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How to design aesthetically attractive emails?

Emails happen to be the most effective medium of communication with your customers. Whether you want them to know about your new venture or, want to update them with your new services, sending an email always works. Imagine receiving an email from your favourite e-commerce store, declaring a Winter sale. Wouldn’t that make you want …

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How startups can propel sales with emails

Startups are all about confidently launching a company and witnessing your dreams getting transformed into a commercialized product, service, or business. Thinking big and acting bigger are the keys to advance past competitors and empower themselves to tie their visions to reality. With Internet taking over everything, direct mail marketing has become digital marketing. Emails, …

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Optimizing Your Emails for Mobile Devices

More emails are read on mobile devices and therefore, it has become imperative to optimize your emails for smaller screens. According to Adestra’s report of “Top 10 email clients”, 59% of email opens took place on mobile, 15% on desktop, and 28% in a webmail client. Moreover, 3 in 5 consumers check their emails on …

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How Does Acquisition Email Marketing Work

How to Make Acquisition Email Marketing Work?

Acquisition email marketing is the stepping stone to wooing new customers. According to Email Marketing Industry Census, 2018, email is the most highly-rated marketing channel as far as ROI is concerned. Also, it is interesting to know that the average proportion of marketing budget accounted for by email has remained at 15%, the same percentage …

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