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No matter how well crafted your email copy may be, unless your recipients receive it, your campaign will be a flop.

That’s why you need to pay special attention to email deliverability.

Email deliverability is your ability to reach your subscribers’ inboxes. And no, it’s something that is guaranteed. There are many factors that could lead to your emails not making it to their final destination and resulting in your engagement rates (and revenue) plummeting. And most of these factors area result of certain practices on your part.

That’s exactly why we were compelled to talk about email deliverability in this special interview with Matthew Vernhout. A deliverability expert at Validity, Matthew reveals important truths such as:

  • Why your emails aren’t reaching their destination
  • What authentication is and why it’s important
  • DNS, SPF, DKMI, and DMARC - what does it all mean?
  • How to handle common (and uncommon) deliverability issues
  • Why authenticating the visible “From” address is now more important than ever
  • How to diagnose deliverability issues
  • The importance of real-time verification and list hygiene
  • What Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) is and why it can help increase your trust ratings/engagement
  • How to clear your name after being blacklisted?
  • Do certain keywords in subject lines really lead to poor deliverability?

Learn all this and more in this highly informative interview. Remember, prevention is always better than cure - and this video will help you prevent a lot of deliverability problems.

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