The Foundation for Emails - Ebook Series for Email Marketers

The Foundations of Email Marketing Series

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The Foundations of Email Marketing Series

As professional email marketers, it’s easy to get caught up in the trends and the more complicated, longer-tail email marketing programs and discussions. Yet often, in our conversations with businesses large and small, we find that what we consider to be “The Basics” of email marketing are often forgotten or, frankly, poorly executed.

So, in an effort to help email marketing amateurs and professionals alike, over the next few months we’ll be putting together a series of Ebooks on “The Foundations of Email Marketing”.

In this comprehensive “Email 101-type” series, we’ll be giving you the information you need on the four pillars of email marketing:

  1. Your Mailing List
  2. Your Email Template + Creative
  3. Segmentation + Targeting
  4. Deliverability

For each pillar, you’ll get both a higher-level download on tips and tricks for maximizing this portion of your email marketing as well as deeper dives into the intricacies of the topic.

A strong foundation of understanding is critical to email marketing program success. Our first eBook on Your Email Marketing Mailing List is ready now. Click on the link below to download the first Ebook and sign up to receive updates as each additional eBook is completed.

Foundations of Email Marketing - Download Ebook

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