300+ Email Subject Lines and Best Practices To Follow

Written by: Chris Donald

Published on: 01-05-2023

Chris is Managing Partner at InboxArmy and has more than 25 years of experience in email marketing

Emails are indispensable marketing tools. And therefore, email marketing is anything but dead. It gives you the upper hand to reach out to your target audience segment directly albeit with the right tools, techniques, and most importantly – email subject lines.

Why is Email Subject Line Important?

The first thing that recipients view when they receive an email in their inbox is the subject line and pretext header. What happens thereafter is interesting:

  • 64% of recipients open emails due to their subject lines (Barilliance, 2021)
  • 69% of recipients tag emails as spam soon after seeing their subject line (Invesp, 2021)

As you can see, Catchy email subject lines are one of the most critical parts of emails and well-constructed email subject lines make your readers click on the email, thereby increasing the email open rates. Even if your campaign is designed to perfection, the efforts are all futile without getting the open rates.

How Long Should My Email Subject Line Be?

According to a study from Marketo, 41 characters, or 7 words, seems to be a sweet spot for email subject line length. So, ideally, you should keep the subject line no more than 7-8 words or 35-41 characters. Remember, you’ll also be including a pre-text header along with it. So both of them should be visible perfectly, especially on smaller devices.

Pro tip: Keep the CTAs at the beginning of the subject lines.

Having said that, do you want to know what the best practices for writing attention-grabbing subject lines are? We got you covered via the following pointers.

Best Practices For Email Subject Lines

The Best Practices to Craft Best Email Subject Lines_Blog Banner

Don’t ignore pre text header

The importance of preview text can’t be ignored. They are essential real estate, which give readers a sneak peek into the email. When this text is not defined, the email client will tend to pick the first sentence of the email copy by default.

This can be disastrous, to say the least!

This is why you need to focus equally on the pre text. And go for testing to see how it appears with the subject line. 

Personalization is the name of the game. 

Never miss the bus on this one – personalization in subject lines must be the mainstay of any email you send out. 

  • 34% of marketers in the UK and the US are reported to employ email subject line personalization (Adobe, 2020)
  • Open rates shoot up by an enormous 50% with personalized email subject lines (Zippia)
  • Multi-channel retailers experience 37% higher unique email open rates for personalized subject lines than non-personalized ones (Experian)

Personalization of the subject lines can be as simple as using your subscriber’s first name. You’ll see this in the examples of the email subject line templates section. 

If you’ve some customer data ready at your disposal, then you can even go a step ahead and personalize the subject line (and the body copy). For instance, you can use information like:

  • Recent purchase history
  • Shopping cart abandonment
  • Wish listed products
  • Frequency of purchase
  • Sync online vs. offline behavior
  • Demographics

Keep them short, crisp, and to the point.

Because your subscribers/readers are going to view the emails on different devices and via different applications, the number of characters that they are going to see within the subject line is going to vary. 

Cramming too many words in the subject line will make it verbose. No one wants to really see a long, never-ending string of text in their already overflooded inboxes. 

The solution?

Cut down any unnecessary jargon, words, and information. Just stick to the basics and focus on grabbing their attention within seconds. 

Leverage the beauty of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Offer people something in limited edition, and they’ll flock in hordes to buy them. This simple human behavior goes by the term – FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out. It propels them to act quickly.

So why not use it across your email subject lines?

Give your target audience a sense of urgency. Be it promoting a huge discount only during Black Friday or reminding them of quickly depleting stocks of their favorite products. 

Communicating these ‘urgent’ messages by cleverly tweaking your subject lines (using words like attention, hurry, important, etc.) can do wonders in boosting the open rates.

However, beware of not overdoing anything to trigger spam filters. For instance, refrain from using too many shouty CAPS, emojis, or exclamation marks. 

Make them curious

“Get flat 50% off on our inaugural products.”

“An offer you can’t refuse!”

Which of these two subject lines will make you open the email? We all know the answer. And there’s a valid reason behind this. Our attention span is less than that of goldfish. That’s all the more reason to hook your readers or subscribers at the first glance itself. 

Give them a sneak peek of what they can potentially find in the email. There are many ways to do so. 

