Episode 4:
AMP for Email & WhatsApp with Nicholas Einstein of Netcore Cloud

In this episode, InboxArmy’s Scott Cohen and Garin Hobbs discuss AMP for Email and WhatsApp marketing with Nicholas Einstein of Netcore Cloud. The trio covers the capabilities and complexities of AMP for Email — including its ability to enable interactive experiences inside the email. Nick also dives into the intricacies of WhatsApp’s marketing potential, how it overlaps with SMS, MMS, and RCS, and how marketers should think about their cross-channel investments. A great listen for all.


What You Will Learn

  • 01:14 - Nick's history
  • 02:43 - AMP for Email 101
  • 04:44 - Headwinds for AMP for Email
  • 11:10 - Is the AMP juice worth the squeeze?
  • 15:28 - Examples of AMP performance
  • 19:42 - How AMP compares to MovableInk, LiveClicker, Zembula, etc.
  • 22:33 - Processes for the AMP MIMEtype
  • 25:09 - Security implications for AMP
  • 28:28 - WhatsApp from the marketer's perspective
  • 32:33 - How WhatsApp compares to SMS/MMS
  • 35:33 - How RCS fits into the picture
  • 38:55 - How marketers should think about channel investments

This Episode’s Featured Guest


Nicholas Einstein

Vice President of Product Marketing at Netcore Cloud

Nick is Vice President of Product Marketing at Netcore Cloud where he develops, owns, and executes go-to-market strategies. He evaluates new growth opportunities for the Netcore roadmap, presents thought leadership at industry events, and leads cross-functional teams for product launches and market announcements. Before joining Netcore, he was a product marketing leader at Cheetah Digital, and served for five years as Chief Research Officer and Principal Analyst at The Relevancy Group. Nick earned his BA from Kenyon College, MBA from The University of Washington, and lives in Seattle with his wife and three children.

Our Hosts

Chief Executive Officer

Winner of the ANA Email Experience Council’s 2021 Stefan Pollard Email Marketer of the Year Award, Scott is a proven email marketing veteran with 20 years of experience as a brand-side marketer and agency executive. He’s run the email programs at Purple, 1-800 Contacts, and more.

Experienced Martech Expert

With a career spanning across ESPs, agencies, and technology providers, Garin is recognized for growing email impact and revenue, launching new programs and products, and developing the strategies and thought leadership to support them.

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