Outsourcing Email Marketing: The Comprehensive Guide

Written by: Chris Donald

Published on: 26-04-2023

Chris is Managing Partner at InboxArmy and has more than 25 years of experience in email marketing

Thinking about outsourcing your email marketing and unsure if you would get it right? This handy guide will provide an actionable framework to assist you with all your email outsourcing questions and endeavors. 

Do You Need to Outsource Email Marketing in The First Place?

Well, if you’re happy with the results your in-house email team brings, then you don’t need to. You don’t even need the rest of this guide. But if you are not so happy or you are an SMB or a Startup trying to find your feet in a competitive space,  outsourcing it could be a wise business decision for you.

What Elements of Your Email Marketing Campaigns Should You Outsource?

Companies trying to maximize their resources and streamline their operations may find it wise to outsource certain email marketing tasks. Businesses have the flexibility to outsource tasks as per their needs and the resources at their disposal. 

For instance, some businesses decide to outsource all facets of email marketing, like strategy, design, testing, sends, and campaign optimization, while others might choose to outsource only a few.

If there are internal systems to quickly assess and approve all outsourced work, aspects of email marketing like content generation and design, can be readily outsourced. 

An important point to consider while outsourcing is that – when businesses do not have articulated goals and strategies outsourcing can become challenging. However, businesses can collaborate with email marketing agencies that can help them define goals and email marketing KPIs. 

A good place to start when outsourcing is with an assessment of your existing email marketing. A SWOT or gap analysis can be performed on current campaign tactics, creatives, and lists to find opportunities for improvement in email marketing efforts or you can get an email marketing audit done.

This can be used to establish priorities and assess which tasks can be done internally and which ones require external assistance. In general, outsourcing can assist businesses in more successfully and efficiently achieving their email marketing goals.

How To Find The Right Company To Outsource Email Marketing? 

Keep in mind the following things to choose the best company to outsource your email marketing to:

Search for expertise:

Choose a company that specializes in email marketing and has a successful track record. They must have previous working relationships with companies in your sector and evidence of effective campaigns to demonstrate their abilities.

Look into their Services: 

It is essential to find an agency that is best suited for your needs. Not all email marketing agencies offer full-scale services, and even if they do – they might not be experts in all services they offer.

For instance, some agencies only offer strategy, some email deliverability, and some agencies only offer email copywriting. While partnering with an email creative agency ensures that the services they offer are of good quality – you can rely on free trials, peer experiences, and online reviews here.

Rely on Social Proof:

To evaluate their credibility, look at the feedback they have garnered online, and recommendations from other companies that have used their services. A reputable email marketing firm has to have spectacular reviews online and offline.  

Check Their Data protection:

Confirm the email marketing company complies with data protection laws and best practices. Moreover, they ought to be open and honest about how they handle and safeguard your data.

Consider Prices:

Ask for a quote and check other email marketing firms’ prices. Prices that seem very promising to be true should be avoided since they might be an indication of inexperience or ignorance. 

Check Out The Quality of Customer Service:

Verify that customer care is helpful and dependable from the email marketing provider. They should be accessible to respond to your inquiries and offer assistance as required.

The Top 5 Outsourced Email Marketing Agencies

There are numerous reputable businesses to pick from when outsourcing email marketing top five are as follows:

1) InboxArmy


InboxArmy offers a wide range of email marketing services, including email strategy and audit, email campaign management, email design and coding, setting up email automations, email deliverability, esp vendor selection and evaluation, and provides dedicated email marketing team.

We do only one thing, email marketing, and do it really well.

We support 50+ Esps and serve 20+ industries. We work with brands, agencies, and businesses – including SMBs, startups, and enterprises.

2) Rejoiner


Rejoiner offers an all-in-one email marketing solution that combines the benefits of an email service provider (ESP) and an email agency,providing eCommerce businesses with a unique edge in their marketing efforts.

With Rejoiner’s platform, businesses can access a wide range of features and services. They have advanced segmentation and personalization capabilities and integrates with popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.

By choosing Rejoiner, eCommerce businesses can get the best of both worlds – the technology of an ESP and the expertise of an agency – all from a single company.

Now, should you use Rejoiner to send your emails or any other ESP will depend on your business needs, cost etc.

3) Ignite Visibility


Ignite Visibility is a full-service digital marketing agency. Their services include SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, Amazon marketing, conversion rate optimization, and web design and development.

Should you choose an email specific agency or a digital agency that provides email marekting services?
Each has its advantge and disadvantage.

