9 Welcome Email Examples To Get You Inspired

Written by: Scott Cohen

Published on: 06-05-2024

Scott is the CEO at InboxArmy and has more than 20 years of experience in email marketing.

The welcome email is the most important email you send as email marketers. Why? Because it’s often the first email your new subscribers and customers receive from you. Attention and consumer intent are at their highest point in the beginning and it’s your responsibility to deliver a first and lasting impression.

Whether it’s a single email or a series of messages, sending personalized welcome emails tailored to your subscribers’ interests shows you understand their needs and value their time. Delivering on your promised incentive is also crucial. But crafting these messages can be a challenge.

We’ve handpicked some of the best welcome email examples that can drive engagement and growth. From confirmation and onboarding messages to irresistible offers, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive in for some inspiration.

What is a Welcome Email?

Welcome email serves to introduce people into your world or transition them deeper down your funnel. Typically automated, this message is triggered by a subscriber or customer filling out a form, making a purchase, or signing up in some way to receive value from your business.

It typically includes a warm and welcoming message along with introductions to you and your team, your company’s values, instructions on what to do next, and any other information needed to move forward.

Actions That Can Trigger a Welcome Email Include :

  • Subscribing to a newsletter or blog
  • Making a purchase
  • Logging in and setting up a profile
  • Purchasing another tier of service
  • Signing up for deals, special offers, or other free gifts
  • Joining a training (webinar, mini-course, workshop)
  • Inquiries to learn more

It’s important to know that you may need a number of different welcome emails depending on where your leads are coming from.

For example, if prospects enter your world from a Facebook ad campaign that emphasizes a specific benefit of your product, then you want that welcome message congruent with what came before it.

Otherwise, if you’re trying to use the same welcome message for that ad campaign and your blog sign up form, the messaging can be misaligned. This leaves your reader feeling confused, eroding the trust you’re trying to build.

Welcome emails deserve much more care and attention than most businesses give them.

Let’s take a look at just how important they are to your business.

Best Welcome Email Examples

1. JackThreads New Subscriber Welcome Email


Welcome offer delivered? Check. Reasons to believe in the company? Check. What to expect as a member of the mailing list? Check.

This welcome email example from JackThreads hits these three big requirements right off the bat. It’s not just about the savings–the email takes a moment to share a snippet of the company’s story and recent updates, giving subscribers a glimpse behind the scenes.

2. Lifesum Starter Kit Welcome Onboarding Email


A great welcome email may be specific to those who are new users of your product or service. And what better way to welcome them than to guide them down the right path to usage.

Lifesum delivers a “Starter Kit for Success” that uses a completion bar to encourage usage through gamification. Humans love competition, even with themselves, and they particularly love to finish tasks. Using that visual can drive eager customers to finish these tasks and feel great about hitting 100%.

3. The Michael J. Fox Foundation New Subscriber Welcome Email

The Michael J. Fox Foundation

This well crafted welcome email exudes simplicity and professionalism. It delivers concise content and respects the reader’s time. Opening with a prominent photo and a warm “Welcome!” heading, the email extends a heartfelt greeting to new subscribers.

A brief foundation profile and personalized welcome message swiftly onboard readers, setting the stage for their journey with the brand. Leveraging images, the email effectively communicates the foundation’s dedication to Parkinson’s research and treatment advancements.

The message is crystal clear – the foundation is singularly focused on driving progress in Parkinson’s research and treatment.

4. Dirt New Subscriber Welcome Email

Dirt New Subscriber mail

Simple welcome emails work well–especially when you’re a company like Dirt who is delivering news and information. The expectations are defined, the products (what’s free and what’s not free) are established, and the CTA to upgrade is there.

Of particular notice are the “housekeeping” notes around expansion into other channels like Twitter and Discord. Linking to “staff favorites” is a great way to drive more traffic and interest as well.

5. Ritual Welcome Email

Ritual mail

Utilize the space of an email in your welcome series to directly address concerns potential customers might have about purchasing and using your product. This welcome email example from Ritual addresses this head-on with a direct and powerful headline.

The strong imagery and word usage in the hero drives the recipient to get started (note the offer is still highlighted) or “dive deeper.” Deeper, the email addresses the key concerns those skeptical of their product might have and invites them to learn more. The catch-all offer at the bottom is a great way to capture latent intent that’s built through the trust-building of the content.

