staff, time, resources, or expertise to handle your ongoing email marketing campaigns? Consider InboxArmy your elite special force for creating, setting up, and deploying your email marketing campaigns. We’ll get to know you, how you work, what you like (and what you don’t). We’ll do the work for you and we can work on any email service provider you desire.

  • Content Coordination
  • Data Management
  • Campaign Development and Production
  • Basic A/B Testing and Reporting
  • Deployment through Your ESP of Choice
  • Dedicated Account Management

Email Template Design & Coding Services

Action-Focused Design. Precision Coding.

A well-executed design and perfectly coded email drives action and generates revenue. Our legion of expert email designers and coders are focused on building mobile-friendly, responsive HTML email templates that render correctly across all of the leading email clients.

Our Template Design And Coding Packages Include
  • Pixel-Precise HTML Coding
  • Installation into Your ESP of Choice
  • Testing to Guarantee Cross-Device Compatibility
  • Training on How to Use Your New Templates in Your ESP of Choice

Email Automation Services

Engaged Customers. Profitable Relationships.

Email automation allows you to engage your customers over a period of time, increase the relevancy of your messaging based on data you collect, and drive higher lifetime value as a result—if done correctly.

InboxArmy’s squadron of email marketing experts can help you construct automated email marketing programs that focus on building and maintaining long-lasting, profitable relationships with your most engaged customers.

  • Welcome Program
  • Birthday Program
  • Winback Program
  • Next Logical Product Program
  • Browse History Trigger Program
  • Best Customer Program
  • Cart Abandonment Program

ESP Vendor Evaluation and Migration Services

We'll help you find an ESP that best fits your needs
  • We understand the prevailing challenges and things your current ESP is unable to deliver.
  • We do not take a commission from any ESP. We will pass on the commission benefits to you
  • We go out and identify the ESP that will suit your needs.
  • We communicate with the shortlisted ESPs and arrange for a demo.
  • We do not resell any platform.

Email Deliverability Audit and Recommendations


Are you struggling with low email open rates? Unsatisfactory email deliverability can happen due to multiple factors such as phishing attempts, blacklisting of your sending domain, and too many spam complaints. Don’t let email deliverability issues become roadblock in achieving your business goals.

InboxArmy can help you optimize your email deliverability and proactively protect your mailing reputation.

  • Receive a clear, prioritized list of recommendations to improve deliverability.
  • Support your implementation of deliverability improvement recommendations.
  • Identify if deliverability issue(s) exist.
  • Determine the causes(s) of deliverability issues.

Trained Email Marketing Experts Available On-Demand


Would you like to build a top-notch email marketing team minus the hassles of recruiting, onboarding, and training? InboxArmy offers dedicated and trained email marketing specialists to solve your talent problem once and for all.

  • We create ROI driven email designs and code them with a high degree of accuracy.
  • The email campaign managers are responsible for managing email marketing campaigns,
  • We help you set up customer journeys and complex workflows in various stages of the customer’s buying cycle.
  • We have expertise in Journey Builder, Email Studio, Pardot, Data Studio and Interaction Studio.
  • Data Management Expert
  • We are a certified Klaviyo Email Marketing Agency
  • Hubspot Expert
  • Marketo Expert

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    Top 26 Email Marketing Services Provider You Need to Know

    Now that you’re armed with some pointers on what to look for in your next email service provider, let’s dive right in and look at some of the best on the market.

    HubSpot Email

    If ever there’s a name that is mentioned the most in marketing circles, it’s HubSpot. That’s because the company has managed to create some amazing inbound and outbound marketing solutions that have helped grow hundreds of thousands of businesses.
    Hubspot email service provider
    One part of their marketing hub that is trusted by many businesses (both large and small) is their email marketing service. And this is because the platform easily integrates with most marketing tools on the market. Apart from that, HubSpot’s email marketing service is easy to use and offers tons of customization options. Add to that an extensive email template library and you’ve got yourself a powerful email marketing service you can use straight out of the box.

    How much will HubSpot set you back budget-wise?

    That’s one of the beauties of the platform. You can get started for free and continue using the free version as long as you send less than 2000 emails a month. Once you cross that threshold, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan.