An email specific agency will have in-depth knowledge and expertise in all aspects of email marketing. While a digital agency may not have the same level of specialization in email marketing as an email marketing agency, they can provide a more comprehensive approach to digital marketing that takes into account all aspects of a client’s online presence.

4) Holistic Email Marketing


Holistic Email Marketing offers a wide range of services, including email audits, strategy development, campaign design and development, automation, and reporting and analysis. They also have experience working with a variety of email service providers.

Kath Pay, founder of Holistic Email Marketing, has over 23 years of experience in email marketing and has worked with a variety of clients, including eBay, Tommy Hilfiger, and The Royal Bank of Scotland. She has a deep understanding of all aspects of email marketing. As an email marketing consultant, Kath Pay helps businesses create effective email marketing strategies that drive results.

She also has written a book on email marketing.

5) SmartMail


If you have an ecommerce business and if you are using Klaviyo or Mailchimp then SmartMail can hep you.
They provide Done for you email markeign services.

They can help you with campaign management,automation setup, list building, SMS Marketing. They can help you with Welcome Email, Cart Abandonment Email,Post Purchase Emails,Retention Emails,Replenishment Emails.

Reasons to Outsource Your Email Marketing 

Here are key reasons you might want to outsource your email marketing: 

You want to save time fixing errors and training 

A team of email experts that are familiar with best practices and can provide captivating content along with graphics that attract and require no back and forth. This allows companies to concentrate on their core company activities by saving them the time and money that would have been otherwise required to teach staff the nuances of email marketing. 

You want uninterrupted productivity 

One advantage of outsourcing it, is that the company won’t have to worry about interruptions brought on by absenteeism, illness, or employee turnover. Any of these circumstances could slow down campaigns and possibly reduce the overall efficacy of the marketing plan.

By outsourcing, businesses can ensure that they will have an email marketing team with hands on experience to run its campaigns without delays from staff absences.

You want to reduce overheads 

Businesses may find that outsourcing their email marketing is more cost-effective. It eliminates the need to invest a significant sum of money in email marketing software, hire specialized personnel, or spend a significant sum of time and money administering campaigns internally.

By outsourcing, businesses can pay for the services they need when they need them without paying overhead.

You want your staff to prioritize other crucial tasks 

If you feel, as a marketing manager or owner, that the time and resources needed to create effective emails, segment your audience, and examine data could be better used – for instance, on other crucial business endeavors then you need to outsource it.

An email marketing agency can ease this pressure off you and your team and give them the time to focus on crucial tasks like firm-building goals. 

You just have a few resources

Small and medium-sized businesses frequently lack the manpower and resources needed to manage an efficient campaign. 

By outsourcing, you can take advantage of the expertise of a committed team that focuses on email marketing without having to recruit more personnel or spend more money on expensive tools.

You are not achieving the intended KPIs

Outsourcing can be useful if you are not getting the desired outcomes from your email marketing efforts. Your targeted key performance indicators (KPIs) might be attained with the aid of a qualified team’s innovative ideas and techniques. They may also help you with data analysis so that you can comprehend your audience more fully and make informed judgments. 

You want to ensure leads moves quickly through the funnel 

Email marketing service providers may bring much-needed automation to the table. Email Automation not only saves time but offers you to consistently stay in touch with your customers and prospects.

With the buyer journey becoming more complex, it’s essential to interact with them across touch points. A leading email service provider can help you from shopping cart abandonment to win-back programs and more. Moreover, they will not only set up email automation but also regularly optimize it to ensure measurable profitable outcomes.

You want expert hands on deck 

By outsourcing it to an agency, organizations can take advantage of the knowledge of experts who focus on email marketing. These professionals can provide direction and advice on email design, content marketing production, list management, segmentation, and other best practices that can help email campaigns work as effectively as possible.

You want to create personalized experiences

By developing engaging and personalized email content that appeals to subscribers, email marketing agencies assist businesses in increasing their open rates, response rates, and eventual conversions. To send tailored communications to particular subscriber groups, they can also segment email lists, which will improve ROI.

Your don’t want your mails to end up in spam

The success of email marketing efforts depends on email deliverability. Email marketing businesses have the expertise and tools necessary to ensure that emails are sent to their targeted recipients and are not flagged as spam by spam filters.

By refining email subject lines, email content, and timing, they can also assist in enhancing email open rates and email click-through rates

Final Takeaways

Be hope you now know whether you should outsource your email marketing and what are the things to consider if you choose to do so. Best email marketing agencies offer excellent support, have a certified team of experts, leverage tech and deliver on their promise. Outsourcing your email marketing endeavors will help your staff work on other critical tasks, help you cut costs in hiring people and buying email marketing tools, boost conversions, and improve bottom line.

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