Email Marketing: Don’t Forget Your Landing Page!

Written by: Chris Donald

Published on: 08-25-2016

Chris is Managing Partner at InboxArmy and has more than 25 years of experience in email marketing

You’ve designed the perfect email. The code is pristine. The calls-to-action are easy to find. The subject line is compelling. You press SEND.

The opens start rolling in. The clicks start going through.

Your Revenue? A pittance.

Was there a problem with the email? No. The problem lays with your website—more specifically the page where you’re landing those folks who clicked on your easy-to-find call to action.

The email landing page on your website may be the most important part of your email campaign. Why? Because the conversion doesn’t take place inside the email; it actually takes place on your website.

The Role of a Landing Page
In spite of being one of the most effective ways of lead generation, landing pages are underutilized. The MarketingSherpa Landing Page Handbook (2nd edition) claims that 44% of clicks for B2B company emails are directed to the website homepage, not a dedicated landing page. Moreover, of the B2B companies using landing pages, 62% have a total of just six or fewer landing pages!

Here’s how landing pages can play an effective role in your email marketing campaigns:

  • Landing pages allow you to keep your email copy clean and concise.
  • Landing pages enable you to provide detailed information about a product; something that you can’t/shouldn’t do in an email
  • Landing pages are the perfect place to bring recipients to your website and showcase your products/services
  • Landing pages allow you to propose supplementary products
  • Landing pages better enable you to help analyze the traffic and effectiveness of email campaigns
  • Your landing page should match the concept, design, and offer of your email. Any disconnect between the promises of your email campaign and the delivery on your website or landing page can be the difference between success and failure.

(For instance, if you’re promoting a specific product and you land your clickers on a landing page for different products; that point of friction could kill your conversion rate.)

So, when constructing your email campaigns, do not forget to design a corresponding landing page on your website. And most importantly, make sure you do it right.

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Chris sent his first email campaign in 1995. He’s worked directly with Fortune 500 companies, retail giants, nonprofits, SMBs and government agencies in all facets of their email marketing and marketing automation programs. He’s also a BIG baseball fan, loves a good steak, and is mildly obsessed with zombie movies. For more information follow him on linkedin

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