HubSpot Email Marketing and Consulting

Hubspot is the all-in-one marketing, email automation and sales platform for B2B companies. Are you leveraging the capabilities of Hubspot to its fullest? Our team of HubSpot experts can help you streamline your HubSpot marketing so you can focus on empowering your team and closing more deals.

HubSpot Knows Email Marketing.
InboxArmy Knows HubSpot!

HubSpot is one of the most feature-rich, user-friendly email marketing tools out there. And yet, many in-house teams struggle to capture its full potential. Result: below-par opens, clickthroughs, and conversions that don’t quite meet business expectations.

Are you destined to repeat this story? You don’t have to – because InboxArmy’s HubSpot experts are solidly on your side! Our HubSpot aficionados and evangelists know everything there is to know about HubSpot email marketing. They have perfected this knowledge over several years and will bring it to bear for your email marketing program and goals.

InboxArmy is 100% invested in the success o your HubSpot email marketing program. Talk to us to learn how we can help you accelerate your email results and maximize your HubSpot investment.

Our Hubspot Consultants and Experts Can Help You With

  • Hubspot Email Marketing Strategy
  • Hubspot Migration
  • Hubspot Template Production
  • Hubspot Landing pages
  • Hubspot Campaign Management
  • Hubspot List Segmentation
  • Hubspot Content Management
  • Hubspot Salesforce Integration
  • Hubspot Email Reporting and Analytics
  • Hubspot Mailchimp integration
  • Hubspot Certified Experts Ongoing

Our Hubspot Agency Services Includes

InboxArmy can help you create beautiful Hubspot email templates, manage your Hubspot email campaigns, and organize reporting and analytics so you know the big picture of your marketing and sales.

Hubspot Email Marketing Strategy

We can help you develop a comprehensive Hubspot email marketing strategy that encompasses each stage of your customer journey – from awareness, and evaluation to comparison and decision.

Hubspot Campaign Management

Do you want to manage your hubspot email campaigns professionally? Let our 25+ years of experience in managing email campaigns help you run and manage Hubspot email campaigns more efficiently.

Hubspot Template Production

Improve customer engagement and retention with professional emails templates. InboxArmy’s template production team can craft HubSpot email templates compatible with every major device and operating system.

Hubspot Landing Pages

Leverage the power of Hubspot landing pages with InboxArmy. We can help you personalize your landing page content based on visitors’ demographics (location, lifestyle, age, gender, and many such data points).

Hubspot-Mailchimp Integration

Are you looking to use the power of Hubspot with Mailchimp? InboxArmy can chart out a comprehensive integration plan and implement it with precision. Our services include API integration, testing, and quality assurance.

Hubspot Migration

Want to move from another email service provider to Hubspot? Let InboxArmy’s migration specialists take care of your HubSpot migration without the downtime or hiccups.

Hubspot Email Marketing Automation

Hubspot offers a plethora of sophisticated marketing tools to help you automate many aspects of your sales and marketing. Our email marketing firm can help you chart out your Hubspot Email Marketing Automation strategy and implement it for measurably better results.

We can help you with:

  • Hubspot drip campaigns
  • Automating your marketing and sales processes using Hubspot
  • Hubspot abandoned cart campaign
  • And much more

Hubspot Email Reporting and Analytics

InboxArmy can help you create customized dashboards on Hubspot to know how your Hubspot email campaigns are performing and make better decisions. Get detailed email analytics right from open/clicks through rates to engagement rate and return on investment.

Hubspot List Segmentation

InboxArmy can help you filter and segment the audience on Hubspot based on common traits and behaviors. We study your customer behavior and provide you with valuable customer insights so you can send relevant and targeted email campaigns to your customers.

Get the Max Bang for Your Buck with HubSpot and InboxArmy

The HubSpot’s ESP’s biggest USP is that its tools “treat subscribers as people”. And this matters because today’s marketing email consumers don’t want to be treated as just another faceless entity in a sea of faceless entities. If anything, they want to be seen and heard by the brands they support.

More importantly, they want to feel appreciated and valued. And HubSpot can help you connect with these subscribers with ease.

However, as you scale your HubSpot email marketing program, you may find it harder to get the most out of your investment. InboxArmy’s HubSpot experts will ease the journey for you so you get the max bang for your buck with every campaign, every email, and every subscriber.

