Email Marketing Best Practices
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Email marketing is not just about sending emails to your subscribers. It’s more about sending emails that will help you achieve your marketing goals.

InboxArmy’s CEO, Chris Donald had a very insightful chat with Elenora Israele, the head of growth marketing at Clutch, for a discussion on how you can do just that.

Executing an effective email marketing strategy requires that you stay up to date with current email marketing best practices.

Some of the important points discussed include:

  • Who Clutch is and why you need to be on the platform
  • How Clutch uses email marketing to serve their clients better
  • Serving different audiences? How to ensure you master your messaging for each audience type
  • What personalized headlines really are and how to execute them well
  • Should you always personalize your emails?
  • A/B testing - why it’s important, what you need to test, and how to test it right
  • Understanding segmentation and how to properly create and manage segments
  • Keeping up to date with the ever-changing digital marketing landscape - particularly email marketing
  • Why opens are not the ultimate goal of your email marketing campaigns (and how to set proper goals for each campaign)
  • Different types of emails you need to be sending to your subscribers and how to use them to keep your audience engaged
  • Why the best way to serve your customers during a crisis is to continue doing what you’ve always been doing (plus a few extra tips)

Many marketers are struggling to reap the ROI they’re supposed to be with email marketing. As a result, they come to the wrong conclusion that email marketing is dead.

Email marketing isn’t dead.

As long as email remains the people’s choice when it comes to communicating with brands, email will still play a major role in successful marketing campaigns. Make sure to watch this interview as it will help you leverage this powerful marketing avenue - email.

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