12 Effective Email Marketing Tips You Need To Know To Make Your Campaign Successful In 2020

Written by: Chris Donald

Email marketing is a popular, up-to-date, and influential tool for businesses to engage and reach out to customers effectively. While many may think that social media supersedes email marketing ideas, that is not the case. Email marketing services are still on par with social media and are expected to grow in 2020.

As smartphones and tablets have gained popularity, people are constantly checking their emails on the go, regardless of their profession or field. A survey by Marketo shows that 94% of internet users in the US have active emails, which is a total of 254.7 million users.

Almost all businesses use email marketing ideas nowadays as an effective, fast, and low-cost way to reach out to their customers. The best part is that customers of all age brackets use and check their emails daily. While social media is the new digital marketing phenomenon, email marketing is part of both – the traditional and conventional— communication tools. In fact, today, email marketing ideas are more far-fetched than ever before. ..

In this article, you will find 12 2email marketing tips and tricks that will help you design your campaign and make it successful. Let’s start by learning about email marketing trends.

Email Marketing Trends

An organization is no longer measured by its brand awareness and customer acquisition; rather, it is assessed on its customer engagement and accessibility – according to a report prepared by The Economist Intelligence Unit. Company viability now depends on how the marketers drive customer engagement that eventually impacts the revenue. The study also shows the positive and direct impact that engagements have on the revenue and sales of businesses.

This is where email marketing ideas step in. It is considered to be one of the most efficient and effective ways to engage with customers.

Email graphic on a world map

Email marketing campaign ideas are making big money as they continue to stay relevant. It is a technique that constantly adapts as the technology landscape shifts. For up to a decade, on average, the return on investment for each email has been about $39.40, according to a survey by Campaign Monitor.

In 2010, when social media was becoming popular, there was a speculation that this will be the ‘end of emails’. Nonetheless, there are still 307 billion emails sent out per day as compared to 247 billion in 2010.

In today’s world, emails are all about user-generated content, accessibility responsive interactivity, and automation.

Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing tips are effective and guarantee success. To make your campaign successful, here are some email marketing tips and tricks that will help you gain more customers.

1. Know Your Audience

If you are designing your email campaign idea, then knowing your audience is the most important thing. For any kind of marketing, you need to have a targeted audience so that your audience is interested in what you have to say. The email marketing trick is to target the ones who have subscribed to your content, follow you on your social media, or have searched for your business on a search engine.

Once you have a target audience, determine the kind of information they need to hear from you through emails. Depending upon the nature of your business, ask yourself what the audience has signed up for and what they want to know. Deciding what they want to hear will also require you to categorize them according to their demographics. The more you know about your audience, the more persuasive your email marketing campaign idea will be.

2. Quality Content is the Key

High Quality content is the key

The next effective email marketing tip is to give the users quality content. If you have a defined audience, it will become much easier to generate content that is relevant, helpful, and engaging for the customers. Strong and creative content is the trick to get more clicks and add value to your emails. Some email marketing tips and tricks for high-quality content are:

  • Don’t take your email marketing for granted as it is one of the most efficient tools with high conversion rates.
  • Plan and draft your emails appropriately.
  • Hire professionals to do so.
  • Use graphics, fonts, and images to make it creative.
  • Use engaging content such as visuals to ensure interactivity.

3. Subject Lines

Did you know that 47% of users open an email after reading its subject line? The success of an email marketing campaign idea is highly dependent on the kind of subject lines you use. This is undoubtedly the most crucial part of your campaign success.

Write killer subject lines to attract and engage your audience immediately. A subject line is the first impression of your email, your company, and your campaign – and we all know that first impressions matter and you don’t want to mess it up. If the subject isn’t appealing, your recipient will not open your email and lose it.

Some of the email marketing tricks for attention grabbing subject lines are:

  • Make them short and to the point.
  • Benefit-driven subject lines create a good impact as users are keen to learn what is in it for them.
  • Create an impact with an offer such as ‘Discount’ or ‘50% off’.
  • Use first person narrative and be interactive.
  • Make it clear so that the recipients know at first glance what to expect.
  • Trigger curiosity, fear, urgency, and necessity.

4. Personalized Content

Personalizing content and creating segmented email lists are two other email marketing tips you need to make your campaign successful in 2020. By segmenting the audience, you can create personalized content.

