Effective Pre-Conference / Event Email Marketing Tips

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Effective Pre-Conference / Event Email Marketing Tips

When it comes to conferences and events, most businesses spend much of their time planning everything that revolves around the physical booth. They tend to overlook the value of pre-conference marketing.

Pre- event email marketing is the perfect way to create awareness about your brand’s conference presence and an essential vehicle to boost booth visits and participation. Here are some email marketing tips to hit a home run at your next conference/event: 

Building Your Pre-Conference Target List

Here are 4 ways you can get contacts for your mailing list:

  1. Through Social Media – You can tap the individuals who have confirmed their attendance on the Facebook page of the conference organizers or through the Twitter hashtag for the show.
  2. From Attendee Lists– If you get an attendee list from the organizers, you can do research to find the relevant contacts and add them to your list.
  3. Your Local Clients– If you have clients in the local area of the show, invite them to come to the show and visit your booth along the way.
  4. From Event Landing Page Appointments– You can email to those who have given their email address to book an appointment at the conference booth.


Tapping the Right Pulse Matters: What and When to Send

When to start sending your email campaigns may depend on the nature of the event/ conference you’re attending. Some conferences sell out quickly and early, so your event email marketing campaigns can start earlier—perhaps a month or two out.

Some conferences sell tickets to walk-ins, so starting a campaign too early may not be that beneficial. For those conferences, starting your email campaign two weeks out may be a good place to start.

No matter when you start, at least one email campaign is a must. Ideally, your email strategy should revolve around a series of emails, preferably personalized.

First Email

The first email would be an announcement + invitation email. This includes when and where the conference is, what it is about, and why you have booked a booth there.

You can include options to book appointments with your representatives at the conference. You can also highlight any incentives or giveaways you might be featuring.

Second Email

The second email will provide further details about your company and what attendees can expect. Flaunt the freebies you’ll be giving away. If you’re offering free consultations, offer reminder. If one of your representatives will be speaking at the conference, showcase that session as a reason to come say hello.

Final Pre-Conference Email

From a week until 24 hours before the event, send a reminder or two to clients about visiting your booth or to confirm appointments. You can also help by providing a booth location map, parking information, etc.

The number of emails you send is ultimately up to you. A few things to consider as you plan your campaign:

  1. Your list won’t be perfect in terms of whether the folks you add to your list are actually attending. Make sure you have strong, working unsubscribes and adjust your expectations for engagement accordingly.
  2. Focus on creating brand awareness. Your brand logo, colors, and themes will help attendees remember who you are and know what to look for when they arrive into exhibition hall.
  3. Include pictures of your booth from past events and quotes from previous attendees to boost impressions from first-time attendees.
  4. Provide a link to a dedicated event landing page (discussed below). 

Create a Designated Event Landing Page

As a best practice, create a landing page that provides detailed information about your booth at the conference. You can have CTAs that take email recipients to this landing page through your emails.

A landing page can divulge:

  • Details of what they can expect of you at the event
  • Details of the individuals they will find at your booth
  • How one can book an appointment with you at the booth

You can also incorporate a countdown timer on the landing page to communicate the time left for the event to start.

Leverage Social Media, Too

Connecting on social media with those who are attending the conference is yet another way to get a head start ahead of the conference. Ideally, your social media campaign should embrace 3 strategies:

  • Creating a brand image
  • Targeting influencers
  • Listening to what others in the group are saying 

Pre-Conference Email Ideas

Check out this pre-conference email created by InboxArmy that has really helped our client.

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