10 Email Marketing Tips For The Holidays

10 Tips for Holiday Email Marketing All Through the Season


  1. Engage your customers; include a “call to action” in your messaging. Generate excitement and activity by implementing more fun and engaging campaigns and emails. The holidays provide a great excuse for giveaways, contests, exclusive content, etc. Keep your messages succinct and short. Many people don’t have lots of time to be reading email.

  2. Develop a contingency template that can be deployed in a short period of time. This will help alleviate the “screaming down the hall moments” that always happen during the holiday when sales are down. Put rules behind it and get your execs to sign off on the idea and rules of engagement. Having these in place will help you react to current “events” and save your team from going absolutely crazy!

    Oh, and don’t forget one thing. Go out after work every once in a while and make some team time! Slaving away in the office can degrade team effectiveness and cohesion. These breaks are vital to keeping the team together!

  3. Send either as triggers to actions the customer has just taken OR send on days that are less popular so that you don’t end up in the cluttered inbox during the holiday season.

  4. Dress up your automated email programs and series (like welcome, post-purchase thank you, cart abandon, browse abandon, etc.) for the holidays! Temporarily feature holiday specials or limited-time holiday promos and inventory in post-purchase thank you and winback programs. In addition to picturing item(s) not purchased, add dynamic banners highlighting holiday merchandise and specials to cart and browse recovery campaigns. Seasonally-theme your new subscriber welcome campaign. When it comes to cart and browse recovery campaigns specifically, make sure your creative communicates holiday offer and shipping deadlines.

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