How We Increased
Welcome Email Revenue
By 700% For Versare

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Welcome Emails are one of the most important email campaigns for any organization, but especially for ecommerce businesses.

They generate:
  • 4x more opens and 5x more clicks than regular email campaigns.
  • An average conversion rate of 0.94% (compared to 0.10% for other emails).
  • Up to 320% more revenue than other promotional emails.
  • A 33% increase in subscriber engagement.

In other words, they set the standard for your relationship with new subscribers and have a large impact on whether you’ll be able to convert and retain customers.

One of the first areas we focus on with our ecommerce clients is creating and/or optimizing their Welcome Email campaigns.

When many of our clients hire us, they either have no Welcome Email campaign in place or one that’s not performing to their satisfaction.

This usually happens because they don’t fully understand the purpose of Welcome Emails and what they can accomplish.

We’ve developed an approach to creating Welcome Emails that establish a positive relationship with their brand, reduce friction, and get subscribers started with their products.

This approach enabled us to create a Welcome Email campaign that generated a 700% increase in revenue for our client Versare.

Client Background

Versare is a retailer of office furniture that includes portable room dividers and partitions, sneeze guards and privacy screens, cubicles, and acoustic panels. They sell online and direct from their showroom in Minnesota.

While most others in their industry sell directly to distributors, Versare sells to distributors and directly to companies. Their clients include Apple, Walgreens, Home Depot, The US Army, Ohio State, and more.

They hired us in 2019 to develop email marketing campaigns and automations to generate more site visits, leads, and sales/subscriptions.

Like most companies, Versare sent just one Welcome Email to new subscribers before we started working with them.

We created a 4-part email series that enabled us to:
  • Maximize earning potential by positioning Versare as the ultimate office-furniture solution.
  • Capitalize on opportunities to nurture new subscriber’s relationship with Versare’s brand.
  • Address and eliminate friction points that clogged Versare’s sales funnel.
  • Help customers get the most value from Versare’s products.
Email Marketing client
Our strategy worked remarkably well and generated:


More Opens


More Clicks


More Orders


More Revenue

Here's how we did it...

Old Welcome Email

Subject Line: Awesome! You’re in!
Open Rate: 17%
CTOR: 10%

Subject Line: Welcome to the Versare family!
Open Rate: 20.31%
CTOR: 18%

Before we began working together, Versare had two different Welcome Emails: one for existing customers and one for subscribers who’d yet to make a purchase.

Both emails began with a personalized introduction that addressed subscribers by name and told subscribers what to expect from Versare’s emails.

The “New Customer” email also included a 10% discount code on their first purchase, a promotion for three of Versare’s best-selling products, and a CTA to “Shop Now.”

How We Optimized Versare’s Welcome Emails

While Versare’s original “New Customer” email was fairly successful, we felt
their Welcome Email campaign could improve by:

  • Nurturing new subscribers and telling them more about what Versare has to offer.
  • Positioning Versare as the best solution to their office-furniture needs.
  • Addressing common pain points and objections.

So we made two major changes to their campaign that accomplished those objectives:

Email Marketing opening rates

Expanded It Into A 4-Part Welcome Email Series

One email just isn’t enough to effectively communicate what your business has to offer and build a deep connection with new subscribers. A proper Welcome Email series should include multiple emails, each with a specific lead-nurturing objective.

A multi-part Welcome Email series gives you more chances to convert sales, more brand-building touchpoints to connect with customers, and more opportunities to position your organization as the solution to your customer’s problems.

We expanded Versare’s Welcome Email series into 4-parts:

  1. “New Customer” Email

    The first email welcomes new subscribers to the Versare family, tells them what to expect from Versare’s emails, and offers a 10% discount code to incentivize their first purchase.

  2. “FAQ” Email

    The second email addresses common questions customers have about Versare products and tells them where to go to learn even more information.

  3. “Social Media” Email

    The third email aims to build a deeper connection with new subscribers while simultaneously positioning Versare as the ultimate solution to their office-furniture needs. It does so by sharing invitations to follow Versare on social media where subscribers can read real stories from real customers about how they’re using Versare products to make life easier.

  4. “Blog Promotion” Email

    On their blog, Versare publishes guides that educate customers about how to get the most from Versare’s products. The fourth email directs subscribers to these blog articles so they can get the most value from their purchases.

Created A Custom Email Template

While each email focused on a specific lead-nurturing objective, we created a template that included other important content and design elements.

Extended circle

Customer Service & Sales Contact Info

Versare’s products are expensive. They’re also an important part of their customers’ businesses. So before making a purchasing decision, many customers will need price quotes and answers to product-related questions.

Which is why we prominently display Versare’s customer service contact information in each email.