Create high-quality, personalized, direct emails that focus on the demographics, needs, and expectations of your defined audience. Even though such email campaign ideas may take time to get executed, the results will be worth it. The click-through rates of personalized emails are much higher than emails with merely general information.

5. A/B Testing

A/B testing on conversion rates

One of the most effective email marketing tricks is A/B testing. This method is used to experiment with two options and see which one works and gets more clicks. You can hire two designers or content creators and ask them to take two different approaches. Send these emails to two groups with a few recipients (make sure it’s a small percentage).

The result is measured by the number of likes or clicks that each set of emails get. This sort of email campaign idea is to find the right approach for your target audience. You can’t undo the email that has been sent, but you can make sure you don’t send it to more people.

You can also use A/B testing to assess which subject line is catchier and more appealing by measuring the number of opens it got.

6. User Accessibility

When talking about successful email campaign ideas for 2020, user accessibility is a major area to cover. Generating emails with high user accessibility means using smart speakers for voice assistants, reading emails aloud or having visually accessible content. Accessible email designs may cost you more, but it prioritizes the needs of your customers.

You can increase user accessibility in two ways:

  • Accessible content: The content inside your email should be concise and readable. You can do this by using bullet points, shorter sentences, avoiding difficult words, and using active voice.
  • Accessible design: The design of your email should be user-friendly as well. For this, you can use all-image email templates or HTML designs as they are accessible. A simple email marketing tip is to design emails keeping in mind the broader audience. Emails should be visually appealing and appropriate.

7. Interactive Content

Interactivity derives engagement. Advanced email marketing campaigns are all about emails that directly speak to your customers. It is important to have a conversation with the customers or people will start ignoring your email.

In email marketing, it is more important to have higher conversion and click rate than focusing on sending out a huge number of emails. If your recipient is not clicking on your website or interacting with you, there is no use of sending out emails.

Some of the email marketing tips and techniques to keep the reader on your email are:

  • Call-to-Action: Your email must end with a call-to-action, which is a link to your website.
  • Use animated buttons and links to allow customers to visit the webpage or call directly on the customer service helpline.
  • Include surveys, polls, and other user-generated interactive content.
  • Welcome feedback and reviews in emails.

8. Prioritize Active Users

One of the essential email campaign tips is to ensure that your emails go to the right person. In order to do that, you can sort out the ones that are active and give you the most clicks and add them to a separate mailing list. You can use this list to send emails to the users who would actually read them. This also promotes customer loyalty. You can give special offers to the active, loyal members to keep them motivated.

9. Mobile-Friendly

Emails on mobile phones

Effective email campaign tips include having mobile-friendly content and design. Since most users access their emails on their smartphone devices or tablets, make sure your emails are mobile-friendly. This will ensure a higher click rate and more engagement. Here are some email marketing campaign tips for mobile-friendly emails:

  • Use email marketing tools for mobile templates.
  • Use shorter subject lines for mobile emails.
  • Use mobile-friendly sign-up forms.

10. Don’t Spam!

Say no to Spam

The most important email marketing campaign tip is to never spam your recipients. Spamming does not only push your user away but also automatically takes your emails to the junk folder. You can avoid spamming and prioritizing active users by creating mailing lists. Don’t include everyone on your target audience list. The key is to invest your time in reviewing the targeted segments of the audience and filtering the emails accordingly.

If you have new subscribers or customers, adopt a nurturing approach. Don’t spam them with emails; rather, build upon their experience. Create separate mailing lists for all these audience segments so you can tailor the emails accordingly.

11. Automation

The 2020 email campaign tips are all about automation. There are plenty of email marketing tools that a business may use to optimize their email marketing. Inbox Army is an email marketing agency that gives targeted solutions to help engage customers and manage your campaign. Email marketing professionals know how to engage your audience;hence, this is an effective tool to build on your strategy and then execute it. You can link these email marketing tools to your website, and Google Analytics will help gather data about the page visitors.

12. Measure and Monitor

The final email campaign tip is to measure and monitor your success. If you are sending a number of emails but don’t see any positive results, you might want to change your strategy. Implementing an effective email marketing strategy can do wonders to your business sales and growth.

You can measure your success through:

  • Open to send ratio
  • Click to open rate on your call to action

These 12 email marketing tips and techniques can make your campaign successful in 2020. Email marketing goes a long way if it is used in the right way. If you abuse this low-cost, convenient way to reach out to customers and spam them with emails, there is a high chance that your emails will end up in the junk folder. So use your email marketing power wisely!

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