    Constant Contact

    Constant Contact is one of the oldest email marketing services around (since 1995) and has managed to grow its user base to over 600 000 customers. That makes it one of the biggest email marketing services on the planet. However, their main clientele is small businesses. This is evidenced in their drip campaigns that are super easy to set up but, unfortunately, can’t combine conditions or use advanced filtering

    But what makes the company so successful, besides a great track record?

    For one, Constant Contact has pretty impressive email deliverability rates of over 90%. Add to that the capabilities of easily running surveys and social campaigns within the platform and growing your email list becomes a cinch.

    As for functionality, Constant Contact has an app marketplace that features over 400 apps and can also integrate with tons of other marketing tools. This means the platform can easily be used in virtually any niche and to market any product – with a bit of finetuning.

    You can take this email marketing service for a 30-day spin for free, but after that, plans start at $20/500 contacts.

    Constant contact email pricing

    The ease of use and the fact that it’s easy on the pocket makes Constant Contact a strong contender for the best email marketing service for small businesses.


    GetResponse is another well-known email marketing service that you just have to consider if you’re on the marketer for a powerful all-in-one marketing. Not only will you get a powerful email marketing service with GetResponse, but the platform also comes with a landing page builder and webinar software.

    When it comes to email marketing features, GetResponse definitely packs a punch. With advanced segmentation capabilities that allow you to fine-tune your automated campaigns to the “T”, this is one platform that will definitely give you bang for the buck. Despite its powerful advanced engine, GetResponse is actually a very user-friendly email marketing tool. With a clean and intuitive user interface (UI), setting up campaigns is as easy as eating pie.

    But the biggest deal-sealer with GetResponse is their Autofunnel – a feature that comes with over 30 email and landing page templates as well as prebuilt sequences. This is a very powerful tool that helps you easily generate leads or drive sales.

    While you may expect such a feature-rich email marketing tool like this to come with a hefty price tag, GetResponse actually comes with a friendly price tag.

    Getresponse pricing

    For $15/month for the basic package (1000 contacts), this is actually a steal.

    Campaign Monitor

    If you’re looking for an email marketing service that has a human touch, Campaign Monitor is probably it. Not only is the brand customer-centric but they also invest in giving back to the community via donations and voluntary services. This is probably why the brand does exceptionally well when it comes to non-profit email marketing.

    But Campaign Monitor is not just an email marketing service for non-profit organizations. Their diverse template library and advanced segmentation (thanks to the platform being able to handle advanced rules) makes the platform suited for any industry.

    Features-wise a couple of notable ones you can enjoy from the platform include the ability to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo and the over 250 integrations with other marketing platforms and 3rd party tools. Creating campaigns is also super easy in Campaign Monitor as the drag-and-drop builder is easy to use. Tracking your campaigns is also easy, thanks to the powerful analytics engine and easy to understand reporting system. And if maintaining brand standards is a big deal for you (as it should be), Campaign Monitor allows you to lock sections of your email.

    As for pricing, Campaign Monitor’s basic plan is quite affordable at $9/month for up to 500 subscribers and 2,500 emails.

    Campaign Monitor Pricing

    However, because their plans are based according to the number of contacts in your database, the price can shoot up as your email list grows. For example, if your email list grows to 10,000 subscribers, you’ll end up paying $89.00 for the basic plan and up to $249.00 for the Premier plan.


    Looking for an email marketing service that offers first class service without breaking the bank? Mailjet just might be your answer. Mailjet has been around since 2010 and has This email marketing platform from Paris, France, touts itself as the email solution for fast growing teams and they definitely live up to those claims. That’s because, with Mailjet, offers a lot of value for their plans. For example, their free plan allows you to send up to 6,000 emails per month or to 200 unique contacts/day. That’s more than what most of their competitors offer.

    So, what makes Mailjet stand out from the crowd?

    One feature you’ll definitely love is the collaboration feature. This allows developers and the marketing team to work together on an email in real time. Now that’s cool. Another cool feature is the subscription widget editor that allows you to create and embed subscription form on your website. This makes growing your email list much easier.

    Once you outgrow your free plan, upgrading to Mailjet’s paid plans won’t set your budget back by much as their lowest tier plan only costs $9.65/month for 30,000 subscribers.