  • Create a hype around a new product
  • Unveiling a new product service
  • Ask questions/make it conversational
  • Shock them with an insane fact/statistic

All in all, keep their interests piqued. 

Converse with the recipients

By now, you already know the importance of the warmth that a friendly, conversational tone of voice brings to email subject lines. Ergo, the recipients of your email will pay more attention when they’re the ones being talked to directly. 

Write them as if you were to write to a friend or a family member. Give sufficient context and make it relevant for them. 

Never overdo emojis

Using emojis is a common practice nowadays and it’s a sure shot way to grab the attention of the readers/subscribers. Sample these statistics:

  • 56% of businesses that use emojis in the subject lines of their emails enjoy increased open rates (Zippia)
  • Emoji-rich email subject lines tend to be opened 8% more likely to be opened than those without any (MailMunch)

How To Add Emojis To Email Subject Lines?

How To Add Emojis To Email Subject Lines

While there are several ways to include emojis in the subject line, here are some points to remember:

  • Never use more than three emojis
  • Fit the context of the email and the brand
  • Replace words in subject line
  • Motivate users to take actions urgently
  • Convey an emotion 

Remember, stuffing one too many emojis in the subject lines as it may adversely impact the open rates. It is the same case as using way too many exclamation marks and question marks. Let’s not forget the fact that the emoji appearances will appear differently based on various factors from the browsers to devices used to view the emails. 

At the end of the day, there should not be anything left to guesswork with emojis. Period. 

All said and done, it’s time to get into some action.

300+ Email Subject Lines

300+ Email Subject Lines_Blog Banner

Announcement or Sneak Peek Emails

  1. Incoming Breaking News: [important update] 
  2. Here comes the email: News you can’t ignore! 
  3. <First Name>, Last chance to save on [product/service]
  4. Don’t miss out on our exclusive [event/offer]!
  5. [First Name], we miss you and how! 
  6. Hey <First Name>, it’s been a while…
  7. Have you heard about the red hot topic? 
  8. Your exclusive invitation to [event/offer]
  9. [First Name], we are the helping hand you always wanted!
  10. Thanks for being our ACE customer!
  11. A special gift just for you, [First Name]
  12. [First Name], did you forget about this?
  13. Your [product/service] is ready!
  14. [First Name], our [product/service] is perfect for you!
  15. [First Name], are you interested in [topic]?
  16. How to [solve a problem/achieve a goal]
  17. Are you tired of [problem]? Here’s a solution.
  18. The ultimate guide to [topic]
  19. Ready for a change? Try [product/service]
  20. Get [result] in [timeframe] with [product/service]
  21. [First Name], it’s time to [take action]
  22. [First Name], this is too good to miss!
  23. [First Name], your [product/service] is waiting!
  24. [First Name], take a look at our new [product/service]
  25. A message from [CEO/Founder]
  26. [First Name], we need your feedback!
  27. Your [product/service] is about to expire!
  28. [First Name], let’s catch up!
  29. [First Name], this is important!
  30. [First Name], don’t miss this opportunity!
  31. The [product/service] you’ve been waiting for!
  32. [First Name], thank you for your loyalty!
  33. [First Name], you deserve a break!
  34. [First Name], let us help you save time and money!
  35. Are you struggling with [problem]? Here’s how we can help.
  36. [First Name], you won’t believe what we have in store!
  37. [First Name], we have a surprise for you!
  38. [First Name], let’s work together to [goal/outcome]!
  39. [First Name], we have a solution for your [problem]!
  40. [First Name], your [product/service] just got upgraded!
  41. [First Name], we’re here to help with [problem]!
  42. [First Name], have you tried our [product/service]?
  43. [First Name], we have some exciting updates for you!
  44. [First Name], check out our latest [product/service]!
  45. [First Name], you’re going to love this!
  46. [First Name], we have something special for you!
  47. [First Name], it’s time for a change!
  48. [First Name], are you ready to [achieve a goal]?
  49. [First Name], join us for [event/offer]!
  50. [First Name], we have a gift for you!

