25 Unique Ecommerce Newsletters With Insights That Keep You Ahead Of The Game

Written by: Scott Cohen

Published on: 09-10-2023

Scott is VP of Strategy and Marketing at InboxArmy and has more than 20 years of experience in email marketing.

Keeping up with ecommerce trends, news, innovation, and tech can be exhausting. And frankly, it’s impossible to always stay up to date with every single development.

So, how can you pay attention to the trends and industry insights that drive growth? Subscribing to some of the best ecommerce newsletters can solve this dilemma. But how do you choose the right newsletter?

This article will cover industry insights that are worth paying attention to and why. We’ll also the benefits of leveraging these insights and provide 25 best ecommerce industry newsletters for you to consider subscribing to and copying. (Shh, we won’t tell!)

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What Is An Ecommerce Newsletter?

An ecommerce newsletter is an email focused on ecommerce trends, advancements, technology, and best practices. These newsletters generally include company announcements, product updates, customer tips and tricks, insights, even special sales from time to time.

Sent weekly, monthly, quarterly, sometimes even daily, some ecommerce newsletters may be niche-specific (think fashion or an Amazon store newsletter), while others focus on general ecommerce tips and insights.

Whatever your niche or focus might be, there’s an ecommerce newsletter out there for you. We’ve put together our 25 favorites. Browse our list and go “shopping” for your next newsletter!

25 Best Ecommerce Newsletters to Follow

Our Top Picks

After scouring the newsletters available to our ecommerce businesses, here are our top four picks! 

1. Invesp

Invesp Ecommerce newsletter example

One of the most unique newsletters we have come across, Invesp is a newsletter with 14 contributing writers. It combines various voices, experiences, background, and tactics. This newsletter is the “ultimate guide to boosting conversion, improving user experience, and search engine rankings.”

With such a diverse approach, this newsletter offers practical and detailed insights, advice, and guides to help ecommerce businesses thrive. Recent content focuses on AB testing, conversion optimization, and multivariate testing. 

2. Feedspot

Feedspot Ecommerce newsletter email template

This isn’t a newsletter in itself, but rather a content aggregator that aggregates top newsletters, content, blogs, podcasts, and insights from industry leaders and influencers. You can essentially build your own newsletter to catch all important developments and save time and energy. FeedSpot does the leg work for you by collecting and delivering these insights right to your inbox.

3. Get Elastic

Elastic Path ecommerce email newsletter

Coming in number three for us but ranked the #1 ecommerce blog and newsletter. This newsletter provides research and analysis as well as practical tips for ecommerce businesses. This newsletter also encompasses Elastic Path. 

Content includes B2B insights, ecommerce myth busters, ecommerce “platforming” tips, and more. 

4. Veeqo

Veeqo best ecommerce newsletters example

An Amazon company, Veeqo states it’s the “world’s best ecommerce blog,” and with access to Amazon’s ecommerce data, that is easy to believe. This newsletter is for retail businesses and entrepreneurs at any level. Expect free guides, webinars, product insights, and a variety of ecommerce content in your inbox. 

Insightful Newsletters 

5. Neil Patel 

Neilpatel ecommerce newsletter example

This is a well-recognized name that needs no introduction. If you do not follow Neil Patel’s content, we would highly suggest you do! Niel Patel runs multiple websites with digital marketing tools and insights. His newsletter and content feature case studies and ecommerce data that many sellers find highly valuable. 

6. Prisync

Prisync Ecommerce Newsletter Design Examples

A newsletter focused on monitoring competitor pricing. This business also provides software that tracks your competitors’ pricing, allowing you to gain the upper hand in your pricing strategy. 

7. Backlinko

Backlinko Personalized Ecommerce newsletter examples

Another well-known brand in the ecommerce industry. Bryan Dean shares exclusive SEO tips and insights with this newsletter. This is an excellent resource for ecommerce businesses looking to level up their Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

8. Shoplo


This newsletter focuses on multi-channel marketing, a great tactic to diversify lead generation. It also includes advice on growing sales with third-party sites and interviews with successful ecommerce business owners. 

9. Baymard Institute

Bymard Institute Responsive ecommerce email newsletter template

Boasting over 130,000 hours of UX research, this newsletter is a gem for ecommerce businesses looking to strengthen their UX efforts. With page design examples, premium analysis, UX articles, and benchmarks, this is a no-brainer subscription!