    Email Marketing pricing

    If you’re a small business with a shoestring budget, Mailjet is definitely one email marketing service that can help power your growth with their user and budget-friendly yet powerful platform.


    MailerLite is another popular email marketing service that you must consider as you shop around for your next email marketing platform. Boasting of over 600,000 users, the platform is loved for its easy user interface and beautiful responsive email template designs.

    While their forever free plan (maximum 1,000 subscribers) is enticing, it has its limitations. To enable you to run more effective email marketing campaigns, upgrading to their $10/month plan will unlock powerful features such as their landing page builder, embedded forms, and popups. Tracking your campaigns is also easy with MailerLite as it comes with an awesome tracking feature that shows you a click map as well as clicks by location.

    Other notable features to expect from this popular email marketing service include integration with most e-commerce platforms as well as exceptional 24/7 customer support.

    Mailerlite Email Pricing

    While MailerLite’s plans scale according to the number of subscribers on your list, the good thing is that you can send an unlimited number of emails. Definitely an email marketing service you should consider.


    Another great option to consider in the email marketing services pool is AWeber. A popular name in email marketing circles, Aweber is known for being a powerful marketing automation platform. You can easily create an autoresponder workflow based on various actions like email opens, link clicks, site visits, purchases, and more. Add to that the 700 strong email template library and you can be sure your emails will stand out and achieve their goals.

    One of AWeber’s biggest pros is that it’s super easy to import an email list to the platform as it supports several common file formats (XLS, XLSX, TXT, CSV, and TSV). Once uploaded, managing and growing your email list is a cinch thanks to advanced segmentation and list growing tools like landing pages and a nifty RSS / blog to-email functionality.

    When it comes to pricing, Aweber is a bit pricier than other email marketing services on this list.

    Aweber email pricing

    If you’re a small business with a shoestring budget, Mailjet is definitely one email marketing service that can help power your growth with their user and budget-friendly yet powerful platform.


    As the name suggests, ConvertKit is an email marketing service that was designed with conversions in mind. Designed for creators, this email marketing tool mainly targets bloggers, podcasters, course builders, and the whole gamut of creatives.

    ConvertKits flexible tagging and segmentation system sets it apart as it allows you to run hyper targeted campaigns. The only caveat is that it’s not built for sending visual emails. In fact, ConvertKits template library only consists of 3 templates – all text-based – and there’s no option to upload your own. The reason for this is simple – text-based emails have been proven to work best in the niche ConvertKit serves.

    As for pricing, ConvertKit will require you to dig deeper into your pockets as the lowest plan will set you back $29/month.

    Convertkit Email Pricing

    Pricing is based on the number of subscribers on your list so all tiers enjoy the same features. To sweeten the deal, ConvertKit also offers free email marketing courses, making it a great choice for DIY email marketers.


    Marketing automation couldn’t be easier for small businesses, thanks to ActiveCampaign. With a built-in CRM and powerful customization capabilities this email marketing service offers (almost) endless email marketing automation options. Using data collected at different touch points, ActiveCampaign allows you to set advanced triggers. It also allows you to move users on your customer journey based on their interaction with dynamic email content, sales follow ups, and a whole host of other triggers.

    Because of its feature set, ActiveCampaign is more suited for running lead nurture campaigns. Particularly considering that you can easily set engagement metrics to track and assign lead scoring rules, this platform can really help you build hyper-personalized lead nurturing funnels.

    ActiveCampaign Email Pricing

    Starting at $9/month, ActiveCampaign definitely has to feature in your list of top contenders. Of course, not just because of the light price tag, but because of the flexibility it offers.


    It’s impossible to search for an email marketing service without bumping into the famous little chimp. Yes, I’m talking about MailChimp. Though the chimp on the logo may be small, the company definitely isn’t, considering that the platform serves over 16 million customers and sends out 1 billion emails every day.

    What led to the meteoric growth of this email marketing tool?

    One reason could be their forever free plan. Offering users an easy-to-use interface plus up to 2,000 subscribers (maximum 12,000 email sends per month), MailChimps forever free plan is definitely more than enough for most small businesses. However, once you pass that threshold, expect to dig deep into your pockets as upgrading to MailChimp’s lowest plan will set you back $30/month for up to 2,500 contacts.