  • Capture more qualified leads through targeted lead gen campaigns
  • Boost conversions and sell more
  • Increase customer retention and convert more buyers into loyal fans
  • Grow revenues and email marketing ROI
  • Configure custom dashboards to simplify reporting and ease day-to-day program management

Have questions? Contact us and we’ll walk you through our HubSpot email marketing offerings and capabilities.

HubSpot Email Marketing Services @ InboxArmy

We love HubSpot and so will you! HubSpot is a powerful, feature-rich, integration-ready ESP to create, personalize, and optimize all your marketing emails.

Need to create a new engagement/re-engagement campaign to connect with new customers or reconnect with old customers?

Looking for a way to decrease cart abandonments with personalized cart abandonment emails?

Thinking about setting up a drip campaign for a new product, service, or event?

How about a special one-off campaign for the holiday season?

HubSpot and InboxArmy are ready for any challenge.

Our team of HubSpot-certified marketing experts and campaign specialists will strategize, plan, and execute intelligent email marketing campaigns for your brand. Their objective is to help you meet your marketing goals, whether it is to:

  • Deliver goal-based email templates that display perfectly on every device
  • Drive greater engagement with leads, prospects, and customers
  • Increase email opens and clickthroughs
  • Optimize every campaign before sends to improve performance and after sends to inform future campaigns
  • Leverage accurate data and intelligent insights to create hyper-personalized emails for all your campaigns and target segments

InboxArmy will help you tailor all your emails with the most relevant subject lines, copy, links, and CTA for each subscriber. Then sit back and see how your opens, clickthroughs, conversions, and sales increase exponentially and exceed your expectations.

  • Fully Personalized Emails with Data-driven Email Marketing

    InboxArmy’s HubSpot email campaign experts understand your marketing goals and audience type. They will incorporate this understanding into every campaign with emails that are automatically tailored to each recipient’s demographics, buying behaviors, and expectations. A great way to win the battle for your subscribers’ inboxes!

  • Freedom to Customize Any Part of Your Emails

    Why rely on generic spray-and-pray emails when you can customize your messages to reflect your unique brand voice and personality? With HubSpot and InboxArmy, you have full freedom to customize email subject lines, CTAs, copy, and visuals. Impress subscribers with your personalization efforts and attention to detail – and experience the impact in terms of more opens, more engagement, and higher conversions.

  • Mobile-optimized Campaigns for the Small-screen Subscriber

    Did you know that almost two billion email users check over 90% of their emails on mobile devices? Your subscribers likely live in mobile cyberspace. Do you? Mobile-optimized emails are essential to reach your audience on-the-go and connect with them on their preferred channel/device. InboxArmy’s HubSpot specialists will design mobile-optimized emails with fully responsive designs so you can engage with your tribe on any device at any time.

  • Goodbye Guesswork. Hello A/B Testing

    Guesswork and modern-day email marketing are as incompatible as oil and water. Fortunately, you don’t have to guess which design will appeal to subscribers, which subject lines will boost opens, or which CTA is most likely to lead a reader to your store. Use HubSpot’s powerful A/B testing feature to learn which copy, subject lines, visuals, CTA links, etc. are most likely to drive interest, engagement, and sales. Not sure where to get started? Start with InboxArmy!

  • Continual Optimization, Better Results

    HubSpot is a truly data-native ESP. Dive deeper into your campaign and customer data to see who is engaging with your messages, when, and through which channel. You can even unpack insights about the most popular content, the highest-converting CTAs, and the most popular send times. Use this wealth of information to optimize your email marketing program and create new campaigns that will take your brand to new heights.

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email marketing program for better. Let the results speak for themselves.We cater to 25 different industries,
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25+ Industries and Verticals Served

Over 5,000 Businesses put their Trust on us From startups to Blue Chip companies, we power Hubspot email marketing campaigns for businesses of every shape and size. 25+ industries and Verticals served.

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    Multi-ESP Support

    We support 50+ ESP vendors. Be it enterprise platforms such as SalesForce and Oracle Marketing Cloud or small and medium sized business platforms such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Aweber, and ActiveCampaign, we’ve got you covered.