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What if we told you you’re doing your A/B tests wrong.

Because you probably are.

A/B testing is an important element of running effective email marketing campaigns. By creating different variations of your email and sending it out to a test audience, you gain insight into which email will drive more results.

That is why you need to ensure that your methodology for conducting your A/B tests is spot on. Failure to do so could give you results that may look good for a current campaign but could lead to disaster in the next ones.

And that’s why we would like to help you optimize your A/B tests and, ultimately, achieve your email marketing goals - including driving more revenue.

Watch this eye-opening interview with Kath Kay as we discuss:

  • Why you shouldn't solely depend on tools for your A/B tests
  • How to conduct a scientific A/B test
  • The huge impact a hypothesis can have on your current and future A/B tests
  • Why most marketers optimize for an anomaly and how you can avoid that
  • Why most metrics you're using to measure your results could be wrong
  • The importance of questioning every best practice before putting it into use

Learn all this and more in this revealing interview with email marketing specialist Kath Kay.

BONUS - Download our easy to use A/B testing cheat sheet to help you efficiently run optimized A/B tests.

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  • Email Template Production
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Audit
  • Email Automation & Custom Integration
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