    Offer and discount emails

  51. Hurry! Limited time sale on [product/service].
  52. It’s your lucky day! [Percentage] off sitewide.
  53. Last chance to save on [product/service].
  54. Don’t miss out on our flash sale!
  55. Get your hands on our best deals of the season.
  56. Only a few hours left to save on [product/service].
  57. Final hours to take advantage of our sale.
  58. Last call for our clearance event!
  59. Grab these deals before they’re gone.
  60. [Percentage] off on all [product/service] items.
  61. Our sale is ending soon. Shop now!
  62. Deals you can’t resist. Shop our sale now.
  63. [Product/service] sale alert! Limited time only.
  64. Save big on [product/service] this season.
  65. Shop now and save on [product/service].
  66. [Percentage] off all [product/service] items.
  67. Our best deals of the year are here!
  68. Don’t miss out on our Black Friday sale.
  69. Shop our Cyber Monday deals now!
  70. End of season sale on [product/service].
  71. Last chance to save on your favorites!
  72. Hurry, our sale won’t last forever.
  73. Big sale on [product/service]! Shop now.
  74. Limited time offer: [Percentage] off sitewide.
  75. Take advantage of our holiday sale.
  76. [Product/service] deals you can’t pass up.
  77. Our sale just got better! [Percentage] off everything.
  78. You don’t want to miss this sale on [product/service].
  79. Summer sale on [product/service]. Save now.
  80. Save on your favorites! [Percentage] off sale.
  81. [Product/service] at unbeatable prices.
  82. Shop our Memorial Day sale now!
  83. Limited time offer: [Percentage] off your purchase.
  84. Our biggest sale of the year. Shop now!
  85. Clearance sale alert! Save on [product/service].
  86. [Percentage] off on all orders. Don’t wait!
  87. Huge sale on [product/service]. Shop now.
  88. Spring into savings with our sale!
  89. You don’t want to miss our [product/service] deals.
  90. Get ready for summer with our sale on [product/service].
  91. Last chance to save on [product/service]!
  92. [Product/service] at prices you can’t resist.
  93. [Percentage] off all orders. Limited time only.
  94. Stock up on your favorites during our sale.
  95. [Product/service] sale of the year!
  96. Don’t wait to save on [product/service].
  97. The clock is ticking! Save on [product/service] now.
  98. [Percentage] off everything. Shop now!
  99. Only a few hours left to save on [product/service]!
  100. Our sale is almost over. Don’t miss out!
  101. Save big on [product/service] this [holiday].
  102. Last chance to take advantage of our sale!
  103. It’s not too late to save on [product/service]!
  104. [Percentage] off all [product/service] items. Shop now!
  105. Clearance event you don’t want to miss!
  106. Spring savings on [product/service]. Shop now.
  107. [Product/service] deals you won’t find anywhere else.
  108. Our sale is back and better than ever!
  109. Don’t wait! Save on [product/service] now.
  110. End of summer sale on [product/service]. Save now!

    Webinar and events announcement emails

  111. Join our upcoming webinar: [Topic] 101.
  112. [Speaker Name] is coming to our podcast! Tune in.
  113. Sign up for our free webinar on [Topic] today.
  114. [Podcast Name] episode [Number] is now live!
  115. Learn from the experts in our upcoming webinar.
  116. Don’t miss out on our podcast with [Speaker Name].
  117. [Topic] mastery made easy. Join our webinar.
  118. Our latest podcast episode will blow your mind!
  119. Discover the secrets to [Topic] in our webinar.
  120. [Speaker Name] shares their insights on our podcast.
  121. Join us for a deep dive into [Topic] in our webinar.
  122. Get inspired with our latest podcast episode.
  123. Our free webinar on [Topic] is filling up fast!
  124. [Podcast Name] episode [Number] – you won’t want to miss this.
  125. Be the first to hear our exciting podcast episode!
  126. Our expert panel is ready for our upcoming webinar.
  127. [Speaker Name] shares their experience in our podcast.
  128. Learn the latest trends in [Topic] in our webinar.
  129. Our podcast just got better – new episode alert!
  130. Discover the power of [Topic] in our free webinar.
  131. Tune in for our exclusive interview with [Speaker Name] on our podcast.
  132. Join our webinar to hear from [Industry] leaders.
  133. Get the inside scoop on [Topic] in our latest podcast episode.
  134. Our webinar will transform the way you think about [Topic].
  135. [Podcast Name] episode [Number] is a game-changer!
  136. Discover new insights in our upcoming webinar on [Topic].
  137. [Speaker Name] talks about their journey on our podcast.
  138. Join us for a lively discussion on [Topic] in our webinar.
  139. [Podcast Name] episode [Number] – a must-listen!
  140. Be a part of the conversation in our upcoming webinar on [Topic].

