Solving the Business to Customer Communication
Challenge in Times of Economic Crisis

We can’t ignore the fact that the world is in turmoil right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has totally changed the way people do life. And when people change the way they do life, the way they consume marketing communications also changes. And as you well know, communication is the backbone of every business.

With the various lockdowns being implemented the world over, billboards and other advertising mediums have been reduced to relics. Even paid digital media such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and all other PPC ads have tanked in terms of impact.

However, despite the challenges facing other marketing channels, one still remains viable. In fact, it has become more effective than before.

You guessed it - that channel is email.

So what makes email such a portent marketing channel in times of crisis?

  • Direct : Email goes right to your customer’s personal space -their inbox. That’s something no other marketing channel can boast of.
  • Advanced Personalization : Particularly in times of crisis, empathy goes a long way in strengthening customer relationships. And getting personal with your customers helps you express that empathy.
  • Affordable : While this benefit is mainly for you as a business, it also spills over to your customers. This is because lower advertising costs mean you can offer your product cheaper.

Speaking of affordability, we understand that most businesses are in a financial crunch at the moment.  Maybe yours is too.

That’s why we’ve decided to offer businesses a "marketing stimulus relief".

Wait! I know what you’re thinking. Why Inbox army?

Perhaps a backstory will help. InboxArmy is an elite, full-service email marketing agency offering transparent email marketing packages for all your email marketing needs. Well, any agency can claim that.  So what makes Inbox Army any different?

For one, our commander-in-chief Chris Donald.

With an email marketing history that goes as far back as 1995, he knows exactly how to fine-tune an email campaign to suit any business model. That’s why he’s been trusted by Fortune 500 companies, retail giants, nonprofits, SMBs, and government agencies to strategize their email marketing programs.

But successful email marketing is all about teamwork. And that’s why Chris built a team of email marketing experts to turn the agency into a well-oiled machine. An elite army with one mission - winning your inbox wars.

And victory to us means turning your subscribers into repeat customers.

Don't take our word for it.
Read What Manuel has to say about Inboxarmy

I looked at a few agencies online who offered similar services. Once I spoke to Chris and his team, I was sure that they were the right fit for Boie. They help design and implement weekly emails that go out to our customers and subscribers.

The types of emails include transactional notifications, discounts and sales, brand initiatives, and more. We've grown our newsletter from a few thousand subscribers to over 130K since we've been working with them.

Weekly calls help set up strategy and the team is extremely familiar with our 3rd party email provider (Klaviyo). Their ability to scale with us, as we scaled our subscriber list. They knew exactly what we needed for our current size and goals.

Manuel De La Cruz - CEO

Our Packages

Full-service Campaign Management Packages includes

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  • Content Coordination
  • Campaign Development and Production
  • Deployment through Your ESP of Choice
  • Data Management
  • Basic A/B Testing and Reporting
  • Dedicated Account Management
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Template Design and Coding Packages include

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  • Pixel-Precise HTML Coding
  • Testing to Guarantee Cross-Device Compatibility
  • Installation into Your ESP of Choice
  • Training on How to Use Your New Templates in Your ESP of Choice
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Our Email Marketing Strategies include

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  • Email Automation Program Strategies
  • Email Testing and Optimization Plans
  • Email Marketing Campaign Strategies
  • List Growth and Nurturing Strategies
  • Email Marketing Audits
  • Email Vendor Selection
  • Channel Integration Recommendations and Strategies
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Our Audit Packages can provide

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  • "Deep Dive" Data Review
  • Comprehensive Program Review
  • Email Template Design and Code Review
  • Insight and Direction for Program Improvement
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Email Automation Services

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  • Welcome Program
  • Winback Program
  • Browse History Trigger Program
  • Cart Abandonment Program
  • Birthday Program
  • Next Logical Product Program
  • Best Customer Program
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Initially we had hired Inbox Army to create a few one-off campaigns. We then switched to using Inbox Army in handling our email marketing needs.

We had interviewed several options for our one-off campaigns, and found Inbox Army to be the most knowledgeable with what our intentions were and for the most fair price. Once the campaigns were complete it was an easy choice to move all of our email marketing needs to them.

We have had great progress with our welcome, re-engagement, and cart abandonment campaigns. We have received enough data from these in order to proceed with further development and changes to the campaigns. Internal stakeholders are pleased with the effectiveness of the campaigns.

Inbox Army, LLC leverages a structured workflow to maintain consistent delivery. Customers can expect a knowledgable and professional team.

Tristen Richardson - Sales and Marketing Manager

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