40 March Newsletter Ideas To Engage Your Readers

Written by: Chris Donald

Published on: 01-30-2023

Chris is Managing Partner at InboxArmy and has more than 25 years of experience in email marketing

Say goodbye to those dark and gloomy winter evenings. Longer days, warmer evenings, cheery moods, and allergies are quintessential Spring elements. March also sees brands jump back into action through back-to-back email campaigns. Subscribers’ inboxes become very busy as all the companies are promoting their new fashion and tech trends with amazing march newsletter ideas.

Sometimes, your targeted emails can get lost in the sea of promotional emails. However, there is one such email that enjoys a higher open & click-through rate than your regular assembly-line emails- the newsletter. 

The newsletters offer comprehensive updates about the brands, ongoing events, and various days of observances.We have created an exhaustive March Newsletter ideas guide that can easily help you with brilliant emails. 

With a little forethought and careful planning, you can come up with creative and themed newsletters for your readers or contact us.

March Newsletter Trends

1) Spring Trends

Spring themes and trends are the most common promotional email campaigns during mid-March. Air filter brands, nurseries, clothing brands, and allergy medications brand up their email marketing games during this time. Or, create an email newsletter that compiles all these trends with easily clickable CTA buttons. 

2) March Trends

March is a hectic month for tech, finance, and manufacturing companies. Usually, tech brands can seem to promote their outgoing products with generous discounts and offers. They also prepare elaborate email newsletters campaigns to tease their upcoming products and update the customers about their annual roadmap.

Finance brands are sending wrap-up emails and newsletters. They usually outline the economic landscape and use the what-to-expect section to prepare their customers for the new financial year. 

3) Days of Observance

This month is also notoriously filled with major observance days and some obscure ones. For one, International Women’s day and the First Day of Ramada are a few of the big ones with high email traffic.

And, there are also some goofy ones, like Respect Your Cat Day on March 28th. All these holidays offer a lot of chances to email marketers to channel their creativity and come up with highly engaging email newsletters

Themes For March Newsletters

More often than not, newsletters look the same throughout the year. But, if you want to stand out in your subscriber’s inbox, you can create themed newsletters for every month. For march newsletter ideas , green is the dominant color. Green and citrus colors represent the freshness of spring and excitement for St. Patrick’s Day.

The holy month of Ramadan also begins in March and using the green color in the Ramadan newsletter displays respect towards the Islamic religion and its holidays. Email marketers also use pink and pastel colors to celebrate all the beautiful ladies in our life during International Women’s day. 

Comrad follows the spring-theme color palette to the last letter. The hero image of its promotional emails sports a leafy green background with colorful objects. They have also used soft and pastel colors to break their email template into different sections. 

March Newsletter Subject Lines

March Email Subject Lines

Here is an idea- instead of constantly racking your brain to come up with new email subject lines, follow this list of March Newsletter Subject Lines as inspirations to create your own. To begin with, you can use the first 4 words of this paragraph as a subject line to celebrate International Ideas Months in March. 

You can have fun with words and create subject lines with wordplay. Here are some examples- 

  • Spring into action with xx% discount 
  • March into Spring break with us
  • Method to March Madness 

Or, you can try age-old and reliable subject lines, like-

  • Take a break this Spring break
  • Swing into Spring 
  • Bye, bye, Winter. Hello, Spring. 

You can also use simple subject lines, like-

  • Save xx% on the end of the Winter Sale
  • Get in your orders before March Madness
  • Slam Dunk discounts for March Madness 

March Newsletter Ideas for Email Campaign-Worthy Holidays in March

March Newsletter ideas for email campaign worthy holidays

Now, there are enough observance days in March to confuse you. So, we made of list of important holidays and categorized them according to weeks to make everything that much easier for your march newsletter ideas. 

March 1st-

The first day of the month is often celebrated as National Pig Day. So, if you are a meat brand looking to celebrate this day, you can do so by sending out a newsletter containing your favourite pork dishes, like whole roast, bacon, candied bacon, burgers, and ribs. It is also celebrated as compliment day, but making a list of compliments seems a bit redundant while creating a newsletter.

March 2nd-

This day has some obscure observances like Egg Mc Muffin day, National Read Across America day, and National Old Stuff day. You can combine Read Across America Day with your month-long celebration National Reading Month to create an engaging newsletter filled with book recommendations. 

March 3rd-

This day is of great significance for photographers and wildlife pages as it is celebrated as World Wildlife Day. If you are working with any such brands, you can create countless email newsletter templates covering many different creatures from our biosphere. 

The Real World Store sent this email as a part of the awareness campaign for World Wildlife Day. In this newsletter, they mention animals that are on the brink of extinction and have attached donation links under each of the articles. Towards the end of the email, they have given a shout-out to their most avid supporters and patrons. 

March 4th-

Celebrated as National Grammar Day, enables a certain company, loved by writers and students, to create engaging promotional emails. It is also celebrated as World Obesity Day. This presents the perfect opportunity to spread awareness about obesity and tackle these problems. 