    Welcome emails

  141. Welcome to [Brand Name]: Your journey starts now!
  142. Thanks for joining us – your account is ready!
  143. Welcome to the [Brand Name] family!
  144. Here’s everything you need to know about [Brand Name].
  145. Say hello to [Brand Name]: Your new favorite destination.
  146. Welcome aboard! Let’s get started with [Brand Name].
  147. Thank you for signing up – your rewards are waiting!
  148. Your [Brand Name] account is live – let’s begin.
  149. You’re officially part of the [Brand Name] community!
  150. Welcome to the [Brand Name] tribe.
  151. Thanks for joining us – here’s what’s in store.
  152. Say hello to [Brand Name]: Your new go-to for [Product/Service].
  153. Welcome to [Brand Name]: Your personal journey awaits.
  154. Your [Brand Name] membership is now active!
  155. Ready to explore [Brand Name]? Let’s go!
  156. Get ready for a world of [Product/Service] with [Brand Name].
  157. Welcome to the [Brand Name] revolution
  158. Your [Brand Name] account is live – here’s what’s next.
  159. Thanks for joining us – let’s take on [Product/Service] together.
  160. Welcome to [Brand Name]: Your one-stop shop for [Product/Service].

    Transaction emails

  161. Your order has been confirmed!
  162. Here’s your receipt for [Product/Service] purchase.
  163. Your payment has been processed successfully!
  164. [Order Number]: Your order is on its way!
  165. Thanks for choosing [Brand Name] for your [Product/Service] needs.
  166. Your [Product/Service] subscription has been renewed.
  167. Your account information has been updated.
  168. [Product/Service] delivery update for order [Order Number].
  169. Your [Product/Service] account is now active.
  170. Your [Product/Service] trial period has ended.
  171. Your [Product/Service] password has been reset.
  172. [Brand Name] account security update.
  173. Your [Product/Service] cancellation request has been processed.\
  174. Your [Product/Service] subscription is about to expire.
  175. [Order Number] – Your package has shipped!
  176. Your [Product/Service] invoice is ready.
  177. [Product/Service] renewal reminder for account [Account Number].
  178. [Product/Service] upgrade confirmation.
  179. [Order Number] – Your package has been delivered!
  180. Your [Product/Service] plan has been changed.

    Proof of concept emails

  181. “Proof that Our [Product/Service] Works Wonders”
  182. Real-Life Success Stories: See How Our [Product/Service] Has Helped Others”
  183. “Numbers Don’t Lie: The Data Behind Our [Product/Service]”
  184. “See How Our [Product/Service] Improved [Insert Metric] by [Insert Percentage]”
  185. “Tested and Proven: Our [Product/Service] Delivers Results”
  186. “Customer Testimonials: Hear What Others Are Saying About Our [Product/Service]”
  187. “Experience the Difference: Try Our [Product/Service] for Yourself”
  188. “Case Study: How Our [Product/Service] Helped [Insert Business/Individual] Achieve [Insert Goal]”
  189. “Proof of Concept: Our [Product/Service] Is Backed by Science”
  190. “The Results Speak for Themselves: Our [Product/Service] Is a Game Changer”
  191. “From Zero to Hero: How Our [Product/Service] Transformed [Insert Situation]”
  192. “Don’t Just Take Our Word for It: See How Our [Product/Service] Stacks Up Against the Competition”
  193. “Discover the Power of Our [Product/Service]: Real Results, Real People”
  194. “The Success Stories Keep Coming: How Our [Product/Service] Continues to Deliver”
  195. “Join the Ranks of Satisfied Customers: Our [Product/Service] Works Wonders”
  196. “The Proof Is in the Pudding: Our [Product/Service] Has a Track Record of Success”
  197. “A Tried and True Solution: Our [Product/Service] Has Proven Results”
  198. “See the Impact of Our [Product/Service] in Action: Real Examples, Real Success”
  199. “Science Says Yes: Our [Product/Service] Is a Proven Solution”
  200. “Discover the Power of Our [Product/Service]: The Evidence Is Clear”

    Bonus: Quirky email lines that get the ball rolling for your target audience.

