42 August Newsletter Ideas To Engage Your Readers

Written by: Chris Donald

Published on: 06-12-2023

Chris is Managing Partner at InboxArmy and has more than 25 years of experience in email marketing

Whether you’re seeking inspiration for captivating themes, eye-catching visuals, or compelling storytelling, we’ve curated a treasure chest of august newsletter ideas to help you craft a newsletter that will leave your readers craving more.

August Newsletters Themes 

More often than not, August newsletters are filled with back-to-school. The days are stretched and the air hums with anticipation for fun family picnics. Here are 4 major themes that dominate the newsletter for this 

1) Celebrate The Outdoors.

August invites adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike. Craft a newsletter that celebrates the splendor of outdoor escapades—whether it’s hiking through lush forests, basking in the warmth of golden sunsets, or savoring the simple joys of picnics in the park. Inspire your subscribers to embrace the call of the wild and explore the breathtaking wonders that nature has to offer.

Road Scholar promotes celebrating the outdoors by outlining all the top spots to visit around the area. They have divided their recommendations based on the time it takes to read the place. Each of the recommendations is accompanied by a link that expands upon the place. 

1-Celebrate the outdoors.


2) Seasonal Harvest

August is a culinary playground, where the harvest season blesses us with an abundance of delectable delights. Let your newsletter tantalize taste buds and inspire kitchen adventures. From refreshing fruit recipes and mouthwatering barbecue ideas to cooling summer drinks and indulgent desserts, immerse your readers in a feast for the senses that celebrate the flavors of the season.

Wonder Valley celebrates its bountiful harvest while also raising awareness for climate change. The email newsletter is aesthetically pleasing and subtly promotes its products.

Seasonal Harvest


3) Summer’s End

As the final days of summer slip through our fingers, August invites us to savor every last drop of this carefree season. Craft a newsletter that transports your readers to idyllic destinations, whether through captivating travel stories, staycation ideas, or virtual experiences that ignite the imagination. Help them create unforgettable memories and bid farewell to summer with a sense of adventure and fulfillment.

J.Crew offers an end-of-summer treat with a very innovative email design. By intentionally increasing the email’s length, they build anticipation and generate curiosity, thereby capturing the customer’s full attention. 

Summer_s End


August Newsletter Trends 

With the start of a new academic year on the horizon, August brims with excitement and anticipation of fresh beginnings. Tailor your newsletter to tap into the back-to-school energy, offering valuable insights, tips, and resources for students, parents, and educators. Help your audience navigate the transition seamlessly and equip them with the tools they need to make this academic year their best yet.

The newsletter focuses on products and services that make thing convenient for the students and helps them ease into the new school year. New gadgets, pads, laptops, and stationery.

Vitruvi promotes their diffuser as an essential for every study table. It signifies that every product can be modified to fit the back-to-school narrative. 

August Newsletter Trends 


Similarly, Atoms promotes a specific sale not only for the students but also the teachers. The simple email design promotes their shoes and masks with effective CTA buttons and discount codes. 

Atoms Email


August Newsletter Subject Lines

August Newsletter Subject Lines

Crafting attention-grabbing subject lines is akin to wielding a powerful wand. As we embark on the sun-kissed month of August, let’s conjure up some captivating subject lines that will work like magic, captivating your audience and enchanting them to open those emails. 

  • “Ignite Your Inner Trailblazer”
  • “Taste the Sizzle, Savor the Flavor”
  • “Soar to New Heights with Back-to-School Brilliance”
  • “Unlock the Secrets of Productivity: Work Smarter, Not Harder”
  • “Dive into the Depths of Digital Transformation”
  • “Tech Trends to Watch: Stay Ahead of the Curve”
  • “Elevate Your Leadership Skills: Inspire and Motivate Others”
  • “Experience the Thrill of Adventure: Outdoor Activities for Every Adventurer”

August Newsletter Ideas for Day-Long Events In August

August Newsletter-Ideas-for-Day-Long-Events-In-August_Blog-Banners

As there are plenty of days in August So we have listed some of the important holidays to make everything much shorter & simple for your august newsletter ideas.