March 5th-

Also known as National Absinthe Day, National Day of Unplugging, and National Cheese Doodle Day presents a proper challenge to newsletter writers. Of course, you are free to skip this day or take it as a challenge to create the most engaging newsletter ever written about cheese doodles and Absinthe.

March 6th-

March 6th is famously celebrated as National Dentist’s Day and National Oreo Cookie Day. Pretty ironic, isn’t it? But, when it comes to newsletter-worthy observances, you can choose to write about National Frozen Food Day and National Dress Day. Both these events offer ample content to the writers and creators to create listicle newsletters full of affiliate links.

March 7th- 

National Cereal Day and National Be Heard day fall on the last day of the first week of March. The former day of observance can help you create a newsletter with a list of the best and worst cereals in your country. This newsletter will either be celebrated and appreciated by subscribers or become a topic of hot debate within the cereal-eating enthusiast’s community.

March 8th-

The second week of March starts off with a bang with International Women’s Day. Combine this with Women’s History Month, and you have an enthralling newsletter topic. You can write about women who have made path-breaking discoveries or simply remind us to honor and celebrate the females around us. 

March 9th-

Get your boomboxes out to blast some Barbie Girl by Aqua since it is National Barbie Day. You can also create newsletters covering the historical significance of Barbie. After all, she is also a woman who changed the face of the toy industry. Or, you can head to your nearest Ikea store to celebrate National Meatballs Day. 

March 10th-

Bring out your Nintendo’s and blow on those cartridges cause it’s Mario Day. Again, it gives your brand the perfect chance to create a history of Mario newsletter for the gamer community. 

March 11th-

March 11th is officially celebrated as National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day, and National Promposal day. Both these events are interesting, but neither is engaging enough to get your subscribers to click on them. 

March 12th-

National Girl Scout Day celebrates and recognizes the importance of Girls Scout Camps and the values it imparts. 

March 13th-

National K9 Veterans Day is for celebrating our furry friends working in the squad and the army. A newsletter covering the significant cases where the sniffing squad was instrumental in unraveling the case. 

March 14th- 

What occasion is celebrated by both mathematicians and foodies? It’s National Pi day. Wordplay aside, March 14th is celebrated as such because the date can be written as 3.14. If you are thinking that we mentioned the foodies only for setting up the pun, well, you are wrong. The foodies also celebrate this day as National Potato Chip Day. Both observance days offer plenty of content to create amazing newsletters. 

March 15th-

All the Julius Ceaser fans already know the significance of the Ides of March. On the brighter side, this day is also celebrated as National Napping Day. Newsletters covering the sleeping-tech companies will be more impactful on the audiences. 

March 16th-

It is impossible to talk about napping and not mention Pandas. As a result, March 16th is known as National Panda Day. NGOs, sanctuaries, and wildlife brands can create a fun newsletter filled with Panda-related tidbits. 

Stuffed Safari celebrates the National Panda by sending a newsletter to its subscribers with a special discount coupon inside it. They have briefly mentioned the importance of this day. The rest of the email is used to promote their plush toys. 

March 17th-

St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday that has been popularized in the US thanks to the type of celebration that ensues during the evening hours. The holiday is synonymous with the color green and binge drinking.

While St. Patrick’s Day creates an amazing window to send promotional emails, it might not be the best time to send newsletters. But, of course, you can send a St. Patrick’s Day-themed newsletter listing down all the happening pubs and breweries in the city a few days before the big event.

March 18th-

For all the klutzes and introverts out there, March 18th is celebrated as the Awkward Moment Day to pass the message that it is okay to be clumsy. However, this might not be appealing enough to craft interesting newsletters. 

March 19th-

It pays our respect to all the Certified Nurses in the world. 

March 20th-

Several events are observed on this day. But, nothing is as important as the first day of spring. Newsletters listing down easy hacks and the best gadgets to make your spring cleaning easier will get the most traction during this time. 

March 21st-

March 21st is celebrated as World Down Syndrome Day. This perfectly aligns with the theme of Disability Awareness month. The newsletter for this event can contain inspiring stories of these differently-abled individuals. 

Pals sends out a newsletter that thanks all the people who made donations to the FUNdraisers to help people with down syndrome. They mention how much they have raised and named the charities where these donations would be going. They end the email with encouraging words about coming together to show the world that people with down syndrome have so much to offer the world. 

March 22nd-

A newsletter covering water conservation techniques and water pollution prevention methods should do wonders as this day is widely known as World Water Day. March 22nd is also celebrated as Mother’s day in the UK. 

John Lewis celebrates Mother’s Day with this beautifully designed email newsletter. The hero image has a gradient-colored background and contrasts well with the color of the products in the picture.

The brand has smartly placed its top-rated products at the front to drive more direct sales. As you scroll down, you will find that the product categories are neatly arranged. Finally, they end the email by offering the readers a 30-pound gift card. 