  201. Why did the tomato turn red?
  202. The answer is 42
  203. Hasta la vista to bad fortune
  204. Don’t stop, just shop – avail best deals
  205. The best cog in the wheel 
  206. Life has come a full circle
  207. Time for the double take
  208. FOMO no more and here’s why 
  209. Make space in your home and hearts
  210. Funtastic deals you can’t refuse

    Straightforward subject lines:

  211. Welcome: Get started with our Keyword Magic Tool
  212. Welcome: Get started with our Keyword Magic Tool
  213. lLearn how to find great keywords with our Keyword Magic Tool
  214. Keyword Magic Tool: Learn about our most valuable feature
  215. Here’s how to get the most value from SEMRush
  216. Create great content with our Keyword Magic ToolYou’ve got a new message!
  217. We’ve Made Some Changes To Our Website.
  218. Your order is being deliveredEmail Automation Webinar: Tonight @ 7:00pmThe 2016 
  219. State Of Social Report [47 Page Resource]Email Marketing Budgets 2020 Report
  220. [Subscriber’s Name], you forgot your [Product].
  221. [Subscriber’s Name], complete your purchase today.
  222. Check out the latest articles from our blog[Name of newsletter] – January 1, 2021
  223. Here’s how to get the most value from our product.
  224. Welcome to [company/product name]! Let’s get started.
  225. Your Order #1234567 Is Being ShippedTrack your order status
  226. Check out our most popular fall outfits5 products we think you’ll love

    Curiosity invoking subject lines:

  227. Things That’ll Scare You About How The Media Works
  228. Who Is More Active On Social Media: Men Or Women?
  229. How being lazy can make you a better marketer
  230. What a cat can teach you about living the writer’s life
  231. The strange way millennials are saving the environment
  232. What Elvis Presley can teach you about email marketing.
  233. This tool makes creating content easy!
  234. The #1 tool for simplifying content creation!
  235. Save hours on content creation with this tool.
  236. You’ll never have to do keyword research again…
  237. One tool. Millions of keywords.
  238. The tool that will forever change your content creation process.
  239. Keyword. Research. Made. Simple
  240. How to create 10x more content with our Keyword Magic Tool
  241. How to save 10 hrs/month with Keyword Magic.
  242. How can Keyword Magic improve your content creation process?
  243. How can Keyword Magic save you 10 hrs every month?
  244. Open Keyword Magic. Enter your website. Then…
  245. Enter your website into Keyword Magic and watch what happens…
  246. We asked 100 marketers how they track ROI. The answers will amaze you.

    FOMO subject lines:

  247. ACT NOW: Get access to our Keyword Magic Tool for one month
  248. Free 1-month trial of our Keyword Magic Tool expires in 48 hours
  249. 24 Hrs Left: Get 1-month trial of our Keyword Magic Tool
  250. Ending Soon: Save 30% On [Product]
  251. Today Only! Enter For A Chance To Win A $1000 Gift Card!
  252. Our products sell out fat! Complete your purchase before it’s gone.
  253. Uh-oh! Your cart is expiring.
  254. Quick! We only have 20 [Product]s left!
  255. Limited-Time Offer: Get our 2020 edition [product] before they sell out!
  256. You’re missing out on points
  257. Last chance to get [product] 50% off…
  258. [Subscribers Name], earn double points TODAY ONLY!
  259. Heads up, your subscription expires tomorrow.