    Mailchimp email marketing pricing

    Mailchimp makes it easy for you to know what you’ll pay by utilizing an easy to use price calculator. With its ease-of-use, powerful analytics engine, and tons of integrations Mailchimp definitely makes for one of the best email marketing services for small businesses.


    It’s in the name and the platform does it well. Automizy is a powerful email marketing service that promises optimized email optimation. In fact, the company promises to improve your open rates by a whopping 34% (and who wouldn’t want that).

    But is this claim just marketing speak or is there really something to it?

    Well, thanks to its strong feature set, Automizy definitely has the potential to achieve (or even surpass that claim). Apart from the usual features you’ll get from other email marketing services, like campaign builders and forms, Automizy has a few other nifty features designed to improve your open rates. Two such features include a subject line tester and auto sending emails to recipients who haven’t opened your emails. Couple that with a powerful A/B testing tool and you could certainly enjoy that 34% jump in open rates.Automizy Email Marketing Pricing

    With plans starting at $9/month for a list with up to 500 subscribers, this AI powered email marketing service is well worth the investment.


    If you’re looking for an advanced AI-powered email marketing service that’s budget-friendly, then meet SendinBlue. Not only is SendinBlue super easy to use, but the platform comes with an impressive free plan that comes with an unlimited number of contacts. However, on the free plan you can only send a maximum of 300 emails a day.

    Features-wise, SendinBlue has a strong features set that includes the use of AI to optimize email sending time, powerful analytics and tracking, and an easy to use yet very flexible email workflow builder. However, one unique feature you’ll definitely appreciate about this email marketing service is the heatmap tool. This gives you greater insight into how your subscribers interact with your emails.Sendinblue email marketing pricing

    For an email marketing service that also offers a CRM, live chat and SMS marketing on every plan, SendinBlue is a powerful marketing tool worth giving a second look.


    Benchmark is a powerful email marketing service that allows you to take full control of your campaigns. From its intuitive drag-and-drop email builder to advanced automation capabilities, Benchmark is one platform you can rely on to help you reach your marketing and revenue goals.

    To increase the effectiveness of your email marketing, Benchmark comes with tools such as surveys, pop ups, and more. A/B testing (of subject lines and content) and a preview feature that allows you to see how your emails will look across different email clients helps improve open rates and engagement metrics.Benchmark email pricing

    Benchmarks pricing structure is simple and straightforward as well as affordable – particularly considering the powerful features and tools it places at your fingertips.


    Omnichannel marketing has been a hot topic in recent years. And Omnisend is one email marketing service that allows you to do just that. Besides helping you send optimized email marketing campaigns, Benchmark also unifies your marketing across other channels such as push notifications, SMS, WhatsApp, and more.

    When it comes to email marketing, Omnisend is more geared towards e-commerce businesses and easily integrates with most e-commerce platforms. It’s advanced tracking and analytics tools enable you to send hyper-personalized campaigns for driving more engagement and sales.

    One powerful feature you’ll appreciate as an e-commerce store owner is the post purchase automation series that allows you to further segment your email list for more effective campaigns.Omnisend email marketing pricing

    While Omnisend’s free plan is very generous, upgrading to their paid plans will do you more good as you’ll be able to access more of their powerful features and tools.


    Another great email marketing service worth taking a look at as you shop for your next marketing automation tool is Moosend. Moosend comes with easy-to-use and intuitive drag-and-drop email templates that will help you design beautiful emails in minutes. Easily add images, text blocks, social icons, and more to your emails, making them a pleasure to read as well as easy to share

    One stand out feature that you’ll love from Moosend is their “Recipes”. This is an automation feature that offers pre-built workflows that you can modify to suit your campaigns. Each Recipe is made up of 3 sections – the triggers, control steps, and actions. Modifying these will help you build powerful campaigns with hyper-targeted segments and optimized sequences.Moosend email pricing

    Moosend has a forever free plan (unlimited emails) for users with less than 1,000 subscribers. However, once you cross that threshold, you’ll have to upgrade to one of their paid plans that are based on the number of subscribers you have and a few other extra features. Paid plans start from $8/month.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    Salesforce is one of those brands in marketing circles that needs no introduction, thanks to the superior technology behind their products. And their email marketing service is no exception. Super easy to use and feature rich, Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers users one of the most sophisticated marketing tools, thanks to their powerful AI-powered software.