August 1st

Celebrate the special bond of friendship with your female subscribers on National Girlfriend’s Day. Share gift ideas, inspirational quotes, and stories of friendship to honor the amazing women in their lives.

August 2nd

National Coloring Book Day is not only limited to kids. Tap into the creativity of your subscribers by promoting coloring books and art supplies. Share printable coloring pages, and tips for stress relief through coloring, and showcase inspiring artwork created by your audience.

August 3rd

On National Watermelon Day, quench your subscribers’ thirst for refreshing content by sharing fun watermelon recipes, summer drink ideas, and creative ways to incorporate watermelon into their meals. Offer exclusive discounts on watermelon-related products or host a watermelon-themed giveaway.

August 4th

Indulge your subscribers’ sweet tooth with mouth-watering chocolate chip cookie recipes, baking tips, and stories of the classic treat’s history. Encourage them to share their favorite cookie recipes and create a sense of community around this beloved dessert. National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is sure to sweeten your day. 

Becel shares the secret recipe to teach its subscribers to make soft and chewy cookies this National Chocochip cookie day.  

August 4th


August 5th

It is a field day for undergarment companies! Celebrate comfort and style by featuring different types of underwear, lingerie brands, and tips for finding the perfect fit. Offer exclusive discounts or a special underwear-themed giveaway to engage your subscribers.

Smartwool promotes its undergarment products smartly and subtly. In the email, they have used 2 CTA buttons— one leads the subscriber to the men’s sections and the other to the women’s sections. Apart from that, the email is filled with product images and descriptions. 

August 5th


August 6th

Raise a glass and celebrate the world of beer with your subscribers on International Beer Day. Highlight different beer styles, share brewery spotlights, and suggest food pairings for a beer-tasting experience. Offer discounts or promotions on craft beers or beer-related products.

August 7th

Shine a light on this historical and picturesque day by featuring stunning lighthouse photographs, sharing interesting facts about famous lighthouses, and promoting coastal getaways. Encourage your subscribers to share their favorite lighthouse memories or dream travel destinations on the occasion of National Lighthouse Day.

August 8th

Purrfect for cat lovers! Celebrate International Cat Day by sharing adorable cat pictures, funny cat videos, and tips for cat care. Encourage them to share their own cat stories and showcase any cat-related products or services your business offers.

Cat Person celebrates International Cat Day with its cute email newsletter template. They share multiple fun facts about cats and pair them with artistic illustrations of your feline friends. Lastly, they have added a hyperlink to their store. 

August 8th


August 9th

National Book Lover’s Day is the perfect day for all the bookworms. Embrace the love of reading by recommending must-read books, featuring author interviews, and sharing reading challenges or book club recommendations. Offer exclusive discounts on popular books or e-books to inspire your subscribers to dive into new literary adventures.

August 10th

National Lazy Day is for your subscribers to take a break and relax Share self-care tips, mindfulness exercises, and ideas for creating a cozy atmosphere at home. Offer special discounts on relaxation products or services to help them unwind and recharge.

August 11th

Celebrate the joy of parenthood and the special bond with children on National Son and Daughter Day. Share heartwarming stories, parenting tips, and activity ideas for parents to enjoy with their kids. Offer discounts on family-friendly products or services to make the day even more memorable.

August 12th

Highlight the importance of empowering the younger generation this International Youth Day. Share inspiring success stories of young entrepreneurs, offer career advice for young professionals, and promote educational resources or mentorship programs. Encourage your subscribers to share their own experiences and support youth-oriented causes.

August 13th

Give a shout-out to the lefties among your subscribers on Left-handers Day. Share interesting facts about left-handedness, showcase left-handed products or tools, and offer special discounts on left-handed-friendly items. Engage your left-handed audience by encouraging them to share their unique stories and challenges.

August 14th

Cool down with the nostalgic taste of creamsicles cause its National Creamsicle Day! Share recipes for homemade creamsicles, offer discounts on ice cream treats and reminisce about summer memories tied to this classic frozen treat. Encourage your subscribers to create their own creamsicle-inspired desserts and share their creations.

August 15th

Help your subscribers unwind and destress on this special day. Share relaxation techniques, meditation exercises, and tips for creating a peaceful environment. Discounts on spa services, soothing products, or relaxation apps to are sure to help your audience to prioritize self-care on National Relaxation Day.

