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Chris Donald

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Chris sent his first email campaign in 1995. He’s worked directly with Fortune 500 companies, retail giants, nonprofits, SMBs and government agencies in all facets of their email marketing and marketing automation programs. He’s also a BIG baseball fan, loves a good steak, and is mildly obsessed with zombie movies.


A Comprehensive Guide To Email Marketing For Banks

Welcome to the digital era, where banks dive headfirst into email marketing. The quality of your email marketing strategy could very well be the deciding factor in your bank’s lead acquisition and retention.  Email marketing saves banks time and energy while simultaneously improving the ROI of their marketing efforts.  In this all-encompassing guide, we’ll explore […]

Mortgage Email Marketing: A Game Changer for Mortgage and Loan Businesses

Email marketing is an indispensable tool for fostering customer relationships, driving conversions, and, ultimately, securing long-term business success. For mortgage and loan businesses, email marketing guarantees you a direct and personalized channel for consistent communication with leads and clients throughout

Healthcare Email Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

The health and wellness industry is booming–and has been for some time. Valued at $4.4 trillion in 2022, it’s expected to continue to grow more than 5% each year through 2030.

18 Amazing Retail Email Examples For Your Inspiration

Let’s face it. People wake up to a flooded inbox. With numerous emails to sort through and prioritize, getting that initial email open can be challenging. The best retail emails fuse an attractive design with persuasive and personalized copy that stops the scroller in their tracks and gets them to open, click, and hopefully buy. […]

How to Set Up Klaviyo Abandoned Cart Flows (+ Examples)

After creating email automations for hundreds of eCommerce clients, we’ve learned that klaviyo  abandoned cart flows are one of the most immediate, consistent, and profitable sources of revenue. Roughly 70% of shoppers abandon their carts, and abandoned cart flows can recapture a significant portion of that revenue. And Klaviyo offers one of the best abandoned […]

Promotional Emails: 25 Examples, Best Practices, & Tips

Effective email marketing is a direct channel to engage with a broad audience. Not only is your reach significant, but the conversion rate is where your business will stand out.  Here, we explore a definitive roadmap to creating compelling, engaging, and conversion-driven promotional emails. This guide breaks down the strategies and best practices to craft […]

SendInBlue Pricing Explained (Brevo): Which Plan is Right for You?

Brevo (formerly SendInBlue) is a popular email marketing platform offering fantastic features for small and medium businesses. It is easy to use, and the pricing plans are designed to be flexible enough for all kinds of companies. This article will explore Brevo’s pricing and discuss the right plan for you. But first, let’s look at […]

Klaviyo Emails Going To Spam? Here’s How To Fix It

It can be frustrating to notice a sudden (or even gradual) uptick in the number of Klaviyo emails going to spam, especially if you have a history of healthy deliverability and engagement rates with your audience. You may be wondering if Klaviyo (or whatever email marketing platform you use) is somehow causing this uptick. But […]


Privacy in Email Marketing: Chris Donald in Conversation With Dennis Dayman

We are in an era where successful email marketing (and marketing of any nature) strongly depends on big data. While back in the 90s, where the internet was more like the wild west, you could get away with anything. Today, data management and privacy laws are reigning everyone in. While these may look like they’re […]

AI Subject Lines: Chris Donald in Conversation With Parry Malm

The first shot you have at getting people to open your email is your subject line. Nail your subject line and the chances of your email campaign succeeding become higher. That’s why you need to invest in creating winning subject lines. This is where tools like Phrasee come in. Using powerful algorithms, they are able […]

AB Testing: Chris Donald in Conversation With Kath Pay

What if we told you you’re doing your A/B tests wrong. Because you probably are. A/B testing is an important element of running effective email marketing campaigns. By creating different variations of your email and sending it out to a test audience, you gain insight into which email will drive more results. That is why […]

Email Deliverability: Chris Donald in Conversation With Matthew Vernhout

No matter how well crafted your email copy may be, unless your recipients receive it, your campaign will be a flop. That’s why you need to pay special attention to email deliverability. Email deliverability is your ability to reach your subscribers inboxes. And no, it’s something that is guaranteed. There are many factors that could […]