    It’s important to note that Salesforce Marketing Cloud is built for medium to large businesses as its sophistication and price are tailored to businesses that run advanced campaigns and thus need the technological firepower to successfully execute them.

    Apart from the usual features you get with other email marketing services, Salesforce Marketing Cloud takes your campaigns to a higher level by using its AI to tailor each interaction your customers have with your brand. In fact Einstein, the AI, is so powerful it can predict the outcomes of a campaign to a certain extent. This feature helps you tweak and optimize campaigns before sending. You can also easily track campaigns across many platforms and get all your data in one report, making it easier to understand how your campaigns are performing. Add to that the collaboration feature and Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps reduce most of the common bottlenecks in marketing departments.Mailerlite Email Pricing

    As said, this platform is designed for medium to large businesses with deep pockets, as evidenced by the Basic Edition’s $400/month price tag. Pricing is only available on request but one advantage of Salesforce Marketing Cloud is that you can add and remove components as per your needs, making theirs one of the most flexible packages on the market.


    When it comes to e-commerce, the name of the game is customer retention. And this is one of the biggest strengths of Klaviyo, an email marketing service designed for e-commerce.

    While Klaviyo integrates easily with most of the top e-commerce platforms, like Shopify, it may take a bit of work to get it to align with others. When it comes to automating email campaigns for e-commerce stores, Klaviyo really comes into its element. This is especially as it helps you create segments and workflows based on a number of dynamic conditions. Some interesting workflows you’ll appreciate include cart abandonment and browse abandonment campaigns.Klaviyo email marketing pricing

    When it comes to pricing, Klaviyo isn’t on the budget-friendly end and is more catered towards businesses that have grown enough to afford to spend more on their marketing efforts. However, the price tag is definitely worth it as the powerful features pay for themselves.

    Acoustic by IBM

    Acoustic by IBM (formerly Watson Campaign ) is nother robust email marketing service for businesses that have already made their mark and established themselves. With a strong feature set that allows you to set up complex automations and a powerful AI engine, Acoustic builds exceptional buyer journey workflows. Add to that the powerful data processing engine and the ability to generate and easily manage pURLs and you’ll be able to create hyper-personalized campaigns that drive results.

    The only gripes we have with Acoustic is that it’s not beginner-friendly as it has a clunky interface and requires a bit of technical knowledge to use it to its full potential. But the flexibility with which it handles data makes it worth the learning curve.Build smarter campaigns

    Pricing is only available on consultation but expert to pay premium prices for this intuitive and powerful email marketing service.


    Another data-driven email marketing service to keep an eye on if you’re a medium to large business is Epsilon. Well known for their advanced customer analytics and insights, Epsilon helps you create campaigns that are tailored, not only to your business model but for each of your customers as well.

    As can be expected from a big player in the data and analytics industry, one of Epsilon’s biggest strengths lies in its advanced reports. These show every engagement metric, or lack of it, to the “T” giving you better insights into how to best optimize your campaigns.

    Being a premium email marketing service, Epsilon provides exceptional customer service. The team also provides monthly call-ins and offers strategic guidance in some of their plans.Email Marketing expert

    When it comes to pricing, Klaviyo isn’t on the budget-friendly end and is more catered towards businesses that have grown enough to afford to spend more on their marketing efforts. However, the price tag is definitely worth it as the powerful features pay for themselves.

    Adobe Marketing Cloud

    Adobe Marketing Cloud is an integrated marketing platform designed to help reduce your workload while increasing your impact. Offering a cloud-based solution for businesses of all sizes, Adobe Marketing Cloud focuses on delivering a compelling customer experience. This is achieved by allowing you to create campaigns based on different customer profiles based on your customers preferences and interactions with your website and emails.

