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Scott Cohen

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Winner of the ANA Email Experience Council’s 2021 Stefan Pollard Email Marketer of the Year Award, Scott Cohen is a proven email marketing veteran with nearly 20 years of experience as both a brand-side marketer and an email marketing agency executive. He brings to our clients a unique blend of experience building and managing larger CRM and retention teams, sending millions of emails and SMS per week, and award-winning copywriting chops.


Mother’s Day Email Examples to Create Engaging Campaigns

The second Sunday of May in Canada and the US, and the fourth Sunday of Lent in the UK, is Mother’s Day. The perfect occasion to honor and express gratitude to all mothers and even caregivers, it is one of the most important gift-giving holidays of the year! According to figures released by the National […]

7 Impactful Trigger Email Examples – InboxArmy

A Triggered email Campaign plays a vital role in maintaining relevance with and greasing the wheels of the journey for your customers. But what exactly are triggered emails? In this article, we’ll peel the layers of the onion that is triggered email marketing and provide you with both an understanding of their role and complexity […]

Top 8 Customer Engagement Metrics to Track

The success of your business depends on the connection between your customers and your brand. The deeper the connection, the more your customers will buy from you and talk about your brand. But how do you measure this connection? Welcome to customer engagement metrics. Customer engagement metrics are used to quantify the connections you’re building […]

What Is Growth Marketing (8 Examples + 8 Strategies)

Smart marketers don’t launch campaigns just to acquire new customers. Instead, they take a strategy-based, holistic approach to marketing designed to enhance overall business growth. You might know this as Growth Marketing. Growth marketing is a dynamic mindset that is revolutionizing how marketing leaders are approaching acquisition, customer retention, and yes, sustainable growth. In this […]

Cross-Channel Marketing: Tips + Examples to Drive Your Strategy

I’ve said for years that, at a minimum, know what your customers have done with you. When customers are thrown off balance by different brand experiences in different channels, it can lead to frustration and diminish brand love.

25 Valentine’s Day Email Marketing Examples & Tips

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love. It’s a celebration of connections, emotions, and, in the marketing world, an excellent chance to connect with your audience on a more personal level. As Valentine’s Day approaches, marketers have a unique opportunity to channel their creative energies into crafting heartwarming and compelling email campaigns. Whether you’re a […]

10 AI Email Marketing Tools You Must Try

With the rapid advancements in machine learning and data analytics, AI has become a crucial component for marketing professionals to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their email campaigns. Email marketing continues to be one of the top marketing channels, with 51% of marketers claiming it is their most effective channel. With AI’s capabilities and […]

Lifecycle Marketing: Everything You Need To Know

The term “lifecycle marketing” is becoming more prevalent in the business world–especially for the email marketers and CRM marketing professionals within these organizations. Personally, I love that this is happening.


Episode 1:Demystifying Email Deliverability with LB Blair from Email Industries

Email deliverability is a complicated beast. LB Blair knows email deliverability. Having worked in construction, culinary, data analytics, even ATF compliance, it’s fair to say LB has seen it all. So when we wanted to get to the bottom of the very deep and complex domain that is email deliverability, LB was our first call. […]