6. PASS Program Welcome Series

If you have a lot of information to deliver to new subscribers, you don’t need to try to cram it all into one email. You can utilize a series of emails to spread that information out across a few days. PASS Program offers physician-assisted board certification prep courses. It’s a lot of information, so they use a series of two emails to welcome new subscribers.

Email 1: PASS Program New Subscriber Welcome

PASS Program New Subscriber Welcome

PASS Program actively builds confidence and trust through its welcome email. The email highlights reviews from program graduates and showcases its commitment to fostering deep understanding instead of memorization, setting itself apart from other programs.

Utilizing images and buttons sparingly, the email prioritizes graduate recommendations and feedback. People trust reviews and social proof more than product descriptions, which the PASS Program uses to its advantage.

Headings throughout the email convey a sense of medical mastery and empower students to develop critical thinking skills, ensuring they apply their medical knowledge effectively. Trust, confidence, and mastery are key messages in this email, highlighted by social proof and well-written content.

Email 2: PASS Program Discover Learning Options

PASS Program Discover Learning Options 

The individualized learning experience–the unique value proposition really for PASS–is highlighted in the second email in the series. The email includes a gallery section for student testimonials that leverages social proof to highlight the program’s effectiveness and long-term benefits.

This is a great reinforcement of the brand’s commitment to innovation, versatility, and effectiveness, building upon the foundation laid in the first welcome email.

7. Big Blanket Co Welcome Email

Big Blanket Co

You don’t need to overthink your welcome email. If you promised an offer in exchange for the email address, you better deliver. And Big Blanket Co delivers with a simple-to-use offer delivery.

The feel of the product and the brand is reinforced throughout the email. (We called these photos “lifestyle shots.”) The unique value proposition (the sheer size of these blankets) is also reinforced toward the bottom. And for those email subscribers who reach the bottom, the “Big Guarantee” is there to make you feel better about what you might be purchasing very shortly.

8. Moku Welcome Email

Moku .

Mushroom-based jerky? Yep. The brand shines through with their strong headline. The history and the “why” are explained immediately after the offer delivery. The remainder of the email showcases product use ideas.

This welcome email example is simple, straightforward, and contains enough information and value to keep the subscriber entertained throughout. Again, no need to overthink it.

9. Rootless Welcome Email


Similar to the Ritual example above, Rootless addresses the big question head-on. Why?

Your welcome emails are a great place to deliver this type of content, and Rootless brings in a combination of scannability with readability that I simply love:

  • The question in the big headline with simple text and an easy to find CTA
  • You want to nerd out a bit? The second section brings in the science for the health nerds.
  • You ready to pull the trigger? The third section has the solution and product to purchase.
  • And, oh, by the way, here’s an offer.

I would not recommend using this type of email as your only welcome email. But when you have a lot to say, email is a great way to get customers the information they need to make a decision.


What is the importance of welcome emails?

A welcome email or a series of such emails helps make a solid first impression on the new subscribers. It is also crucial communication that introduces a brand’s values, products, services, mission, and overall messaging.

What is the purpose of the welcome email?

A welcome email is the first communication that goes out to target audiences, including website visitors, app subscribers, or customers. It is used to greet them, onboard them, introduce a product or service, or connect with them.

How many welcome emails should you send?

A recommended welcome email series should at least have two emails. This can be an initial email followed by another invitation to connect further. A third mail can also go out to introduce or explain features of a product or service.

What are welcome email campaigns?

Welcome email campaigns are a series of emails that welcomes potential customers, web visitors, or subscribers who are brand new to the brand/business.

Are welcome emails also transactional emails?

Transactional emails are triggered by an individual customer’s action. Welcome emails are the first communication that goes out to an individual after they subscribe or sign up with a brand. An alert email, comment notification, nudge about finishing payment, are some examples of transactional emails.

Wrapping Up

We could sit here all day and drop example after example of effective welcome emails. But I’ll leave you with a few reminders instead:

  • Your welcome email drives the most engagement of any emails you send – so make sure that first impression is killer.
  • Your welcome email sets the tone for how your subscriber should approach receiving email from your company – so set proper expectations, express gratitude, and make them feel good about the decision to give you their email address.
  • And finally, don’t be afraid to use multiple emails to deliver information and value across a set period of time instead of trying to cram everything into one email.

These emails are not a set-it-and-forget-it type of messaging. Respect their value, test and iterate, and make them the best welcome emails they can possibly be. Get in touch with InboxArmy if you need help setting up your welcome email campaign or you can check our email campaign management services.

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