10. Demac Media 

Bounteous ecommerce newsletter ideas

A vital newsletter for original data and case studies. This newsletter is aimed at mid-sized ecommerce businesses and entrepreneurs. With a unique co-innovation approach, Demac Media focuses on the power of collaboration and networking. The content and data offered are straightforward and actionable. 

11. Digital Commerce 360

Digital 360 commerce - best ecommerce newsletter example

This newsletter tracks ecommerce news and updates industrywide. The coverage is thorough and up-to-date, enabling ecommerce businesses to pivot quickly and keep up with trends. 

12. Tamebay 

Tamebay - Leading ecommerce newsletters

A leading newsletter publisher sharing news, insights, and intelligence for ecommerce merchants and business owners. This newsletter shares hints and tips to improve efficiency and profits. With over 1 million subscribers, this newsletter provides significant value. 

Newsletters From Those Who Walk The Walk And Talk The Talk 

13. Tim Peter 

tim peter ecommerce newsletter template

An ecommerce leader with a wealth of experience working with top ecommerce companies, some of which are on the Fortune 100 list. His newsletter shares his insights from hands-on experience building an ecommerce business, and he works with Tim Peter & Associate providing ecommerce consulting. 

14. Armando Roggio

practical ecommerce - best ecommerce newsletters

Nicknamed ecommerce boy—he has a technical background and takes a strategic and practical approach to his ecommerce efforts. He contributes to Practical Ecommerce, sharing marketing inspiration, financing options, and more resources for an ecommerce business to continue ensuring growth and success. 

15. My Wife Quit Her Job (Steve Chou)

my wife quit her job - an ecommerce newsletter for scaling a profitable ecommerce business

Interesting name, right? Steve Chou shares a sustainable and family-first approach to building and scaling a profitable ecommerce business. As a guest speaker and seen in Forbes, ABC News, OPEN Forum, and more, Steve Chou is a well-known ecommerce voice. 

Newsletters With Daily Insights

For emails on the daily, consider one of these newsletters. 

16. Ecommerce Times

Ecommerce Times - a daily insights ecommerce newsletter

If you are looking for daily coverage of ecommerce trends and news, consider Ecommerce Times. This newsletter covers social media marketing (SMM), mobile commerce, SEO, and more. Look at one of their recent articles in preparation for the holiday season. 

17. eMarketer


eMarketer is a newsletter providing daily emails on digital marketing, advertising, media trends, and white paper offers. It’s focused on data-driven insights and content and includes Industry Insights eMarketer FYI content. 

Conversion And Optimization Focused Newsletters

18. ConversionXL

Conversion XL - an ecommerce newsletter with novel and pattern-interrupting tactics

This newsletter provides “novel and pattern-interrupting tactics, recently tested in a real-life scenario” and strategy tips that deliver significant results verified by the CXL team. This newsletter will help you quickly identify and implement tactics that are working now. 

19. VWO


VWO isn’t just a newsletter-focused website; VWO is a leading optimization platform. It provides up-to-date information in research, building, and managing optimization campaigns. This blog is helpful for individuals and business owners looking to improve their optimization skills regardless of their familiarity with optimization.

Recent content covers engagement, churn rate, and content ideas to increase conversion. 

20. Conversioner


Another unique newsletter that takes an unconventional approach to conversion optimization. This newsletter highlights the emotional factors of conversion optimization. What does this mean? The content covers how web design, good copywriting, and other marketing efforts influence consumer reactions and behavior. 

Recent content discusses emotional targeting in online marketing, web design fundamentals, and product descriptions’ influence on ecommerce conversion. 

Comprehensive All Things Ecommerce Newsletters 

21. MIVA

Miva - ecommerce newsletter example

MIVA covers a variety of tactics, strategies, and areas of ecommerce success. From Search Engine Marketing (SEM), downstream marketing, conversions, payment processing, AI, and much more! A great all around option. 

22. Core dna

Core dna

Core dna is a newsletter and full-service ecommerce solutions platform. It provides business insights, marketing management tips, platform suggestions, web development insights, and more. 

Unique Approach and Niche Newsletters 

23. A Better Lemonade Stand

A better lemonade stand - Niche based ecommerce Newsletter

A unique name for a unique newsletter. A Better Lemonade Stand ‘s newsletter is focused on entrepreneurs building profitable businesses while leveraging the power of AI. This newsletter specifically focuses on those looking to create and sell digital products. 

