Take Your Email Marketing Program to the Next Level: Hire an Email Marketing Agency!

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We get it. You’ve been sending emails to your customers yourself. But you’re busy and you simply don’t have the time and resources to maximize the potential of your email marketing campaign and email list.

Are you going to keep going with what you’ve been doing? Or are you ready for your email marketing program to take the next step?

It’s time to consider hiring an email marketing agency.

Why an Agency?

You know your business, but you likely don’t know email marketing. A good email marketing agency is filled with email marketing experts whose sole focus is email marketing. And depending on their capabilities, here’s what an email marketing agency can also do for you:

  • An agency can bring your brand into beautifully designed and expertly coded email templates.
  • An good agency can manage your campaign creation process from beginning to deployment.
  • An agency can build a comprehensive strategy for increasing your list size, improving your conversion rates, and raising your revenue.
  • The agency will understand how to evaluate success and continually optimize your email marketing program.

Selecting the Right Agency

It can be difficult to choose the right email marketing agency for you. Here are some suggestions on what to look for when you’re in the decision-making process:

  • Know your budget (either monthly or a total project budget) and what part of the process you want your agency-to-be to handle. Try to be as forthcoming as possible about it, too.
  • Find out how your account will be managed. Are you comfortable with that process or that person? (Remember, it’s about trust and the relationship.)
  • Ask about their expertise in your industry category and get some samples of previous work
  • Ask if they are an email-exclusive marketing agency or a digital marketing agency with email marketing capabilities. You may find a digital marketing agency may be light on the expertise.

Perhaps most importantly, have a realistic understanding of the fact that good email marketing takes time, even with an agency at the helm. It’s an ongoing process, and if you’re going to engage with an agency, have specific short-term and long-term goals in mind.

An agency isn’t going to have a magic wand, but the right agency is going to allow you to grow your business without worrying about that portion of your marketing.

Building a successful email marketing program can be a challenge. InboxArmy can put together a service package that makes sense for your email marketing needs!

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About Author

Scott has been living and breathing email marketing since 2007. With both agency and client-side end-user experience, Scott brings a unique perspective to email marketing that combines best practices with real-world-tested strategy and tactics.

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