March 23rd-

Another day for our furry friends. But, this time we are celebrating puppies and how cute they are. Nutrition information, caretaking tips, diet plans, and exercise routines for the puppies should make for an educational newsletter for the owners.

March 24th-

The foodies get another win here as this day is celebrated as both National Cheesesteak Day and National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day. Again, newsletters containing a list of locations and their reviews will work best. 

March 25th-

National Medal of Honor day is celebrated in the US to show respect for the bravery of the most courageous women and men in the country. 

March 26th-

Are you Popeye The Sailor Man fan? If yes, you will be delighted to know that this day is celebrated as National Spinach Day. Newsletters displaying all the various spinaches available for consumption and outlining the various methods to cook it will get the most clicks. 

March 27th-

Passover is a day of significance for Jews as they celebrate their freedom from the Israelites. They host feasts and have a jolly time. Spring Newsletters with recipes for Passover delicacies and stories about the past should get decent clicks from people who are unaware of this wonderful festival. 

Seed + Mill sends its subscribers a scrumptious email newsletter. The simple email contains some mouth-watering photos of Passover delicacies. They give you the option of placing your orders directly by clicking on the CTA Buttons. Or, you can view the recipe and do it yourself. 

March 28th- 

This day is celebrated as Respect Your Cat Day. Well, whoever christened this day, surely loved their cat. 

March 29th- 

The first day of the last week of March is dedicated to Veterans of Vietnam

March 30th-

March 30th is reserved for the Doctor’s serving us day in and day out. Collecting inspiring stories of Philanthropic Doctors and top surgeons will give you an insight into a hectic, yet motivating life. 

March 31st-

The last day of the month is simply National Crayons Day

March Newsletter Ideas For Week-Long Events

March Newsletter Ideas For Week Long Event

1) Universal Human Beings Week

The first week of March is also known as Universal Human Beings Week. The motif of this week is to remind humans to take back and reconnect with their roots. It encourages people to look for a fresh start in activities that would make them feel like part of an interconnected global community.

2) Procrastination Week

Procrastination week actually motivates people to put off tasks for another day and enjoy the benefits of instant gratification during this week. However, promoting this in your newsletters might not sit right with your audience. Instead, use your newsletters to share tips and trick to prevent procrastination. 

3) Sleep Awareness Week

As the name suggests, the third week of March is celebrated as sleep awareness week. It promotes a better sleeping schedule and the benefits associated with it. Your newsletters should cover all the different sleeping patterns and the health benefits they carry.

4) National Introverts Week

Lastly, the fourth week of March is reserved for National Introverts Week. This week is all about addressing the myths about introverts and celebrating their uniqueness. 

March Newsletter Ideas For Month-long Events 

March Newsletter Ideas For Month long Events

1) National Reading Month

National Reading Month is the perfect occasion for publishers to promote new releases and create hype for up-and-coming authors. Individuals running virtual book clubs can also hop on this month-long trend to share their favorite reads and shine some light on some of the underrated classics.

The newsletter can be designed as a list covering books from various genres. Or, you can list down some of the best books to read during those warm spring weekends. 

2) Women’s History Month

March is notable for females around the world as it celebrates International Women’s Day. There is another month-long event, called Women’s History Month, that honors the women who have made significant contributions to your society.

You can write blogs about women from different walks of life and praise their achievements in their field of work.

Even before the newsletter, you need to announce the upcoming newsletter series to ensure maximum engagement for this email campaign. You can interview women who have made contributions to humanity.

This offers them a stage to inspire younger women and offers life-changing advice.

3) Disability Awareness Month

It is no denying that people with special needs have been undermined in recent history. However, in the past few years, governments and agencies around the world are actively trying to right the wrong.

And, Disability Awareness Month  spread awareness about various disabilities and methods to make a more inclusive community. 

The best way to start the newsletter for this month is by sharing an inspiring story about people overcoming challenges despite their disabilities.

Encourage your readers to know more about different conditions that can affect people. Brands with weekly newsletters can cover a few different disabilities in detail and mention NGOs that are providing relief to such people. 

4) National Small Press Month

The aim of National Small Press Month is to celebrate small publishers who may not be as known to the world. It celebrates unique voices, distinct visions, and diverse ideas. This month should be celebrated by reading books and publications from small businesses and publishers. 

The month also provides you with ample resources to create a compelling newsletter. To begin with, you prepare a list of books and articles from small publishers and encourage your subscribers to go through the same.

Explaining the history and significance of this month should also be a fascinating read for your newsletter subscribers. Or simply highlight the activities done by various societies, governments, clubs, and small businesses to celebrate the month. 


Hopefully, you had fun learning about different types of march newsletter ideas, various days of observance and ways you can create engaging email newsletters for your audience. You should know, email newsletters should be simple. However, if you do want to create some visually appealing templates, you can always contact an experienced email marketing agency.

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