The founder, Richard, joined Shopify in 2013 as part of its Growth team and later expanded its blog and impact. He later wrote a book for Shopify on starting an ecommerce business and developed multiple passive income streams. A Better Lemonade Stand provides insights from a tried and true industry leader. 

24. Blue Stout

The Blue Stout - A Unique Approach ecommerce newsletter

Have you ever wondered how to leverage an idea to drive sales? Look no further. Blue Stout covers how retailers can leverage ideas and inspiration to boost sales. With these insights, business owners can develop unique and creative approaches to differentiating themselves and problem-solving. 

25. Sociology Of Business


This newsletter examines consumer behavior branding strategy. It takes a visual approach to breaking down sociological principles and their correlation to consumer trends and ecommerce and business sphere shifts. 

Benefits Of Subscribing To An Ecommerce Newsletter

Subscribing to an ecommerce newsletter ensures you stay current without spending hours scouring the web for ecommerce data and news every single week. With one subscription, you can regularly access new marketing ideas, industry news, innovations, and more.

The top benefits of subscribing to an ecommerce newsletter include:

  1. Staying informed: In a rapidly evolving and competitive industry!
  2. Access to industry data: Consumer behavior, competitive analytics, and more. 
  3. Saving time: Arguably, the top benefit here is that a newsletter gives you back hours every week to reinvest in actionable improvements in your business to boost efficiency and, ultimately, profit.
  4. Networking opportunities: Some newsletters include announcements of upcoming webinars and industry events. 
  5. Competitive advantage: A great newsletter gives you an edge over businesses that may not be as informed or up-to-date. 

What To Monitor For Ecommerce Updates?

You’re probably already monitoring your business’s analytics. Tracking your ecommerce analytics to identify trends specific to your business and target audience drives growth. Now, let’s take that a step further.

Along with following your internal data, your business will benefit when you follow industry trends, technology advancements, and innovations. 

Here are some key industry insights and areas to monitor:

Consumer Behavior and Preferences:

Understand how your target audience shops online, where they shop, what products they prefer, and how their shopping habits change over time. 

Sales and Marketplace Trends:

Follow growth rates, seasonal fluctuations, and emerging niches. If you sell on online marketplaces (e.g., Amazon, eBay), monitor changes in their policies, fees, and consumer behavior.

Mobile Commerce:

Track changes in mobile shopping and optimize your website and marketing strategies for mobile.

Content, Influencer, and Omnichannel Marketing:

Stay updated on content marketing trends and influencer partnerships that can help boost brand visibility. Explore how consumers engage with your brand across various channels, such as online, offline, social media, and mobile.

Emerging Technologies and Payment Innovations:

Technologies like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance the ecommerce experience, so follow these advancements. Keep an eye on new payment methods, including digital wallets, cryptocurrencies, and buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) options.

Logistics and Shipping:

Innovations in logistics and shipping, including faster delivery options, sustainable practices, and last-mile delivery solutions. Track improvements and implement as needed. 


Understand how sustainability and eco-consciousness impact consumer preferences and adapt your practices accordingly.

Data Privacy and Security:

Stay updated on data privacy regulations and invest in robust cybersecurity measures to protect customer data.

Subscription Models:

Monitor the success of subscription-based ecommerce models and assess whether they are suitable for your business.

Competitor Analysis:

Assess competitors’ strategies, pricing, and customer engagement tactics. 

Legal and Regulatory Changes:

Be aware of evolving ecommerce laws, tax regulations, and compliance requirements in your region and internationally if applicable.

Customer Service Innovations and Retention Strategies:

Explore new customer service technologies and strategies to enhance the shopping experience and resolve issues more effectively. Monitor customer retention trends and implement loyalty programs and personalized marketing to retain customers

International Markets:

Keep an eye on global ecommerce trends and consider expanding into international markets if viable for your products.


Staying up to date in the ecommerce industry is an ongoing process. Be agile, open to innovation, and adaptable to changing consumer preferences and technological advancements. Regularly seek out industry news, attend relevant conferences, and invest in employee training to stay ahead of the curve. To stay up to date and save yourself time and energy, subscribe to one or more of the unique ecommerce newsletters listed in the article. 

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