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How AI has changed the face of email marketing?

Email marketing is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. The two should be in sync if you want to achieve higher engagement and boost your conversions. However, most marketers believe their emails are either not engaging enough or, are not able to offer the kind of optimization they are looking at. When it …

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email fatigue

Symptoms of Email Fatigue and Making it Right

Instead of being the marketer, today, think from the subscriber’s perspective for a minute. Imagine receiving an email from a brand every single day. How does that make you feel? Not too good? Does it feel like you are being pushed into making that purchase? Now imagine how would your customer feel when you, out …

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6 Effective Tips for B2B Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered one of the most crucial strategies when it comes to B2B marketing. From generating and nurturing leads to accelerating conversions, B2B email marketing does it all. This is the reason B2B emails have open rates higher than B2C emails. While B2B emails come with an open rate of 24%, B2C emails …

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3 Steps For An Effective Email Creation Process

According to a recent study, 74% of consumers believe that email will be the most widely used channel over the next 10 years. Another revealing figure: according to an Econsultancy survey, 73% of professionals consider the ROI with email is good, even excellent. This clearly demonstrates the importance of this communication channel for brands. So, …

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Are Image-based Emails Cool For Email Marketing?

Take a look at these e-newsletters, which of them do you like more? These are emails from the ReallyGoodEmails website —“Apps&Services” category There are two types of email marketers: those who prefer to follow the MailChimp recommendation about the 20% to 80% text-image ratio as a standard, and those who don’t. Does it mean that …

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