How AI has changed the face of email marketing?

Written by: Chris Donald

Published on: 30-08-2019

Chris is Managing Partner at InboxArmy and has more than 25 years of experience in email marketing

Email marketing is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. The two should be in sync if you want to achieve higher engagement and boost your conversions. However, most marketers believe their emails are either not engaging enough or, are not able to offer the kind of optimization they are looking at.

When it comes to emails, marketers are constantly challenged with

  • Increasing brand awareness and positioning the brand as visualized to the customers
  • Building a valid list that will value the message sent in the emails.
  • Generating good leads and converting them into customers.
  • Engaging the potential buyers along the purchase funnel, and carrying them forward and converting them into actual customers.

There are obvious gaps that exist, which can be reduced or removed with the help of data-driven personalization and better email interactions.

Artificial Intelligence technology plays an important role in, not just improving the value of your email, but also perceiving your goals and the future of your business.

With AI by your side, your email marketing techniques gain the power to convert for better.

Here we will discuss how AI can redefine email marketing, and why your business should include it in their marketing strategy.

#1 Know the send-time

Most marketers find it an aching issue to identify the time of the day when their emails will receive maximum opens and click-through rates.

AI offers a data-driven insight into what will be the best send time for your emails. How? The data is all available for you to go through. However, if you were to sort the data on your own, and build insights, it would take longer than you would know.

AI algorithms can happily construct the data into relevant insights, based on the subscribers’ email behavior. The markets also know what subscribers do once they receive an email, and what time do they generally open the email.

This level of personalization can help you win the subscribers, and take that step towards conversions.

#2 Automation with AI

Automation ensures that the email is sent to your customers at the moment when they are moving across the purchase funnel. The idea is to dictate their purchases and convert them. right from on-boarding to nurturing and helping them complete the purchase, there is an automation for every single point in the journey.

  • AI understands what you want or plan to buy by looking at your browsing patterns and past purchases.
  • Accordingly, AI will determine the type of emails that will help you on-board as well as help the business with nurturing you towards purchases.
  • These algorithms are also defined to identify the kind of images and content that seem to attract the email subscribers, so as to maximize the conversions.

The automation done with AI helps receive maximum engagement and improves your conversion rate phenomenally.

#3 Subject Lines that Open High

In most cases, marketers struggle majorly with subject lines. Yes, there are subjects that get you a good open while, there are lines that don’t even get a glance.

How would you know which line actually worked for you? that means, you have to go through all the campaigns, see through the words that actually created an impact, analyse the data and finally come up with the insights.

You might have to do the same with the competitor’s emails too.

Instead, you can adopt AI to your hoard of technologies, and have the data filled into the machine to build insights for you. Based on the learning models that are fed into these machines, you will get an idea on which subject lines do well for your campaigns.

#4 Hyper-personalization for Better Marketing

Personalization was and still is an important part of marketing your content to the right audience. However, with time, the term hyper-personalization is gaining traction.

Sending out emails to the right person with the right message is as important as the right time. hence, you ought to hyper-personalize. If the person has just abandoned a cart, you cannot send them a welcome email. If the person has completed a purchase, you cannot send them a lead nurturing email.

Apart from being personal, you also need to understand their behaviour and their needs to draft the apt email.

It is important for marketers to adopt hyper-personalization, which is possible with AI. AI will not only segment your list, but also tell you when you need to shift a particular person from one cluster to another. It helps you automate with a good list.

#5 Analyze Campaigns Better

you always want to know if a campaign did good, and did you really manage to achieve your goals. However, with AI you can go that one step further and understand what worked in the campaign and what did not.

Your customers and their interests can be learnt better with the combination of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. You will know how and what the customers read through the emails, what part of the emails were they interested in, and for how long did they read the email before taking the action.

In some cases, the people take the action immediately after the first fold while, in some other cases they don’t take the action at all, despite reading through the entire email.

AI will collect and analyse the different data, and give out insights into the campaigns. It will eventually help you craft a better campaign the next time.

#6 Better Email Testing Processes

Emails have to undergo the A/B testing before you send them out. You need to check whether the campaign will be seen by the target group you are sending it to or, do you need to change some parameters. You may not find the human intervening slightly inaccurate, which is why you need to turn to AI to improve your testing processes. You should ideally conduct tests on AI platforms, and they will suggest the improvements to your campaigns, and prevent revenue loss in your marketing efforts.

Wrap Up

AI engineered email marketing campaigns are the superpower that your company needs. it will not only help you float meaningful campaigns, but also enable you to monitor and measure the effectiveness. This way you will be able to capture better subject lines, create dynamic content and improve your overall marketing efforts.

If you are planning to personalize your marketing efforts, it is important you adopt AI technology, as it will make automation and personalisation easier and accurate for your organization.

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Chris sent his first email campaign in 1995. He’s worked directly with Fortune 500 companies, retail giants, nonprofits, SMBs and government agencies in all facets of their email marketing and marketing automation programs. He’s also a BIG baseball fan, loves a good steak, and is mildly obsessed with zombie movies. For more information follow him on linkedin

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