6 Last-Minute Easter Email Design Ideas

6 Last-Minute Easter Email Design Ideas

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6 Last-Minute Easter Email Design Ideas

Easter is this Sunday, and most brands already have their email marketing campaigns lined up and ready to go. What sets Easter apart from other holiday emails is the color scheme many brands bring into play—pastel colors in shades of green, blue, and pink that provide a feeling of warmth and Spring. (And of course—the Easter Bunny.)

If you’re still in need of last-minute ideas, we’ve got inspirations for you:

Paper Source

Subject Line: Hop On Over To Our NEW $5 Mini Workshop!

Paper Source

What we liked:

  • Makes wonderful use of Easter-themed colors
  • Promotional information in the first fold
  • Responsive email design that re-arranges the elements into single column
  • The zig-zag layout in the second half aids in scannability


Subject Line: No bunny but you 🐰


What we liked:

  • This evite features a video—or rather a hero image with a play button to prevent a broken user experience (since video does not play in all email clients).
  • The video is instructional and is followed up in the email with a promotional banner.
  • The navigation menu has been shifted to the bottom to provide a distraction-free experience “above the fold.”


Subject Line: bloomin’ lovely Easter outfits + OFFERS


What we liked:

  • Email is designed for scannability – you get relevant information without hassle.
  • Ample use of whitespace
  • Textual CTAs within each section


Subject Line: Hours left to save $35!

Cheryl's Easter Email

What we liked:

  • Nice use of the picnic spread visuals to present the promotions and products
  • Main offer is front and center “above the fold.”
  • Navigation menu is relevant to other holiday-based products such as spring and St. Patrick’s Day.


Subject Line: Easter’s Early, Are You Ready?

M & M

What we liked:

  • A neat, clean, responsive email design
  • Navigation Menu has logos of their products i.e. M&M’s.
  • Easy-to-find promo code
  • Zig zag layout
  • Ample use of whitespace


Subject Line: What’s better than chocolate? THIS! 🐰🥕


Swiggle’s Easter email has an animated GIF in the header that captures the attention immediately.

What we liked:

  • Attention-grabbing animated GIF in the header
  • Spring color schemes
  • Two-column layout
  • Individual CTA buttons in each section

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