    Combine Two (or more) Unlike Things:

  260. Can Growing A Mustache Change The World
  261. Free Coffee, Bad Apples, And The Future Of Currency
  262. Drugs, Milk, & Money: Social & Regulated Industries
  263. How Twitter helped me kick my phone addiction
  264. How to eat your way to a new sleep schedule

    Say Something Inappropriate:

  265. Where To Drink Beer Right Now” [This email was sent by Eatery Boston at 6:45pm on a Wednesday]
  266. Licking Your Phone Never Tasted So Good
  267. Show Us Yours And We’ll Show You Ours.” [Nightlife at the California Academy Of Sciences]
  268. Do you like to watch? [Benefit Cosmetics]
  269. You’re Not An Idiot. So Why Act Like One?

    Tell A Relatable Truth:

  270. C’mon, it’s Friday and You’re Killing Time Anyway
  271. Everyone Hates The Boss. Learn How To Smile Through It. [WorkLife]
  272. We both know you’re not working.
  273. Instead of watching Friends for the 100th time, try these shows…
  274. How we make our mornings suck 2% less.

    Poke Fun At Yourself:

  275. Great, another email!
  276. SAAALE! Extra 40%! Sorry for yelling!
  277. 6 hacks to hack hacking.
  278. Ok, ok, fine. Try our razor free.
  279. Sales emails suck. But this one’s different.

    Rhyme & Alliteration:

  280. 10/10 would not wormhole again” [Recess]
  281. Cruisin’ for a jacuzzin'” [Chubbies]
  282. Lovely lingerie for little ladies.


  283. Just Pho You: Where To Eat SF’s Best Pho [The Bold Italic]
  284. Can We Cut In: Top Rated Knives Up To 60% Off [Sur La Table]
  285. ‘I’ll call you later.’ ‘Don’t call me later, call me dad.

    Subvert Or Adapt Popular Phrases:

  286. Suns out, mugs out” [Death Wish Coffee]
  287. It’s a plaid, plaid world” [Torrid]
  288. Let the Festivi-TEAs begin!” [Cup & Leaf]
  289. Mother Jokes. Get Them.White Saturday Shoppers Are The Worst

    Pop-Culture References:

  290. As you wish [Reference to the movie The Princess Bride from an email from Uncommon Goods]Look what you did, you little jerk… [Reference to the movie Home Alone from an email from The Hustle]
  291. We’re bringing sets-y back [Reference to the song Sexy Back from an email from Sephora]
  292. Call me Thigh Fieri [Reference to cook-show host Guy Fieri from an email from Chubbies]
  293. Forget Your Troubles, C’mon Get Matchy [Reference to the song Get Happy by Frank Sinatra from an email from Patpat]

    Controversial subject lines:

  294. Why Your Business Is Going To Fail In The Next 5 Year.
  295. ACCESS our Keyword Magic Tool FREE for a Limited Time
  296. 3 Reasons You Gave Up On Your Dreams
  297. Your Strategy Is All Wrong. Here’s Why…
  298. You’re Terrible At Content Marketing. This Tool Can Make You Great!
  299. This Tool Will Save Your Failing Business
  300. Your Boss Is Going To Fire You. Unless You Do This…
  301. Content Marketers Are Too Dumb To Do This Alone…
  302. Your Content Marketing Strategy Is Flawed. Use This Tool To Fix It.
  303. Everything you know about fitness is wrong
  304. Why your sales team sucks
  305. 10 ways you’re killing your dreams
  306. It’s not your fault. You had bad parents
  307. 6 foods you eat every day that are killing you

    Opposite subject lines:

  308. 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Our Product
  309. How I’m Going To Lose All My Customers & Wreck My Business
  310. 6 Ways You Shouldn’t Use Our Product
  311. 3 Features Of Our Product You SHOULDN’T Use To Grow Your Business
  312. The Worst Way To Get Started With SEMRush
  313. 3 Examples Of Customers Who Hated Our Product
  314. (No Subject Line)
  315. Want your business to fail? Read this email…
  316. 6 ways you shouldn’t use our product
  317. 10 reasons to go with our competitors
  318. We’ve been lying to you… and probably will again.
  319. 11 things we hate about our customers.
  320. “How we plan to go out of business in the next 5 years

All’s well that starts well! 

Now that you have a reference point on how to write subject lines that deliver, why delay your campaigns? Shoot your queries to us so we can create compelling emails with failsafe subject lines that hooks your target audience. Check our email campaign management services to learn more

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