    One of the advantages of Adobe Marketing Cloud is that you get to pick the marketing tools and components you want to use. Of course, this means you pay for what you use. Unfortunately, this also means pricing can only be obtained by talking to one of their sales reps.Adobe Marketing Cloud

    But of course, as with most products from Adobe, you can definitely expect an excellent product you’ll happily pay for. That’s thanks to its ease of use, clean interface, and of course, efficiency.

    Eloqua by Oracle

    If you’re on the market for an email marketing service that’s designed to power B2B campaigns, then Eloqua just might be the solution you’re looking for. With beautiful designs, easy to set up workflows and flexible data management, you can easily design sophisticated buying cycles (or simple ones if you so wish).

    Creating targeted segments with Oracle Eloqua is easy as the platform seamlessly combines offline and online data from multiple channels to filter and segment your audience. What’s more, the platform also allows you to set up multiple models to evaluate if a lead is the right fit. Once a lead is qualified, the platform automatically sends them to your sales team.Oracle Eloqua

    As with most enterprise email marketing services, pricing is given upon request. This, however, is definitely one email marketing platform you should put on your shortlist – particularly if you’re in the B2B space.


    Growing a successful business depends on one main ingredient – relationships. And that’s what Iterable was designed to do. According to the company’s website, their mission is to help you maximize lifetime value by providing your customers with the best experience, thereby building stronger relationships.

    One of Iterable’s strongest points is its fast data processing engine that allows you to create targeted email list segments. You can leverage the platform’s data (as well as third-party data) to trigger personalized messages and campaigns, resulting in higher engagement and conversions. A WYSIWYG email builder as well as a drag-and-drop journey builder make it super-easy to create winning campaigns.Email Marketing solutions

    Marketo by Adobe

    Marketo was built with one thing in mind – 1:1 conversations with your customers. To help you do this, Marketo aims to give you a 360-degree view of each customer across various channels such as web, email, social, and mobile.

    By integrating data from all these platforms, Marketo gives you a clear picture of who your customer is and why they make decisions the way they do. The result is a more refined buyer persona as well as hyper-targeted messaging. A potent combination for running email marketing campaigns that pack a punch. Besides creating targeted segments, Marketo also allows you to set advanced triggers to help you create tailored buyer journeys. Other features include A/B testing and an easy to use drag-and-drop email builder.Adobe Market Engage Pricing

    Bronto by Oracle

    Bronto is another marketing automation from Oracle that is designed to give you sophisticated marketing automation and mouth watering ROIs. Bronto does this by affording you features such as easy contact management, advanced segmentation, as well as the ability to optimize your sends by time of day or day of the week.Oracle netsuite email marketing

    As powerful as Bronto is, it does have its weaknesses, one of its major ones being the poor reporting system. This is more evident when it comes to identifying the difference between hard and soft bounces. Other than that, the endless customization options and its ability to handle large databases fluidly makes it a strong contender for medium and large businesses.

    Dotdigital (Dotmailer)

    Dotmailer, now known as dotdigital Engagement Cloud is a cloud-based email marketing solution targeted at medium and large enterprise customers. The email marketing service offers email design, scheduling, campaign analytics, and a whole lot more in one place.Omnichannel email marketing pricing

    As for integrations, dotdigital engagement cloud has a very flexible API allowing you to easily integrate the platform with any of your other marketing tools. Some notable pre-built integrations include Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Magento. In fact, dotdigital is the only Magento Premier Technology Partner for marketing automation.

    If you’re looking for a flexible email marketing service that offers AI-optimization, dynamic content, and accurate A/B testing tools, then dotdigital could be the right solution for you.

    Infusionsoft by Keap

    If you’re looking for a platform that marries sales and marketing beautifully, Infusionsoft by Keap is your best bet. Infusionsoft is a powerful platform that serves both as a CRM and an email marketing service. This makes it perfect for small businesses who want to avoid the struggle of managing marketing information across disparate systems.Infusionsoft by Keap

    As an email marketing service, Infusionsoft makes creating email campaigns fun thanks to its intuitive and easy to use campaign builder. Other features you’ll definitely fall in love with include their embeddable forms, advanced tagging system that helps you trigger different workflows and a whole lot more.

    This feature-rich email marketing service will set you back $100/month for a 500 contacts strong email database.

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