August 16th

Inject some laughter into your subscribers’ day with a collection of hilarious jokes. Share puns, one-liners, and funny anecdotes to brighten their inboxes. Help your audience to share their favorite jokes and create a lighthearted atmosphere that fosters engagement and positivity on National Tell A Joke Day.

August 17th

World Honey Bee Day is all about raising awareness about the importance of bees and their impact on the environment. Share information about bee conservation, tips for creating bee-friendly gardens, and delicious honey recipes. Collaborate with local beekeepers or honey producers to offer exclusive discounts or promotions on honey products.

August 18th

Celebrate the sizzling flavors of fajitas with mouthwatering recipes, this National Fajita Day, cooking tips, and spice recommendations. Share insights into the history of fajitas and the cultural significance behind this popular Tex-Mex dish. Collaborate with local restaurants or food delivery services to offer exclusive fajita deals to your subscribers.

August 19th

Inspire your subscribers’ inner shutterbugs by showcasing stunning photographs, sharing photography tips and techniques, and featuring interviews with professional photographers. Participate in a photo contest or share their best shots, creating an interactive and visually engaging newsletter on World Photography Day. 

Nat Geo targets its subscribers, professional photographers, and enthusiast shutterbug, on World Photography Day. They celebrate it by offering a 30% discount across their entire product line-up. 

August 19th


August 20th

International Day of Medical Transporters acknowledges the vital role of medical transporters in healthcare. Share stories of medical transport professionals, highlight their contributions and provide information on how to support their work. Partner with medical transport organizations to offer special promotions or raise awareness for their services.

August 21st

National Senior Citizens Day celebrates the wisdom and experience of senior citizens. Share stories of inspiring older individuals, provide tips for healthy aging, and offer discounts on senior-friendly products or services. Encourage your subscribers to honor and appreciate the seniors in their lives by sharing their own stories and memories.

August 22nd

Delight your subscribers’ taste buds with mouthwatering peach-themed recipes, including desserts, drinks, and savory dishes. Share interesting facts about peaches, such as their health benefits and different varieties. Collaborate with local farmers or grocery stores to offer special deals on fresh peaches, enticing your audience to indulge in this delicious fruit.

August 23rd

World Plant Milk Day highlights the growing popularity of plant-based milk alternatives and promotes their benefits. Share recipes using plant-based milk, discuss their environmental impact, and provide recommendations for different milk alternatives. 

Collaborate with plant milk brands to offer exclusive discounts or samples to your subscribers, encouraging them to try out these dairy-free options.

August 24th

National Waffle Day celebrates this breakfast favorite by sharing delectable waffle recipes, topping ideas, and creative variations. Encourage your subscribers to share their own wa creations and host a waffle-themed contest or giveaway. Partner with local cafes or breakfast establishments to offer special discounts or promotions on waffle-related treats.

Postmates celebrates National Waffle Day by encouraging their subscribers to order some delicious waffles for breakfast. The email content is paired with delicious images of sweet and savory fried chicken topped waffles with maple syrup. 

August 24th


August 25th

Pay tribute to the beauty and importance of national parks on National Park Service Founder’s Day. Share breathtaking photos, highlight lesser-known parks, and provide tips for planning a visit. Educate your subscribers about conservation efforts and encourage them to support national parks through donations or volunteering. Collaborate with outdoor gear brands to offer exclusive discounts on hiking and camping essentials.

August 26th

Celebrate the achievements of women throughout history and advocate for gender equality. Women’s Equality Day is about sharing resources and educational content on women’s empowerment to encourage your subscribers to take action toward creating a more equal society.

August 27th

This National Just Because Day embraces spontaneity and encourages your subscribers to engage in activities “just because.” Share ideas for random acts of kindness, encourage self-care practices, or suggest trying something new and exciting. Host a “just because” giveaway or discount promotion to surprise and delight your audience.

August 28th

Celebrate this stylish accessory by showcasing different bow tie styles, offering fashion tips, and featuring notable individuals known for their signature bow ties. Collaborate with fashion brands or designers to offer exclusive discounts on bow ties or host a bow tie fashion contest. Encourage your subscribers to embrace their unique style and rock a bow tie for the day.