Doing so demonstrates that Versare cares about helping their customers make the right decision. It also reduces friction by making it easier to find the contact info and get answers to their questions.

Extended circle

Best Sellers

New subscribers are likely unfamiliar with your product line. Welcome Emails are a great place to introduce them to what you have to offer, especially your most popular products.

We liked how Versare’s original Welcome Email promoted their best sellers. So we made it a prominent part of our redesigned Welcome Email template.

Each email shares two of Versare’s best selling products, giving subscribers some direction on where they can use their 10% discount.

Extended circle

Product Benefits/Objection Handlers

Another way to reduce friction in your Welcome Emails is by promoting product benefits and addressing common objections.

For example, customers may be concerned about potential shipping costs. But by promoting your free-shipping policies in your emails, you can alleviate these concerns before they become a problem.

We addressed these issues at the bottom of every email in our redesigned series:
  • Extension

    Factory-Direct Service:

    Versare’s products are high-quality and less-expensive than others (because there’s no middle man).

  • Email Marketing for agencies

    Free Shipping ($600+)

    Customers love free shipping and hate hidden costs.

  • Email cart abandonment

    3-Year Warranty:

    Customers can relax knowing that their purchase is covered by a 3-year warranty.

Extended circle

Support Block

To further emphasize Versare’s commitment to customer service, we added a support block to the bottom of each email that provided multiple ways for customers to contact Versare with questions and concerns.

Extended circle

Aesthetic Improvements

We made a more aesthetically pleasing template that included icons, a navigation bar, and attractive images. These changes made the emails more enjoyable to consume and drew subscribers attention to important elements.

New customer email

Welcome Email 1:
New Customer Email

Personalized Introduction

The New Customer Email begins with an introduction that uses personalized, warm language to build a connection with recipients. It addresses them by name and welcomes them to the “Versare family.”

It also gives recipients a gift – 10% off their first purchase. The discount also helps build a connection with recipients. But more importantly, it incentivizes them to make a purchase in order to get them started with Versare’s products.

What To Expect

A good Welcome Email sets up the rest of your email marketing strategy by telling subscribers what they can expect to receive and explaining how your emails will benefit them. Subscribers will be less likely to unsubscribe and more likely to open future emails if they see value in it.

Versare’s “New Customer” Email tells subscribers to expect:
  • New Product Announcements
  • Exclusive Deals & Promotions
  • Customized Content & Recommendations To Suit Their Specific Needs

Subject Line: Welcome! Here’s 10% OFF your order!
Open Rate: 40.38%
CTOR: 16.41%

Welcome email gif

Welcome Email 2:
FAQ Email


While every email in Versare’s Welcome Series includes an invitation to contact a sales person with questions, people are often reluctant to contact sales people due to social anxiety, time investment, the fear of aggressive sales pitches, etc.

Many people prefer to get answers via sources that don’t require human contact (written, audio, video, etc.), especially for simple questions.

Versare’s “FAQ” email aims to satisfy these people by addressing commonly asked questions. The email shares the answers to three FAQs and also provides a link to their FAQ page.

Doing so reduces friction by addressing any issues that might impede customers from making a purchase. It also helps build a connection with customers by demonstrating that Versare is in tune with their needs.

Subject Line: Wondering what’s in the store?
Open Rate: 61.11%
CTOR: 11.43%

Welcome Email 3:
Social Media Email

Mobile Email Cart

Welcome Email 4:
Blog Promotion Email

Blog Articles

The Blog Promotion Email shares articles from Versare’s blog that help customers resolve pain points related to their business and the use of Versare products. Topics include:

  • How to clean and disinfect your Versare partitions
  • How to create a crowd control plan for your event
  • How to create an optimal work environment with Hush Panels

These articles accomplish all three Welcome Email goals.

It addresses common pain points and objections.

By addressing these pain points and helping customers, Versare builds a stronger relationship with them.

It reduces friction by sharing articles about how to use and maintain Versare’s products.

And by educating customers on the different ways to use Versare products to resolve pain points/achieve goals, Versare positions themselves as the ultimate office-furniture solution.

Subject Line: Our blogs make your life easy!
Open Rate: 28.89%
CTOR: 13.73%


    • Old Welcome Campaign
    • New Welcome Campaign
    • Change
    • No of Emails
    • 1
    • 4
    • +3
    • Avg. Open Rate
    • 37.31%
    • 42.56%
    • + 5.25%
    • Revenue
    • Increased by 698%
    • Old Welcome Campaign
    • No of Emails
    • 1
    • Avg. Open Rate
    • 37.31%
    • New Welcome Campaign
    • No of Emails
    • 4
    • Avg. Open Rate
    • 42.56%
    • Change
    • No of Emails
    • +3
    • Avg. Open Rate
    • + 5.25%
    • Revenue
    • Increased by 698%

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