August 29th

When life gives you a lemon, use the lemon juice to make some lemonade on National Lemon Juice Day. 

August 30th

Host a friendship-themed contest or giveaway to promote engagement and connection for International Day of Friendship.

Blume asks its subscribers to send their friend love notes and support each other. The pastel-colored background is easy on the eyes and makes the email even more appealing. 

August 30th


August 31st

Promote healthy snacking and outdoor adventures with trail mix. Share homemade trail mix recipes, suggest different combinations of ingredients, and provide tips for creating personalized mixes. 

August Newsletter Ideas For Week-Long Events 

August Newsletter Ideas for Week-Long Events

Just like day-long events, August is also filled with week-long events. 

1) National Farmers Market Week

Celebrate the local farmers and the vibrant produce they offer during National Farmers Market Week. Share tips on shopping at farmers’ markets highlight the benefits of supporting local agriculture, and provide recipes using seasonal ingredients. Collaborate with farmers’ markets or local vendors to offer exclusive discounts or promotions to your subscribers.

2) International Assistance Dog Week

Raise awareness about the incredible work done by assistance dogs during International Assistance Dog Week. Share heartwarming stories of assistance dogs and their impact on individuals’ lives. Provide information on how to support organizations that train and provide assistance dogs. Consider partnering with local assistance dog organizations for collaborative content or fundraising initiatives.

3) National Health Center Week

Highlight the importance of accessible healthcare services during National Health Center Week. Share information about local health centers, their services, and the impact they have on the community. Provide health tips and resources for maintaining overall well-being. Collaborate with health centers to offer free health screenings or virtual consultations for your subscribers.

4) National Dog Week

Celebrate our furry friends and promote responsible pet ownership during National Dog Week. Share tips on dog care, training, and health. Feature heartwarming adoption stories or highlight local dog-friendly events and activities. Collaborate with local pet stores or dog trainers to offer discounts or exclusive deals for your subscribers.

5) Be Kind to Humankind Week

Spread kindness and inspire acts of goodwill during Be Kind to Humankind Week. Share uplifting stories of kindness, provide ideas for random acts of kindness, and encourage your subscribers to participate. Promote charitable initiatives or community service projects and offer resources for volunteering or donating. Consider hosting a kindness challenge or featuring stories of subscribers’ acts of kindness.

August Newsletter Ideas For Month-Long  Events

August Newsletter-Ideas-Month-Long-For-August_Blog-Banner

Finally, there are a few month-long events to round up the newsletter ideas for August.

1) National Read-a-Romance Month

For all the romance enthusiasts out there, celebrate National Read-a-Romance Month by recommending popular romance novels, interviewing romance authors, and hosting book discussions. Create a reading list of diverse romance books and offer exclusive discounts on romance ebooks or audiobooks. Engage subscribers by asking for their favorite romance book recommendations.

2) National Parks Month

Highlight the beauty of national parks and promote outdoor exploration during National Parks Month. Share information about different national parks, their unique features, and popular hiking trails. Encourage subscribers to share their own national park experiences and photos. Consider partnering with outdoor equipment retailers to offer discounts on camping gear or hiking essentials.

3) Family Fun Month

Emphasize the importance of spending quality time with family during Family Fun Month. Provide ideas for family-friendly activities, games, and crafts. Share tips for creating memorable family traditions and fostering strong bonds. Collaborate with family-oriented businesses such as amusement parks, museums, or theaters to offer special promotions or giveaways for your subscribers.


Embracing these themes for august newsletter ideas is sure to perk up your email marketing campaigns. Whether it’s promoting wellness, enjoying picnics, preparing for the new school year, indulging in romance novels, exploring national parks, or celebrating family time, there are countless ways to captivate your audience.

Personalization and segmentations add to the wonders of your newsletters. Focus on user-generated content by encouraging them to share their experiences, giving testimonials, and posting photos while using your products.

Novice email marketers might struggle to manage and maintain the engagement rate for multiple email campaigns. In such cases, InboxArmy’s professional email marketers help you manage your email campaigns effectively without affecting your ROI. Find more about our email campaign management services on their official website. 


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